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I look down on you without pity
The view is breathtaking from up here
I could never abuse you, use you, confuse you
But I will spit on you and pull your hair.
It's one thing to push you around
It's another to call you mine
It's one thing to kiss you on the nose
It's another to fill you with wine.
You beg you plead you kiss my feet
I come down from the sky's above
Because even though I call you my pet
I do it out of true love
May E V Watson Nov 2015
Love me, use me, Never let me go.
Quench this unbearable thirst, this fire in my soul.

Use me, hate me, ravage me, destroy me,
As long as in the end you promise to hold me in your arms and love me.

Grab my neck and pull my hair only keens and moans will be gotten from there.

Stroke me like a harp, pluck me like a live wire string.
Tighten me up, and snap me so I scream.

Fill me, tempt me, push me, pull me.
Throw me to the bed and make me sing

Hold me down and shatter me,
Pick me apart, and rebuild me made just for you.

You met me a cracked photo frame empty and useless,
Now fixed, filled full with only your image.

Please don't leave me I promise to obey!
Hold me apart so my pieces don't stray,
Here in you arms Sir forever I will stay.
I'm not sure if this fully will make sense. Feedback is loved.
May E V Watson Nov 2015
My skin is frying, I can't stop crying, I feel like I'm dying.
Your touch soothes my fever, your arms hold me together, your bed is my grave.
  This flame of desire inside me burning so bright,
only you can save me on this night.
Here I lay dripping with desire,
for your arrival to calm my fire.
  Fill me, tempt me, push me to the limit,
with your burning, chilling touch of Frostbite,
Please save me this night!
Call me your "Good Girl", pet me, Play,
withdraw your heat and watch me sway,
Please Sir, don't take this blissful feeling away.
I wait on my knees by your side,
Not because I am expected to,
but because it is where I feel safest.
**** me roughly, love me tenderly
Strip me bare till there's nothing left, build me up and tear me apart
In your calloused hands, I place my tender heart.
Gree has moved away and I was turned to the Dom/sub culture shortly beforehand. I just started having the words stick in my head and wanted to say them somewhere.  
  This is unfinished as of yet and I will be adding to in in the coming weeks as inspiration hits.
rogue Jan 2015
i want to fight,
i want to resist,
i want to hurt,
because i trust you

i want to feel your hand
as it closes tightly
around my wrists in warning,
because i trust you

i want to feel small
and surrounded
by you completely,
because i trust you

i want to struggle to breathe
while your hand is on my neck,
the good kind of struggle,
because i trust you

i want the ache to last for days,
a reminder of how good you felt,
i want to be hurt and loved
**because i trust you
i trust you
Artic killer Dec 2014
Your lips on my lips
Your hands on my hips

Shivers run through
How much I want you...

Your fingers on my skin
That, Sensation from within

Your teeth in my neck
Your nails continue their trek
Down my arms.
Envelope my breast
Your heaving chest.
Travel for miles
Drive me wild
I'll scream your name.

Tie me Up
Tie me Down
Tie me All Around
Gag my throat
Hear me choke
Hear me beg
Hear me scream
"Master, take me, hear my pleas"

— The End —