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Kareshma Mar 2017
He blew around his Trumpet,
All day and all night

Played no good tune
Just a ***** sound

The workers complained
The women complained
The dark complained
The blind complained

Stop blowing this thing,
You'll never win a Grammy!

Months later,
A crowd clapped to a Grammy winner,
A man and his silly Trump(et)

Popular vote it was
Kareshma Mar 2017
He speaks a different language,
Lives in a different world

We have nothing in common
Yet something binds me to him

I am new to this feeling
Society will fail to understand

I wonder if he'd like me,
He's so unlike me
Kareshma Dec 2016
So drenched in work I got,
forgot to check my personal email

As I open it again after a year
here is what I see

An email from a friend
asking how I was

A wedding invite of another
Insisting me to "please make it"

My childhood pictures, an aunt shared
something I longed to see

Notifications of all my Facebook friend requests
All these I missed accepting

It seems like eternity that I opened my inbox

Only to realize, this is the real me
These are the real people in my life

Somewhere in the middle of my life
My official email became my identity

Its time to reply back to each one now
Cos' my I Pod is playing "Its not too late, its never too late"
Kareshma Dec 2016
To make me go higher,
I don't need no liquor

Music's my love
Music's my wine
Kareshma Dec 2016
Make any, it doesn't matter
Cos destiny has its own plans
Kareshma Dec 2016
You are the sun,
I am the moon

Where you are,
I cannot reach

I shall burn,
If you come closer

Yet there you are,
Oh! So far!

You give me a glow,
You give me a light

You give me a purpose,
You give me a day

Life I know sometimes is an eclipse

But it is this distance
That keeps our love alive
Kareshma Nov 2015
How do I console you?
I do not understand

You a lost your very own daughter
The pain you and only you understand

But dear brother, do remember
Your sister is with you always - in happiness and in pain

Together, time shall pass and things won't be the same
You would find a some point - the courage to live again
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