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Working hard is an art
Working hard is a duty
The call of duty that's Updated every day
It's obvious
If we want to eat the fruits of the garden of God
We've to work hard cause
Good things don't come from comfort zones
It's just like Food wars
passion and hard work
But no
Not at all should we be in speed
The kind of Need for speed with hot pursuit
The importance is the destination
How far you go NOT how fast you go
Surely the evil is there
You will believe you are in
Resident Evil mission
But trust me ; look not for monsters
Look for human monsters not to ****
but avoid and warn against
In my long run of life
I had to travel deserts i said to myself
O my God !! Desert Storm and they are all here               Bradely - my spirit
                        Foley/ Sheerman - my soul
                        Conors - my body
                        Jones - my hard work
Even when i had crossed the desert ,
battles were not over , are we
in Battlefield till the end
And somebody told me better were in
Infinity war so far as we breathing
No End game
Life  without Hard work
                        Motivation and
                        God's Courage
Is far more frightening than:
Thanos with the 6 Infinite stones ,or
Galactus at the peak of his Strength and Might.

                        Life is real
                        Everyday is now and gone
                        So let's act now and not
So this very amazing and speaking to video games and film fans , if you such a person make him read it it's more in his language as yours
Tony Tweedy Apr 2019
One Turbot says to the other "do you believe in Cod?"
The other replies " I think we each know a Sole". "I believe one day when the chips are down and we are at our most battered we will each know a Plaice and we are destined to fillet".
They exchanged a glance and swam away.... just for the Halibut.

I hope my Whiting doesn't offend. Remember believers.... believe in Cod and one day you will be Prawn again.
edited 12th April 2019
magicbroccoli66 Sep 2017
me amd me ded arr heppie
wee plai calll ob dutie togeter
hourr favoorit movee id het fozz

wun dai he sai to mi
hoedw olds arrr yyou
i sai i an 176 h3 sai wen i *** urag i
*** 177

it mak noo sensse too mre
My life is like call of duty zombies:
Im down
Someone revive me
Gavin Barnard Jul 2016
Imagine Activision and Treyarch
Making a CoD clone of Pokemon Go.
The players could search for new guns,
Trying to get the biggest collection.
PvP could be something like
Whoever has the most OP gun wins,
And the guns can be nerfed and buffed
Whenever they feel like it
To change the meta-game.
And to give it similar aesthetics
They can make the game laggy as ****.
This poem is for gamers, I don't expect it to go far.
I just had the silliest wish.
I want to drop everything right now,
and play video games
that sounds so great right now.
Just me,
a can of soda,
the tv,
and a couple games.
I wanna play all night,
until the flash from my tv seems like lightning.
Create crime,
stop crime,
**** zombies,
and play football
on my x box.
Sounds pretty good.
Pull an "all nighter"
I love video games,
without further ado,
*its time to play
something a little happier. =)
Duke Thompson Jan 2016
I feel
Hollow inside
Is cavernous waste

I see myself
Tired and dried out

So much salt cod
Beckons me to the ocean
Empty bottles
Block I.
I came to see you yesterday
Just what I was hoping for
You haven't changed a bit
You still taste
Like iced matcha green tea
But today
Your trickle is just about to start
And your iced matcha green tea
Now warming up
Since you betrayed me
Turning hot
For another woman
Her name is Rain
So I'm leaving you
You will always be real to me
But I've got something else
To replace you for now
His name is Cape
Just like you
A long story
And a desirous body

— The End —