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I wish there were a system in my mind
that had filing cabinets and computers  holding all of my memories inside so I could just zip you away, but it doesn’t work that way.
I ******* miss you, and I hate it.
I check on you,
despite being blocked
I wonder what you're up to.
In the end I miss you often,
how could I not?
You were around for so long...
but I'm slowly learning
how to live without you.
We finally said goodbye
hopefully for the last time.
It was a peaceful ending
No one ended up crying.
I laid everything out on the table
you responded calmly
I was surprised,  
for the first time we weren't unstable.
I won't remember you as a horrible friend. I'll remember the you I met in the beginning.
There's a storm moving in my friend,
and I don't think the damage will be recoverable...
Not for us.
Helen Joseph,Bertha Mashaba,Lilian Ngoyi,Dora Tamara,Winnie Madikizela Mandela,
And The multitudes of Earth Carriers of the present times
This is to you...

With trials tribulated by tribulations,
Endurance is her first,middle and last name,mother of nations.
Closest thing to creation,carrying an extra rib to complete us man,
Her umbilical cord connects multiples of ancestral generations,

A she warrior,
She fights.
With prominent fists thrusted up right, she stands for truth.
With meaning,
She speaks.
For humanity,
She represents.
With residues,
She imprints each of us with her existence.
With sorrow,
She carries the world.
With inner strength,
She gets back up.

Now listen,

On behalf of herself and others,
She prays.
Her tears accompanying prayers,
On our behalf she has  been persecuted.
demonstrated,protested against,
she's passed tests with no studying.
Phenomenal Mother.

On behalf of myself and others
I bring forth salutations wrapped with undivided gratitudes
So I salute,

I salute laboMama bom'thandazo,
LaboMama abashaya ngedolo babhekise makhanda phansi,iy'nhliziyo zibheke phezulu amehlo ehle izinyembezi um'lomo ukhiphe mazwi okuthandaza.
Ngisho laboMama abahlangana njalo ngolwes'bili nangolwesine emini bezoBhecela ivangeli bathandazele iy'ngane zabo nezamanye makhosikazi.

LaboMama abathandazela iy'ngane ey'lahlwe abazali, baphinde bathandazele bona labazali abalahl' iy'ngane kuth' uThixo abaxolele.

See This poem isn't for one day,this poem is for each day you rise and realize joy has cometh.
This poem is to thank you,this poem is to show appreciation to you.

So woman!!!
This is to you,

Thank you!!!

TheWordIzwi x Felicity x Felicia(Mkhaliphi Sisters)
Title : ToYou.
****. By King Isis.
Recorded and Mastered at TelekinesisStudios.
Please Download and share.
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I wonder,
have you forgotten about me yet?
I'm not sure that I'll ever forget you
even though I'm wanting to, so badly
It seems my mind isn't ready to let me.
But I have to keep trying.
And it'll take a while for me to stop crying
but at least I won't be denying,
my longing for you
to still be in my life.
Yeah, we had strife
but somehow we managed and
right now I'm tired of standing
here without you beside me.
Please just pull the knife out of me
set me free from this agony, maybe
give me an anaesthetic to numb all
of this pain.
I'm waiting for Felicia Amnesia to
sink into my brain.
It hurts to miss you.
KPop and horror films,
You're just the silliest girl.
I don't want you to go,
We've been through a lot,
I know.
I'm not going anywhere though.
You don't need to worry about that,
So.. don't.
I can't tell if
You're there or

But I imagine
That you're still

— The End —