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Tizzop Mar 2020
mom is waving from a train
bro has been playing x-box
sis will soon be back from her moon-date
dad is carrying the ashes of his lover

everybody does something  
**** me until i hate you no' more
Today is a good day. I don't buy the hype anymore.
Aaron L Osgood May 2019
I have a working life Monday to Friday.
When the weekend comes I’m going to do it my way.
I get focus as put on NBA 2K.
I’m going to start my career today.
On this game my player will reach fame.
Wishing I was him...a star.
Not sure when in reality I will do the same.
Imagine me with fresh kicks, fresh clothes, and a chain.
Carry more paper bills than I do change.
I’ll switch the game and not complain
Time to relax and kick my feet back.
Turn on GTA try to raise up them stacks.
Run up the streets and prepare to attack.
This is my therapy I don’t need no feedback.
I mostly like open world games...
At the moment I play The Division 2.
When my best friend is home.
We look for enemies we have to shoot.
Finding items for protection even boots.
I guess what attracts me is the high tech gadgets.
I need them on those high level.
Very intense action my lady comes I ignore her distraction.
I take my headset off and have her repeat what she was asking.
I may be a Gamer but My Lady still come first.
Karliah Dec 2018
Dorito chips and mountain dew,
The bread and butter of our youth,

Kino Der Toten,
Where the strange portal lays,
Black Ops Zombies,
I'd play to the end of days.
I love Black ops zombies!
HelpingHand45 Feb 2018
Even if I get hate messages saying imma dumb geek,
My favorite thing to do in Rainbow 6 is spawn peek.
I choose not to reinforce any freakin' walls,
Cause I'm the best on my team and pre-fire the halls.
They call me sweaty boi cause all I play is Ela,
But hey man I got news for ya--you're a noob lil' fella.
If ya boi be attackin', ya know I be using ash,
No one can hit me when I use that 3 speed dash.
I breach the wall and throw some stuns,
I run on in and fire my guns.
At the end of every round I end up with an ace,
My stats have basically broke the R6 database.
So yeah you can just call me wuhbzz, or just god for short,
Cause I'm the best you'll ever see, T don't need any retorts B)
outplayed geek
Zero Nine Aug 2017
Laze on the couch, sideways,
watching ants attack waed on the gift box
top, Magic, worst thing to teach kids
with addictive tendencies, those who fill
holes with things they hope won't deteriorate
in time after all of the money they paid
Bills stack, get paid, too, but the space left
is huge, too gaping for the remaining
messed up bunch of tight, clinched presidents
Never thought Washington bought ice cream
and got fat, or thought that Jackson dug green,
pipe cleaned, choked on **** til oxygen be
came an old means, but here I slink, giving them
to family, so I can recede comfortably on
an old futon with broke dreams, with full sink,
two XLs, to be honest, it feels too real,
feels too deep, feels like I best hold home
and blow dro, sleep to the X-bone beep.
yeah yeah yeah

but if I were healthy, I doubt I'd be writing.
Zero Nine May 2017
In darkness
My apartment
Lies lonely, low
Holding me
Blinds drawn
Sweating rust
Thick dust
In darkness
My finger
Tips trace
Of hearts
Xbox heating
PC heating
Waste in still water
Filling room
Want receding
Need retreating
Refuse of product
Parent made

How do I wager
My heart for cash?
Money get me out,
Imagine. How do I
Live or even leave,
When the past tucks
Me in, surrounds me?
Zero Nine May 2017
Blast off the powder keg
One-two with the punches
Rope over your shoulder
Like I wanna reach the summit
Maybe you let loose before
But, honey, I ain't seen it yet
But, baby, I'm scared to like
Messin your perfect face, displacing
Your innocence and makin
Our blankets wet
I said I don't wanna blast
But you got the controller
Got that hold and doin it right
Got my ***** ****, my Xbone
On lock on this *** throne
Pop your mouth a minute girl
Base to the tip that ****
Is rocket sauce
Blast off the powder keg
One-two with the punches
Rope over your shoulder
Like I wanna reach the summit
Maybe you let loose before
But, honey, I ain't seen it yet
Maybe this night is the best
Night of my life I lick my
***** off your skin, sleep
Tight, tomorrow I'll breathe
***** breath
I just had the silliest wish.
I want to drop everything right now,
and play video games
that sounds so great right now.
Just me,
a can of soda,
the tv,
and a couple games.
I wanna play all night,
until the flash from my tv seems like lightning.
Create crime,
stop crime,
**** zombies,
and play football
on my x box.
Sounds pretty good.
Pull an "all nighter"
I love video games,
without further ado,
*its time to play
something a little happier. =)
Shrek Ogre Sep 2014
Trickshotting on Highrise
On the Crane
Billed that *******
in the mane
Go on fazeclan
new recruit
******* man
FaZe Fruit
That's me!
How could that come to be
Im in faze now
*******, trickshot me now
Styles May 2014
Writing you these words, cause I have been thinking about you all day. Love to watch her go; I rather to watch you hours on end, every second of every day. You resolution, is purely evolution -  I get so carried away. But unlike those Play stations, you don't take things the wrong way. Your hardware driving me crazy, been on my mind all day. Putting you in all the right positions, my edition of feng shui. Take a mental picture and keep it stored away so when I finally get to see you, take full control, and do things the right way. If it was up to me, you wouldn't know the difference between night and day. Close the blinds, lock the door, unplug the phone, and lets play; you do, everything, I say. Pushing your buttons, cause I love it when you act this way. you are the only thing in this world that does exactly what I say. there for me when I need sum action; after a stressful day. You relieve me so quickly; even if its just a quickie. That's why I will always need you, my Xbox 360.

— The End —