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Lexie 4d
This is all that I am
The child I was
Is dead and buried
Why so I hear her
Crying from the grave
My mother never tucked me in
My ghost
Makes her dirt bed every morning
Day Lilies kiss my forehead
A headstone headboard
Lexie 4d
The stars are singing
Their first song tonight
Again, the hum of the universe
Rings out into space

Celestial bodies
Stars like bells
Heavens choir
Beyond where light can touch

Will you listen
Turn your head to me
Let me sing you
Our song of creation

Up, from the back of my throat
Comes our genesis
Lean in to her
Let her
It will not be 7 days
Or 40 years
It is milk and honey
It is music
Lexie Aug 18
Sad because,
The people I want a better life with
Don’t want a better life with me

Sad, because
Lexie Aug 1
Open your mouth
Call up the demons
My expiration draws near
A dead one
That has long been buried
Is being necromanced
Let her sleep, she is tired
You are not one to let sleeping dogs lay
We cannot let ******* sleep
Are we the sun
Or the rooster
We both wake you
One more gentle than the other
Lexie Aug 1
I look for your body
In a bed you do not sleep in
I long for you
As spring does
For summer to follow
I look for you
Constellations in a night sky
You waited for me
I am wise now
Lexie Aug 1
There are children inside of me
I must set them free
I feel disconnected from this body
From my body
Who is living here
Lexie Jul 31
I watch your back
Glisten in the sun
Building my church
Laying a strong foundation
For my temple
It is a labor of love

I am waiting now
To teach you my gospel
Did you see my scripture
Ink saturating scrolls
So it is written
So it is done

We are still in the middle
Unfurl me
Tender fern in spring
They are singing our chorus
Beyond the hill
Playing stringed instruments
I am not god
Or angel

I am the woman at the well
Bow your head
Drink from my cupped hands
This is my body
This is my bread
Sit at my table
Feast as if judgement day is here
Last supper

I will wash your feet
With tenderness
With tears
With perfume and oil
There is no shame in these 4 walls
At the alter
I say my prayers of thanksgiving
That I am no longer 40 years in the desert
Burn my offering with sweet oil
As the aroma wafts into heaven
They will know
The prophecy is fulfilled
Sins atoned
Covenant not broken

We cleanse our selves
Before we enter in
Into the holy of holies
Make our evening bed
This curtain was never torn.
Not for the dark day
Not for the cross
Not for sins since the beginning of time
Not for the body in the tomb
Not for the wailing women
Not for the spirits fading in the womb
Not for the lamb

You wash my back
With holy water
I wash yours
In the Jordan
Today’s baptism renews us
This is our small kingdom
Bathed in righteousness
We are clean in the eyes of God
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