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Àŧùl Aug 2020
I love her infantile eyes,
So deep and dark, with no lies.

I love her chubby cheeks,
So likable and lickable, with no ice.

I love her beautiful hair,
On her mandible so magical, with no lice.

I love her smiley curves,
So spicy, with no added spice.

I love her cute nose,
So precious, with no price.
My HP Poem #1880
©Atul Kaushal
Kimmie Jul 2020
Oh I love the way you laugh
those cute lil dimples you have
Those eyes that see through my soul
That tummy when you are too full

The way you get tired of long hot walks
and tell me you're okay when I asks
That never ending stories and humor
Oh what more can I ask for

With you I have no worries
We never ran out of batteries
In most things we connect
Indeed we are truly a match perfect

I wanna spend more time with you
if it's okay can you be my boo
But I will choose to be just a friend
Coz I don't want this relationship to end
Ruhee Aug 2019
Hey cheeky Teddy Bear!
Did they call you fat?
No, You aren't baby,
You have a wonderful warmth,
The earth looks beautiful
Through your warmth that hugs
Souls with Love and feelings..

Little Doughnut you aren't fat,
You are curvy
& Chummy Chum.

Sweet little potato
Smile a loads
Yes! You are
A Chum chum Plumy Doll.

Fathima Ruhee
Salmabanu Hatim May 2019
Ten tiny fingers,
Ten little tiny toes,
Chubby cheeks,
Dimple chin,
Like grandpa's and his cheeky grin,
Eyes are blue,
Mischievous  same as grandma's too,
Complexion fair,
With mama's silky hair,
As tradition goes,
Family's small button nose,
Papa's  sweet frown,
And his boring yawn.
Welcome to the happy family little one,
With lots of kisses,huggies and cuddles,it's going to be fun.
SoSo Sep 2018
He says that I'm enough, that I'm cute, that he likes me just the way I am, but I'm sure that's not true.

I say I want to lose weight, that it's better for my health and this isn't the body I wanted for myself. He says I'm beautiful just the way I am, but I don't remember asking if I was ugly.

I'm sure he means the best, but what's wrong with not feel comfortable in your own skin? I didn't always look this way so why start now?

Chubby is cute, but not for everyone; at least not for me.
I'm not trying to body Shane anyone. I just have been feeling extremely does about gaining weight recently. My weight isn't salary of my pen standards for myself right now and would like to be in a more positive place.
Dark Ink May 2018
Let me apologize, to begin with because of my body type.
I will NEVER be good enough for anyone to date due to current 'hype.'
You know, the battle of 'bones' vs curves?
Just let me inflate myself to the  right number so I can properly serve
As the perfect specimen for your delicate eyes.
Obviously no one is good enough unless they've got decent thighs.

But just wait a ******* minute, because here I am again:
So let me apologize, to begin with, if I offend
You or your friends who think they're too good
To date someone size zero with some extra love under the hood.
How many times have I heard you exclaim in disgust
Of how large she is and how you'd drown in her,
If you even got near her? I saw you shaking in fear.
From your head to your toes, you were trembling dear.

See I'm told to eat less and maybe, just maybe
But if I was skinny, and let's tell the truth,
You'd be so disgusted by my looks .

I could eat a salad and still gain a pound ,
She could eat a salad and the crunch is the only sound
You hear a mile away and yet you would assume
That burgers and French fries is all that she consumed.
Do you ever stop to think, ladies and gents?
The true beauty of someone isn't based on the number on their pants.

So, let me apologize, to begin with,
If I bruise your massive ego,
But the way to tell if she's the perfect woman is not by your libido
I’ve always been insecure about my size and how I look. I still am ...  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love myself .. but I’m trying to. It takes a lot of self love, confidence and courage to stand up to someone who calls you out.
Faye May 2017
She didn’t just love his chubby cheeks
She loved every bit of him―
From his round eyes to his button-like nose
And his plump lips that form a dulcet smile

She didn’t just love his winsomeness
She loved every side of him―
From his enthusiasm to his warmth
And his soft heart that endears her

She didn’t just love it when he sings
She loved every sound he makes―
From his humorous screams to his sweet whispers
And his laughter that puts her heart into ecstasy

And just like that,
She didn’t just love those parts;
She loved him whole
Blossom Jan 2017
Panda woman, that is me
Wears a mask and is chubby
Climbing up a bamboo tree
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
Sparkly like strings of

red garlands

there lives a little

dustball man

in my lower abdomen

rubbing his tiny

warm hands together

in complete delight.

Always singing

the silliest of songs

his round chubby cheeks

flaming bright pink

just thinking of our kiss

last night behind the dumpster.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
When I wiggle, wiggle wiggle,
People giggle, giggle, giggle.
In the middle, middle, middle,
I'm not so little, little, little.
When I jump, jump, jump,
My big old ****, ****, ****,
My rear end ****, ****, ****,
Goes bump, bump, bump.

Once skinny as a rail
I’m more like a whale.
Because of what I did
Ever since I was a kid.
Any old kind of candy
To me was simply dandy.
Follow me around and
I’d eat it by the pound.

Mom would bake, bake, bake.
By belly would shake, shake shake.
I couldn’t flounce, flounce, flounce
My gut would bounce, bounce, bounce.
Now I’m round, round, round,
To the ground, ground, ground.
I eat just like a pig, pig, pig,
That’s why I’m so big, big, big.

Once skinny as a rail
I’m more like a whale.
Because of what I did
Ever since I was a kid.
Any old kind of candy
To me was simply dandy.
Follow me around and
I’d eat it by the pound.

When some say diet, diet, diet,
I reply to them quiet, quiet, quiet.
Every time I try it, try it, try it.
My body doesn’t buy it, buy it, buy it.
So i just live for lunch, lunch, lunch.
I love to eat a bunch, bunch, bunch,
And I have a basic hunch, hunch, hunch,
The same will go for brunch, brunch, brunch!
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