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Ren Mar 2015
I am in the change
the shift
in between winds of soulful words
suspending in their own reasons
I cannot gather to understand them

How I waste to wonder through it
as fleeting Muses cease their inspiration
all the while delicate time passes

what quiet hours fall into me
pouring my soul over
and over

my heart wonders

which cup will my Muse
serve me

my new words
Ren Mar 2015
Tell me everything terrible you've ever done
and I
will love you
  Mar 2015 Ren
The Dirty Vanilla
You watch a ****** movie
and it rates 1.3 stars higher
because you watched it with her.
Ren Feb 2015
You are the terrorist
Smashing porcelain
Passing through
Your presence
Broad and fleeting
But Virgo’s birthed anew

Goodbye to you
And your combustive yellow bile
Representing no true fire
Yet here you go again
Smashing porcelain
Cause all I am to you
Is a doll you got use to

You are the terrorist
But I,
I am Mercury bending fire
Smashing porcelain
Passing through
Ren Feb 2015
As I sang him to sleep
My winter gave way to his warm
While the moon danced on my skin
fever burned deeper than I’ve ever known
Or dared to have shown
To him
And he wondered what it was about me
How in silence I invaded his demeanor
Making life smell so much sweeter
Heavy is my love
like a slow rising fever
And in absence, I know I love him
As he holds in his hand, my pearl
And me, an empty shell of a girl
With armor at my feet
Forever waiting for his warm
While I sing myself
To sleep
Ren Feb 2015
He loves me when he loves me
He convinces me
I’m the kind who serves up suicide with every Ciroc poured
in the neon blue of this town
where dreams turn cold but where,
He says,
I am as hot as the blue light flame
He opens the Pandora’s curiosity in me
With warm breath and a silent scream
he makes me say his name
I know there’s fiction in the space between us
covered in polyurethane that some would consider toxic
but where I,
I rub my flesh into the smooth and dip fingers into my inkwell
He makes me an artist
He has a way
Hurt me a little
Make me cry
Rubbing this little pendulum of mine
I want to know I knew you even before I knew you
Savor you like an oyster
Memorize you
Hold you under my tongue
Learn you by heart so when you leave
I can go to the inkwell, again
Ren Feb 2015
It starts as a simple untruth
a spun tale of convenience that slips through well travelled lips
It's intent
never malicious
as it falls before another
muddying what was
before its creation
vividly clear

Its very presence changing forever a path that had great promise
to a road undesirable and dark
It matters not the reason it was cast
but it still LIES in the way just the same
Once set
it cannot be undone
as you have unintentionally ruined with your verbal carelessness
what could have been...
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