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Jay M Sep 6
For a moment
A simple second
You make me giddy
Make me forget my promise
But then
I have to bite my tongue

So close
Yet so far away

A longing
Yet it shall never be relived.

- Jay M
August 29th, 2019
solfang Jul 15
I like how you're
the sunlight that
lands on my face
during warm winter days

I like how you're
the meaning to
the sun in sunflower,
and the breath
in a baby's breath

I like how you're
the laugh box
in my body,
and the batteries
are still running

I like how you're
the happy ending
to fairy tales,
with prince and princesses
but no villains

I like how you're
just the way you are
so I can write this poem
in remembrance of you
I like how you're reading this.
Warming up my brain for something more maybe.
Deo Banana Jan 26
Sweet talk,
romantic feeling.
Butterflies flying,
Stomachs dancing.

One ticking noise
and now I am rolling.
But what happened why are we fighting?

A swift moment,
is it really meant?
A romantic feeling,
Are we gonna be failing?

..............Almost a Love feeling.♥
the sweetest temporary feeling ♥
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2018
As my hands moved down his slick back,
I counted the rising goosebumps.
Then he leaned in close to me
and speaking his dangerous words said,
"I want you."
Somehow, on that cold winter day, I melted
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2018
The way you wash your hands makes me wish I was between them
I don’t profess to know the future but for it you’re my stem
My bed seems empty unless it contains your light
And when I sleep with you I’m sure I will forget the night
The words you speak are unlike others and I know they’re always true
In the end no matter what it will always be me and you
I only feel alive when I see you in my view
But when you’re not around then my thoughts will have to do
Obscrea Aug 2018
I think we had something-
It wasn't love, but it wasn't
Nothing either;

Perhaps it was just
Stolen glances and
Laughing together

Perhaps it was feeling
Giddy at touching knees
And having nicknames

I know it wasn't love-
But in another time,
In another place,

It could've been.
Benji James Jan 2018
Late night sneak outs
******* makeout
Parties, drinking
Speaking without thinking
To young to even give a ****

Please baby
Take this heart
Break it in half
and we will
never be apart

Mascara's running down
your cheeks
Tears start gushing
I'll come running
Your saviour in armour
I'll make it all go away

Please baby
Take this heart
Break it in half
and we will
never be apart

Lovers, friendships
Aren't easily formed
But you and me
have an unbreakable bond

Please baby
Take this heart
Break it in half
and we will
never be apart

It's so hard to look away
When you are watching me
Your new dress
Has me intrigued
And your hair
swaying gently in the wind

Please baby
Take this heart
Break it in half
and we will
never be apart

©2018 Written By Benji James
Nicole Jan 2018
teenage dreams begin in the backseat.
fantasy and reality colliding among the crumbs pressed into seams.
frantic fingers roam the skin of the angel
who has given up her body for the sake of gratification,
and lips linger in the purple hues that ruin porcelain skin.
the capsule containing the burst of pleasure disappears the deeper they fall,
and eyes glaze over,
windows following suit as the world outside is lost to the fog.
moments of clarity intrude,
letting sounds of joyful times slip through.
intense heat swoops back in to suffocate the joy
and reminds them
rouged cheeks await his lit eyes.
passion follows them through their journey across the sea of the backseat,
guiding them to their final destination of a complete release.
carmella Jan 2018
she said she loves me but
she’s a dream and
i was asleep.
i mistook the disease for
little lovelies for
warm and fuzzies for
cornfields with bumblebees.
i’m brought to my knees
from the silliest of things,
it’s easy to see something crazy
without empathy.
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