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Lexie 1d
Scent of your sins
Woven in threads
Of my sweater
We unravel
Line dry, to high
Fallen to earth
Clothespin regret
Beyond simple days
Soap and water
Baptize me
Smell of sage
These are the days
We paint them red
Line dry, mile high
Scent of sins
It begins
Lexie 2d
I will not come home to anger
Astral projection
You know better
What are you keeping from
Not so sweet
Lexie 4d
Were we not children once
Heavens not breathless
Only myself
Worlds fading
From atmosphere
As quickly
As called into orbit
By name
Compelled to answer
Stars timid
Of their own light
Draw close
Lips of a sinner in prayer
Time has baited her breath
What has caused
Relentless torment
Will your words
Not bury themselves
In the earth
Long after this day
Let my heart burn
As do my cheeks
And my ears
Will find me again
The devil
A fool for promises
Jester of his own court
Why does your spirit wane
In this drought
New waters will come
New hopes too
Knowing little of gods
That love much
Ask little
Hearts aching
I am tears
Stinging your cheeks
Let sorrow pass
A world with no worth
Besides souls
Scattered as pennies in the street
Let not your light fade
Words diminish
There is hope still
Jehovah holds skies
Holds mountains
Your plight
Not so small
To slip through his grasp
You came
As a child once
This is not forgotten
You are young
To him still
Young to the earth
Do not act in haste
Love on your tongue
More than kisses
For lips
Hold a flame
For yourself
I knew anguish once
I will not walk
That way again
Praying for new shores
In deepest waters
Lexie 5d
Let me be
The one
To find you
In the dark
Lexie 5d
I love to hear stories
About girls who love their mom's
I live vicariously through them
As I have died so tragically
Through my own
Lexie 5d
I grieve
For myself
The love I lost
When I let
My shadow go
Lexie 5d
I wonder here
At the bottom
Of the stars
Not knowing
If the sky
Will ever fill up
We have both
Been empty
For a time
The moon will find
Her lover tonight
The big dipper
Spill over
Washing away
Worries and woes
Of the earth
Washing down
With the milky way
I know you
You are like me
Saving good memories
For when you are sad
Self addressed letters
For when you have
No words of comfort
I loved you then
I know you now
The last of the earth
Trickles away
Streams unbidden
My tears will follow
I was fallen once
I am fallen again
I know you now
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