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Kingafroninjaa Dec 2013
Bring Justice to a beautiful soul by signing and sharing this petition for my boyfriend's senseless death! His name is Jandei Cherry and he was shot in the stomach by Duke Laguerre on October 6, 2013. As of now, Duke has not been charge! Jandei left behind a beautiful 3 year old daughter and its heartbreaking to know that she will grow up without a father. Jandei deserves justice, please just sign and share. It would mean the world to me.

Link is below.
Hopefully it will work.******
Kingafroninjaa Mar 2013
Words of the forgotten voice.
The soft spoken voice that can no longer be heard by the ears of her beloved.
Her once loud spoken voice turned into nothing but a whisper of a faded memory.
The muffle tears of this forgotten girl plays a gentle soothing lullaby in Death's ears.
As he attentively listens to her angelic cries, she begins her ****** story.
Story of pain, heartache, and suffering is slowly etched across her thinning body.
Her hieroglyphics only visible to the cold longing eyes of Death.
She waits for his daunting kiss to penetrate her broken vessel and reach her impure soul.
"Please." The last word her meek voice will ever say.
My voice. My thoughts. Belong to Death.
Kingafroninjaa Mar 2013
He sold a sweet dream.
A dream so sweet even God would have goosebumps at the mere thought of it.
A dream that the fairest in all the land would be envious.
Our dream where our love would outshine the sun across a thousand galaxies.
A dream where my first name would latch onto his last name causing the heavens to sing above us.
The blissful dream that he sold to me would've been passed down to our generations every Sunday dinner.
That dream, I lived for it. Craved for it.  
Dreaming of his stolen dream that he sold to me.
Our once tangible dream began to collapse around me.
That dream I once I lived for turned into a forgotten nightmare of his doing
Kingafroninjaa Feb 2013
&& in that moment everything turned white.
As if life were as clear as snow.
The tidal waves of insecurity, sadness and denial suddenly calmed down.
The misty haze of infidelity, betrayal and ignorance were lifted from my eyes && a new world appeared.
Moment of extreme clarity where mind meets nirvana.
I looked in the eye of God and turned my back on him, blew a kiss at the devil && walked away.
I was handed the key of absolute knowledge && was freed from the shackles of my oppressors.
That brief blizzard of purity.
My beautiful reality.
I meet her once && I need to meet her again.
Kingafroninjaa Jan 2013
The unstable mind of the infinite girl slowly starts to crumble as he ascends from hell into her forsaken kingdom.
The mirror tells him that his impish looks gives him an undeniable handsome.
She knows that the insanity hidden behind her blood stained eyes is what drives his incurable lust for her.
His insatiable need to be one of two is how he causes hurt.
What is she getting herself into by playing in his hidden eden of ecstasy?
He latches on to the first thing he sees in the vicinity.
The scars of their intimate charade reappears in the moonlight as he devours what's left of her mistaken innocence.
In the attempt to mold her into something like him she seems to have lost her very essence.
She screams into the night hoping that his deaf ears will finally hear the cries of his once infinite girl.
The faint sound of the night breezes past his ears as ponders his next assault on this world.
She'll drift through the seamless passages of time and space to regain what's little left of her impure soul.
His next mission will not fail, he will meet his goal.
She clings onto the memories of their past lives as he holds her meaningless death in the palm of his demon claws.
To create something perfect like him, and rid the world of things like her and all her flaws.
She waited for the sweet nectar that death will bring only to realize that her heaven lays with God's fallen angel.
To be the world's savior, to be the world's angel.
A poem co-created with @JayTheEmperor from twitter.
Kingafroninjaa Nov 2012
What do you tell a demon that is obsessively pursuing the soul of a mere mortal?
The longing for her fragile human body captivates the insanity of his aged existence.
Who would have known this creature of the dark would lust over a lower being that's as pure as fresh snow.
He would travel to the depths of hell to see her smile one last time.
Fight off his army of blood thirsty demons to taste her droplets of blood.
In the tainted eyes of this foolish demon he will forever be trapped in the labyrinth that holds her deluded heart.
Not knowing the truth hidden within her darkness.
Kingafroninjaa Sep 2012
To die by the hands of your lover.
It's a bittersweet concept that few rarely experience.
To not breathe the same air he breathes in this brief time in space.
To not feel his presence as our bonded red string falls to the pits of hell.
His dark eyes being the last glimmer of hope i see in this world.
The intimate moments where we explore each others crevices and discover a hidden world inside our bodies.
By the time this ends, my memory will fade into a dream as I die for you and you live for me.
I'll hold onto our secret until we meet in the place where our dreams can finally come true.
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