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And for a moment I am happy
And for a moment I am not
it continues in a dizzy, confused fashion
that I’m not sure if I should stop
Does this ride have a sudden end?
Do I really want to get off?
The four knows how to enjoy every emotion
in a moment of weakness
comes whispering strength
Who taught you
to regret each last message
to them who said goodbye?
it was not I who left
and I should not leave a bitter taste
upon my own tongue
when all my words were contrived of sweetness
Elioinai 16h
some woman
are born hellfighters
The heat grows and ebbs along with the ******
a good mother hands her daughter a strong hose
tells her not to fight alone
keep your body strong and you’ll survive
to put out many, many fires
In a spring pool surrounded by the blushing blossoms of Japanese Magnolias
I feel the depths of sorrow pull me
my fingers brushing mud and sludge
scraping bottom stones
my tears add to rising waters
and I spin in the circling emotions of fighting moments
Winter doth not surrender easily
why have blossoms appeared so rapidly
in air remaining much too chill
the signs of growth sprout undeniable
upon a world yet frustratingly still
Spring comes
where is her promised respite?
Perhaps if she hadn’t come so early Winter wouldn’t have been so hostile
Elioinai Feb 5
I’m impressive
and I’m waiting to be impressed
Key word: waiting
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