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bulletcookie Mar 2016
Where do birds go at night?
When winter's silent furies
turn Hawthorns white,
cotton light on ground and grade.

Where do birds sleep till dawn
while pillowing clouds, twice height,
slumber across this evening sky.

Where do birds go to dream?
Swirling, feathered flurries,
to shiver off frostbite extreme.

Then upon a morning light
to round and wakeful nigh
with muffled wings burst into flight
tree branch waved goodbye.

mariamme Sep 2018
i sit and stare out across my lap
the dips and valleys, where your head once rested softly
skin like pillowed silk against a stubbled cheek.
maybe so, the mountains of love
that brought you cresting unto me
have now begun their descent into these valleys,
skin of silken sadness like an unbroken surface
trembling at the cold of winter snows, frostbite
between our lips, chilly disappointment.
and in the valley yet lies your warmth;
i captured you in kisses and mumbled goodbyes,
sleepy eyes that cried hello,
i love you my dear & never leave.
i curl my body into folds,
conserving warmth as i grow smaller
ever unready to be alone again.
and though i ration this warmth,
take pieces of our love to feed the flame of forgotten desire
we slowly crumble into the scree
at the bottom of this mountain we built,
towering high above our hopes and dreams
aimless as the life beneath gathered like dust.
Lizzy Apr 2015
keep me in mind
when I am hidden.
when I keep myself away,
from the burning light of day.  

It's burnt away my nerves,
I can't feel a thing.
Numb to the world,
but feeling in the cold.

I've said it a thousand times,
I'll say it a thousand more.
I'm not the type to laugh,
I'll always shut the door.

So the cold is where I stay,
I can't sleep when it's warm.
I feel myself on fire,
always starting a new war.

Oh sunshine,
please die.
stop mocking my frostbite,
stop torching all desire.

Why won't you listen?
have you no ears?
I've been this way since birth,
I'll be this way for years.

I told you I'm not human.
I'm not the way I should be.
the tundra behind my bedroom door,
it's swallowed me.

Please don't forget about me.
I'm dying to leave.
I'm dying for someone to reach out,
instead I'm dying from greif.

Let's build a fire,
not the kind that kills.
But to melt the ice,
that's been holding me against my will.

Rather, just let me burn.
I'll turn to dust,
I'll drift away,
It's all a deadly lust.

Don't let me run,
tie me tight.
I need the fire,
but I think I might die.
galio Nov 2018
it's really quite too hard to leave the door open
when it's winter
and the frostbite comes nipping
you never know when
cold rains will blow
if you leave the door open

so please close the **** door
on the way out
my thoughts feel cluttered and it's too much
Liam Jul 15
As on the moment one emerges from the heat of their home,
Into the most bitter of wintertime mornings.
The frosty air stings as it flows up my nose,
My head is cooling and my heart is warming.

My face becomes numb,
As the icy wind comes,
Crystalising perspiration.
My cells themselves freeze,
Putting my mind at ease,
I live for a chilling sensation.
labyrinths Nov 2013
your teeth chatter and the wind hits your face.
you can no longer feel your hands or legs.
something about frostbite floats around your mind.
and while your head is screaming, go home
your legs are screaming, left, right, left, right.

you remember walking this way from school.
when your sister would pick you up and walk with you.
or when your "best friend" would make you take the long way
so you could walk her home.

you remember trying to climb that tree
to impress a couple of kids
in hopes that you would become friends.
you remember falling
and the shrill laughter of "never never friends"

you remember sitting in that field
and writing poetry
about the dogs that passed.

you remember playing in that park
with a girl you thought
you'd be friends with forever.
you remember sitting on the swings
while your mom talked to other moms
about what it was like to be a mother.
you remember sliding down the slide,
playing in the sand,
and the reluctance to go home.

you find yourself in His neighborhood.
you still remember the exact way to His house.
how could you not?
you are still smoking.
you imagine the smoke hitting His face.
He would be shocked, if only He could see you now.
what He made you.

you stop by His house.
you remember the path across His house that would lead you to school if you followed it.
you remember the tree next to His house where He poked a wasp's nest.
you remember His backyard, how you would build forts and He would always win.
you remember His living room, blanket forts where you would tease you until you cried.
you remember His mother and her patronizing smile.

there are christmas lights.
you wonder which room is His.
you wonder if His house still looks the same.
you wonder if He remembers what He did to you.

how He touched you
even though you said no.
how He told you that you wanted it
even though you said you didn't.
how He told you that you needed him
even though you knew you didn't.

He is a ghost now, just like the rest of this neighborhood.
and you know if you stay long enough
the ghosts will take it as an open invitation
and come out to play.

you keep walking.
you put the cigarette out.
you think you're lost until you find a familiar looking building.
you walk towards it.
you realize it's the church across from your elementary school.

ah, elementary school.
remember how they broke you?
remember how they called you names?
remember how you tried to **** yourself?
remember all the friends you didn't have?

you can see the ghosts, now.
the school is filled.
your legs are moving towards it.
you remember the nightmares you had about this exact place last week.
you take pictures.
you try to catch a demon on film.

you have lost all control of your legs.

this is where you told ghost stories about the old lady that lived in the forest behind the school.
this is where you made a pact that you would be friends for life.
this is where that kid told that teacher he was death when he meant to say deaf.
this is where you sat under the playground and laughed so hard you peed.
this is where you showed them the scars on your wrist.
this is where they rolled their eyes and called you "attention seeking".
this is where she told you every lie they'd ever said about you.
this is where you sat when you told them you were going to **** yourself tonight.
this is where you bled and everyone saw.
this is where you broke.

this is where you became who you are today.

the anxiety is killing you.
you light another cigarette.
you hear voices and a bark.
you make a left.

down the road is the fence you kicked your show over in the second grade.
you wonder if you should thank them for returning your shoe or not.
you don't.

you walk towards her house.
the last time you were here was halloween in grade nine.
you were dressed as the mad hatter.
being chased by some guy dressed as michael myers.
trying to figure out who you really are.

she became someone completely different less than a year later.
she had been telling people she wished your best friend would **** herself.
she got into drugs.
she was always too good for you, anyways.

you want to knock on her door and ask how she's doing.
you wonder if she remembers you.
you don't.

you walk past His best friend's house.
he has bright, shining lights, too.
christmas spirit.

you wonder if he still lives there or not.
you remember the way you went to daycare together.
the three of you.

you were never close with him.
he was into hockey and more attractive girls.
by the time He transferred out of your school, he had no reason to talk to you anymore.
he forgot all about you.

he started dating girls in grade one.
he started cursing in grade five.
he had kissed a girl by grade eight.
she thought she was in love with him.
he had no idea what love meant.

he still plays lacrosse with Him.
he talked to you about Him, sometimes.
he told you how He was doing, how much he hated Him.

at least the two of you had that to talk about.

you are almost home.
you check your phone.
four missed calls.
three unanswered texts.
where r u?
you turn off your phone and put your hands in your pockets.

you're walking down the same path you would during school.
you remember the way the boy you had a crush on would tease you as you walked home.
he lived on your street.
he would call you names.
you told yourself it was only because he liked you.
he didn't.

the two of you used to be best friends.
you played in the park together.
you had matching walkie talkies.
he came to all your birthday parties
and you went to all of his.

until you weren't cool enough.
and that was that.

you still see him sometimes.
you don't exchange a hello or even a smile.
you act like he doesn't exist.
he does the same for you.

you wonder if he feels as guilty as you do.

you are home, but you are not alone.
you've returned with your own ghost.
she is whispering in your ear how you have become
everything she would be ashamed of.

she wanted to be a veterinarian.
she wanted to be thin.
she wanted to be pretty.
she wanted to be smart.
she wanted a boyfriend.

you are unemployed.
you are overweight.
you are ****.
you are dumb.
you have a girlfriend.

she is dead and you are the only one to blame.
because you killed her.
روبرت Oct 2018
The flakes tingle my heart
The snowbank builds and I feel
I'm used to the cold
Lets weather on
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
I've dragged and I've yanked with my fingers.
My efforts, however, in vain.
Try as I might, to pull backwards the night,
I shan't live that day once again.
The moon gives my fingerprints frostbite.
It's barren and cold with despair.
I wish to return where the sun gently burned
And made glimmer the red of your hair.
Makenzie Marie Oct 2018
Has your heart ever hurt so bad it made your hands tingle?
What about your fingertips go numb?
Like frostbite forming inside you
As if My heart being frozen over
So long ago,
Though it’s starting to warm
Each time a small breeze comes
The ice descends through my veins
Freezing me until the whole is numb.
Ruth Cardenas Jul 28
I can play life off as beautiful
But I often find life cold
And competitive and lonely
Like a frostbite to the soul

Perhaps I am the culprit
When I venture on my own
Come solitude, the hurt appears
And slowly, I unfold

Or maybe my thoughts wander
And I don't want to believe
Light turns to dark and stars come out
And my heart's deceiving me

But I wish to hush the silence
Let me dry my tears away
Maybe life wouldn't seem so miserable
If I were in a better place
Elizz Jul 2018

A fleeting tasteless thing
Something that used to be so full of flavor
Something that actually had a meaning
Causing my nervous system to spark
Stirring emotions through my body
God forbid
But now it just feels like frost bite
And if I sit here long enough
That frostbite
Will slowly but steadily
Turn into hypothermia
And then I'll feel woozy
And then I'll feel warmer
They'll be calling ME the next tropical storm
I'll take off my clothes
Because I think that's what happens
When you start to freeze from the inside out
Hoarfrost cracking through my blood stream
I never thought it would end this way
But I guess it is a fitting death
For someone who's already frozen on the inside
It only needs to be completed
On the outside
From the beginning to the end
To the inside from the outside
Always fleeting
And never to be caged
Never to be obtained
Or granted
Or even achieved
Is what the simple
Four letter word
Means to me
Arke Oct 2018
your spark was so deep, intense and warm
you defied the gods and gave me your fire
I had wandered through frozen wilderness
couldn't remember feeling heat against ice heart
I melted, held to your words and arms
didn't even consider that I could get hurt
your body gets used to always feeling cold
but the fire restored feeling in every finger tip
skin against skin where you healed my frostbite
so of course, when you left and the cold set in again
I felt the sharp curse of a million needles piercing me

your spark was so deep, intense and warm
that I never noticed when everything burned down
creating another frozen wasteland to navigate
the difference is now I remember that fire exists
even if I don't have a paper map to find you
or enough dry wood to hold a flame of my own
with the memory of you, I can recreate a fire
for the next person who has lost their light or spark
Julian Delia Sep 2018
I want to apologise.
Broken relationships, I shall eulogise.
To those I know (or, knew);
Forgive my absence when you needed a warm caress and a hug,
But instead got frostbite, a torrent of snow or dew.

I am sorry for drawing a sword
When you were hoping for an olive branch;
I can be as thorny as an all-knowing lord.
I wish my heart was limitless,
And my kindness infinite –
I dream of love that is fearless,
And of joyousness completely exquisite.

Yet, that is not who I am –
I can be a calm ocean or a tempest,
A total commotion, or peacefully at rest.
I can be enigmatic and reserved,
Or, I can be charismatic, if the mood is reversed.
We are not good or bad;
We can be lewd and strikingly mad,
Or cunningly shrewd, or maybe sad.

We are the yin and the yang;
We all tend to sin, to our demons we hang.
We are objects of pure fascination,
In constant fluctuation,
A recalcitrant reconciliation.
So, I will say it one more time –
Look into my eyes, see through my guise.
I apologise to those who had no shoulder to cry on
And sought mine, when I was not there.
I hope you’re fine, and that someone showered you with care.
Finding peace when you feel like you are forever at war is difficult, but it's possible.
Eat cannabilistic meat to retain your fluids
This is the final gathering of the druids
If you didn't know, this is how we do this
Riding with Genghis Khan rugged and ruthless
12 gauge pumps leave you toothless
Leave a ******* on that black and blue ****
We get drastic, ******* up like melted plastic
With that fast ****, talking wild and manic, pink panic
Take that heat and just can it, starting a fire to fan it
These purple sage rhymes hit in quarter time
Put dents in your skull like hail sized a dime
Leaving trails of destruction like a snail leaves slime
Take a step off the ledge and hope you can fly
Fight, flight, wrong end of a sharp knife
Fist fight, swing right, sun light, the moon on a clear night
Defining wrong from right, so many things out of sight
To all your crops blight, fingers lost to frostbite
Maniac on many levels, soul rebel, disheveled
Friends with the devil, rob, stole, and took
Every little last look, eggs cooked
That's the end of a bad book
Johannah Jeanty Jan 2018
Someone's knocking at my door
In the middle of the night
From a warm be into the cold
I think I got my first frostbite

As I opened up my door
I saw a ghostly figure on my porch
A lady all dressed in white
With an unlit torch as her light

Her jet black hair was flying wide
She looked so feeble, oh so mild
Her dress was dancing everywhere
And on her face showed fright

She had such a perfect face
And she came from a mixed race
She said,"Please help me,
I'm being followed by a plight."

I led her into my home
She ran away from my statue gnomes
And when I held her hand
It was so cold and tight

Her lips were bleeding, so was her head
On her dress was drops of red
I let her sleep on my bed
And slept on the couch that night

We danced and we pranced
In my dreams
I was awoken
By the sunbeams

I ran to her
For I heard screams
And at her foot
I saw blood and shaving cream

She said that is wasn't what it seamed
It's cherry syrup and whip cream
I thought that she cut herself while taking a shave
I felt so ashamed and naive
to be continued? I know naive and shave doesn't rhyme. Looking at this poem now that I'm older, I'm wondering "What was I thinking when I wrote this"
Harriet Cleve Aug 2018 silence he stared till his eyes ached from exhaustion.
The shallow breathing unsettled his mind. It was frostbite cold.
His head swirled with giddiness and instinctive fear; the
horrific realisation he was not alone and his form was no longer human. It was a deep rooted consciousness that instilled terror in his brain. An awareness this was Hell. No flames to flicker the shadows.

It was then the Devil opened his mouth to eat a plateful of dumbstruck souls writhing and recoiling from the sharp nails.
Slowly a tongue lapped them all up and relished in their horror.

He wanted to run from the Devil but was riveted in gut wrenching fear and was immersed in the souls and meshed with their terror, saturated in their gruesome awareness of their tormented new existence.

The Devil swallowed and drank their blood by the gallon and slaked his gory throat. Silence. Silence. Silence.

A realisation formed in his brain and either side of him lay decayed teeth. Rotten and mouldy and gangrenous. He had become a tooth in the mouth of the Devil.

Another plate of souls was placed before the Devil and he chewed with an appetite that would never be sated. The Devil laughed!
An evil cackle that drowned the fear of the writhing souls.

A tooth screamed within the Devils mouth. It screamed. Screamed.

Jen Jan 7
Perception: "In the eye of the beholder"
Frostbite: Can lead to the loss of fingers and toes, if careless
Heat Stroke: Sometimes fatal but can be avoided
Sleep: A necessity
Sugar: Sometimes deceiving
Salt: More than meets the eye, combine with sugar
Awake: What salt does to the tongue
Dreams: Escapes from reality

Eyes: Windows to the soul
          The most intriguing part
          Of the human body, to some
Nonsensical play with silly definitions
SøułSurvivør Nov 2018
Song written for a friend...

In the trials of your winter
When snow, in floes,
Blankets the soil,
You have frostbite,
Your toes burning,
You're exhausted
From your toils,

When you're under
Heavy burdens
And your feet
Drag o'r the ground
I can see you
Trust in Jesus
By the peace that
You have found!

I can see you trust in Jesus
Through storm and calamity
I can see you trust in Jesus
By the love you have for me!

It's quiet here
Inside your circle
It's restful here
Inside your peace
I find joy
That's Everlasting
In your faith
May it not cease!

I know, my dear,
You Trust in Jesus
You have praised
Him o'r and o'r
Jesus! Jesus!
Precious JESUS!
You have faith to
Trust Him more!


Catherine Jarvis
To be sung to "Trust in Jesus".
vanitas Oct 2018
I’ve got ahold of your multicolored leaves
Left to ponder why it’s so complicated
To stare at yellow, brown, and green
And figure out how you’ll change
Evolving like a sunset
Bursting like a firework in July
Winter painted in your eyes
August spreading in your cheeks
Turquoise, black, and red like ember
Where did you go mid-September?
Or when we danced in December?
With your branches stripped bare
And your roots gone cold
Giving me January frostbite
The blues up to my ankles
Our forget-me-nots lost in February
I can’t think of who to blame
As I’m left to ponder
Why the seasons change
; autumn spreading in your cheeks.
Snizzlefish Dec 2018
Born from ice,
On a mountain called love.

I know too much pain.
My lungs continuously fill with frost.

I am numb,
Yet I feel everything.


And again...

Until one day there will be but one.
Be it fire, or ice.

— The End —