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Lexie Apr 27
I have lived things in my life
That are torture
For body, mind, and soul

I am off center today
Drifting from the middle
I wonder
What is wrong

Perhaps, more adequately
What was wrong
Is taking space in today

I am not a gentle healer
I am rage
I am anger against this fragile body
I am impatient
Against all the time it has taken
I have cursed my tongue
With my own words
For every time she was silent
Broken my skin against my bones
For when she was not strong enough

I am god-awful ugly
In-between all my attractions
That is the part I see
Seeping in-between the cracks

It is no matter
I am just matter
Does anything matter
Or is simply that thought taboo
Lexie Apr 24
I asked you
If you thought
You were capable of hurting me
You said you weighed 115lb
But a sliver of glass
Cannot weigh more than a few grams
Look what that can do
You are a shattered pane
That is all I feel
Your little slivers under my skin
You are not my mother
But I hear her in your voice
You have a mother's touch
It stings all to familiar
You broke the skin on my face
Open like a ripe peach
I suppose we are all capable of terrible things
But you burdened yours as love
Pressed it into my skin
And let me rot in silence
Lexie Mar 28
Eye contact with you
Is like a tractor beam
You keep pulling me in
Lexie Mar 28
I still can't say it
Lexie Mar 25
Have you heard the sound
The mouth makes
When the heart breaks
So loud it looks like screaming
But it couldn't be more silent
Lexie Feb 5
If, the daughters of our past selves
Could see us now
They would be in awe
Of our beauty
They know the battle is before them
They know they can win it
Lexie Feb 4
The smoke has cleared
From your magic show
I can hear the music
It sounds like peace
Don't let it play so quiet
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