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It’s those goosebumps
From your sweet and soft kisses
In my neck
Which make
Every cell of my body
Feel so alive
Diksha Prashar Apr 2020
Strom hailed

windows rattling,

powers out,

eire feeling sets out.


travels jolt of

adrenaline in numb limbs.

Only you tender

lips can coax the

warmth within.
Mpho Apr 2020
You see what we have, you and I...
Is a special kind of something.
The kind to send shivers down my spine when thoughts of you cross my mind.
The kind to give you goosebumps when my hand travels from your chest down to your navel.
A kind of something to make Romeo and Juliet jealous of our poignant gestures.
They're star crossed lovers.
We're true lovers staring at the stars with our fingers crossed,
Hoping that this is a forever kind of something.
hello stranger
I saw you looking at me

eyes opened up wide, 
but what do you hide?

it was just a second.
cute smile. brown skin.
I like your style. you’re just my type.

wanna hang out?
let’s go for dinner, 
we would be cute together, no doubt.
or are you a sinner?

oops… too late..
probably never gonna see you again
what a shame, man.

******* it.
at least to my imagination there’s no limit…

- gio, 18.07.2019
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
Arms still raise goosebumps
Though your stare I often see
Paralyzing blues
I'm not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you
-Finger Eleven
Anastasia Sep 2019
dark purple
under my eyes
not a surprise
i wish i was warm
i'll get swallowed by the swarm
i've been deprived
of sleep at night
i've been deprived
of you holding me tight
I want to feel each rain drop
As it hits my skin
the goosebumps pop up
one by one
until every hair
is standing on end
arms outstretched
letting every droplet
have a chance at its destiny
as the water drips down my body
until it falls to the ground
Melody Jul 2019
I am drawn to him
in the way
I don't understand.
I don't need to see him.
His voice only gives me
And now I can handle the pain.
It's his voice in my head
Reminding me of how long
I've handled it,
that haunts me.
My heart hears nothing but
audible gold from his mouth.
So now I know
that I don't need much
from my life.
Just need to hear his voice;

A Fragment of happiness
in my life.
Not a very good poet, just tried to write something about his voice.
Nina May 2019
D   e   c  o  r   a  t   e
S  k   i  n
I get so
C   o   l   d
when im
C   r   y   i   n  g
Josh Cheshier Apr 2019
Everytime I see people kiss there’s an explosion in my heart that mimics the feeling of when your lips hit mine.
A sweet collision breaking through any premeditated resistance, I feel power in your breath, Intertwining, flowing into and out of my own. Not taking from, not adding too, but existing with.
So when I tell you “you take my breath away” understand what I really mean,
when we kiss I can feel god.
When we kiss my spirit jumps for joy and gets so excited he slips right out my nostrils and sits on the ceiling
When we kiss seconds get longer, I can see sounds, hear color, and the goose bumps on your skin just feel like love notes.
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