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Grey 2d

Lost and alone
He gathers up his things
And disappears into the unknown.


Inseparable, like yin and yang.
They watch the sun set
As their bodies tangle together.


Best friends forever
And the third wheel.
Watching quietly, she’s alone in a crowd.


Laughing, talking, joking.
They form a tight circle,
Keeping the happiness inside.


Watching from the sidelines,
Waiting for an opening.
He wants to join in just a moment too late.


The light of my life
The bane of my existence.
She pulls out a knife to comfort a child.


He reaches out a hand,
waiting to be seen.
She takes it.


They’re closed off from the world,
blinded by reality.
She opens their eyes.


Wishing someone will truly see her.
She looks at her
And smiles.


Alone together,
They’re lost in their own world.
She gives them something to hope for.


He’s achieving the impossible
But not the mundane.
She offers him friendship.


She means love.
She means life.
She means wild card.
Six <3
I’m writing this at 2 am so I honestly have no idea if it’s good or not.
sankavi 3d
six months
i've spent 6 months hoping you'd love me at least have as much as I love you

six months
hoping one day you'd call me to say you've loved me all along and it just took you a while to realize I'm the one for you

six months
drowning in a cold lifeless ocean with you thinking of someone else on the warm sandy shore

six months
thinking about you every single day

six months
spent hating you yet loving you so **** much

six months
that I would never wanna take back for anything else, because I know it's gonna be worth it in the end
Martial "Erotion" translation

Erotion (I)
by Martial
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

To you, my departed parents, dear mother and father,
I commend my little lost angel, Erotion, love’s daughter.
who died six days short of completing her sixth frigid winter.
Protect her now, I pray, should the chilling dark shades appear;
muzzle hell’s three-headed hound, less her heart be dismayed!
Lead her to romp in some sunny Elysian glade,
her devoted patrons. Watch her play childish games
as she excitedly babbles and lisps my name.
Let no hard turf smother her softening bones; and do
rest lightly upon her, earth, she was surely no burden to you!

Erotion (II)
by Martial
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

To you, my departed parents, with much emotion,
I commend my little lost darling, my much-kissed Erotion,
who died six days short of completing her sixth bitter winter.
Protect her, I pray, from hell’s hound and its dark shades a-flitter;
and please don’t let fiends leave her maiden heart dismayed!
But lead her to romp in some happy Elysian glade
with her cherished friends, excitedly lispingly my name.
Let no hard turf smother her softening bones; and do
rest lightly upon her, earth, she was such a slight burden to you!
—Martial, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

NOTES: Martial wrote this touching elegy for a little slave girl, Erotion, who died six days before her sixth birthday. The poem has been nominated as Martial’s masterpiece by L. J. Lloyd and others. Erotion means “little love” and may correspond to our term “love child.” It has been suggested that Erotion may have been Martial’s child by a female slave. That could explain why Martial is asking  his parents’ spirits to welcome, guide and watch over  spirit. Martial uses the terms patronos (patrons) and commendo (commend); in Rome a freed slave would be commended to a patron. A girl freed from slavery by death might need patrons as protectors on the “other side,” according to Greek and Roman views of the afterlife, where the afterworld houses evil shades and is guarded by a monstrous three-headed dog, Cerebus. Martial is apparently asking his parents to guide the girl’s spirit away from Cerebus and the dark spirits to the heavenly Elysian fields where she can play and laugh without fear. If I am correct, Martial’s poem is not just an elegy, but a prayer-poem for protection, perhaps of his own daughter. Albert A. Bell supports this hypothesis with the following arguments: (1) Martial had Erotion cremated, a practice preferred by the upper classes, (2) “he buried her with the full rites befitting the child of a Roman citizen,” (3) he entrusted her [poetically] to his parents, and (4) he maintained her grave for years.

Keywords/Tags: Martial, translation, Latin, Erotion, daughter, slave, six years old, turf, bones, earth, burden, patrons, shades
Broadsky Mar 25
"be careful with me"

I remember saying to you

"because I break easily"

but like a child playing in their yard you kicked me around like a ***** ball

looking up at the sky I've started to wonder why I'm spending all my time running around with you

lying on my back I'm bracing for the impact of your next kick

because this is child's play

in a realm with no rules

so you can do whatever you want

and I'll just be here

hoping it will be different tomorrow
things were so different six months ago
Bhill Mar 24
what the ****, oh golly, oh dear
I’m really not, sarcastic here
the world is crazy and I am a-feard
the man in charge needs to be commandeered
he has no sense, common or other
what should we do, let’s go ask our mother
she’ll probably tell us to stay inside
let’s do what she says, let's have a safe ride
it’s really not hard to stay away from the threat
keep six feet away and don't play roulette....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 84
Well...  It's true!
clever Feb 21
when the only thing that i know is what i'm not,
i think it's well past time for me to go
sunshine Dec 2019
there's not a lot I know for certain but I know this,
one day you'll end up at my door
one day you'll be standing right there
and I'll ask you six questions:

where have you been?
are you lonely?
where are you going now?
do you even miss me?
why did you choose me?
did you even love me at all?

that first night
was definitely
my last night

Amanda Nov 2019
Life's a cage not a stage
Day 12: write your life story in six words
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