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Zack Ripley Nov 2019
The wind whistles as it whips down the winding street
Trying to knock down people
wary of the ice and snow beneath their feet.
The sky watching over them is still.
But it's a trap. A storm is coming in for the ****
Windy rain
Autumn Reminder
Ashes flood
A mountain full of ice
This is a compassionate fire
It doesn't end there
With the heat of this tired
He dies one day

Mohamadreza Baseri
It doesn't end there
With the heat of this tired
He dies one day
Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

They will teach you to scoff at love
from the highest, windiest precipice of reason.

Do not believe them.

There is no place safe for you to fall
save into the arms of love.

Keywords/Tags: precipice, scoffers, skeptics, windy, hot, air, fall,  arms, love, safe
Some may think it odd

                    to see me outside

     dancing around

              with the wind as my guide....
This is a small bit of a poem that I wrote a long time ago... I need to find the rest of it... I just remember this line... I thought it was cute... I actually used to do that hahaha and still may occasionally now if the mood strikes me hahaha... XP  woah! a poem from me that's not a haiku!  hahaha X'D
Donna Feb 21
And just like that..trees
thought of happy memories
and laughed they sure did
First date of Miss Yellow and Mr. Grey Sky
They met in the eastside
Talking about the earth and the light
How to shining bright within dark side
And how to let it rain in the night

It's not easy
But it has to be
Perfect match of the storm and windy
Quite beautiful even rising gloomy
Skye Nov 2019
A rushing fall breeze
It's only a bit chilly
And blows around leaves

Take a deep breath
Pumpkin, cinnamon, and warm spice
My face is rosy

Gray woolen mittens
Cover my freezing fingers
I made them myself

A perfect blue sky
Not a storm cloud in my sight
The air is so cold

The wind blows past me
The trees bang on my windows
A nice cup of tea

I sleep with blankets
So soft and cuddly
I dream of orange
The Great Pumpkin
TS Nov 2019
My moods are like the wind. Contains the same elements but expressed in different ways.

Starry sky, crickets chirp, wind skips lightly across your skin
I whisper,

Sun beams pierce the windshield, my hair floats recklessly from the open window, music playing,
I sing,

A light drizzle with a light rustle in the trees, grey sky, puddles under foot
I mutter,

Sharp, cold air scratched against your face, snow like glass, shiver in my bones,
I bellow,

Chaotic gusts like trains rushing by, thunder crashes, the sky groans in angst
I cry,

The breeze softens and floats with the rain, eerie stillness, the world is quiet once more,
I gasp,

My moods are like the wind. Ever changing, ever growing, and forever calling your name.

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