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Renee Danes Feb 8
I cannot outrun it,
It tries pushing me over,
I stand my ground
But cannot fight back,
It is a one sided punch
And I cannot throw one,
I still do not submit to the pressure,
Every second my skin gets weaker,
Every hit it gets on me
Makes my body cry out in pain

What a windy day...
Fun-Friday for ya!!!!
On winter days like these wet windy and cold my mind goes wondering to
warmer days when I was a kid
whole life In front of me
the days I played without care In the world they were days thought I'd never get
60 years ago that was, and It seems more like a million years now, Man lives but a short time It's said
I look back on my childhood It seems so long ago almost an eternity I suppose when It my turn to depart this life
I'll be ready, I'm already starting to feel tired
need of a long  
Winter days wet windy cold my mind goes wondering go when I was a kid and warmer days
Anwer Ghani Dec 2018
When you reach those remote lands and when you see my pain, please ignite a candle in our cold night, and make this sleepy world know something about the truthful light. I know; you can't remember the souls of the flowers which know nothing but beauty but when we drown deeply in our dreams and when you meet all the possible illuminations, at that time you may find the windy fingers of the poet.
prose poem
Josh G Oct 2018
Can you hear the trees sing
In this October breeze?
Can you see the dance
Of the wooden giants
In their dance hall glade?
Come lay witness to
The shedding of the leaves
Under this blanket
Of overcast skies
Been awhile since I last wrote. I had a picture to go with this poem. I was at work walking through an area I maintain looking for fallen or dead trees to cut down when I noticed a leaf that perfectly looked like a heart.
I walked straight through your heart,

Stormy, windy, dark nights,
With shattered street lights,
Void of any form of light.
Your heart suffers an undesirable life.

Stroms embody distress and frailty.
Winds embody hastiness.
Dark nights embody sinister actions.
With no hope present, a more profound image is painted.

When I walked through your metaphorical heart
I felt the suffering.
Shivers and goosebumps displayed my uneasyness,
Yet you live a life exactly like this.

The most metaphorical experience was my most life-like, metaphorical experience.

Place your heart next to that of a queen's and nothing sets it apart as being different,
But upon closer examination - listening and communicating - a whole lot of darkness is felt and seen.

Inner darkness is better than an assumed inner brightness, based on the exterior condition.

Authenticity in physical condition is important.
CGW Sep 2018
Winter winds carried on the backs of wolves.
A rumble of darkness among the silence.
Flight of blue fire.
Blood of the kingdom before me coats my wolven teeth.
The wolf king rises.
Through swollen snow and ice we trot among the fallen wolves.
Paul Butters Jul 2018
All shrubbery around is shaken by the wind
As smoking grey clouds threaten rain.
But I sit snugly in my lounge
Idly contemplating a chicken-breast tea.

The long heatwave is over
For now.
Atlantic air has swept the mugginess
Thermometers have settled down
While cooler moisture sooths our very souls.

This lounge of mine presents a landscape too:
Of settee, armchairs and table
Along with dining chairs and TV:
Mountains over carpet savannas.

But the kitchen calls me from next door
So no matter how lazy I feel
I really have to eat now.
This interlude must end
So very soon.

Paul Butters

© PB 29/7/2018.
I should be eating by now.
Wass Jun 2018
Swathes of swollen, rolling hills
With chops of fluffy, dry grass scattered over. It’s nice knowing they’re also not perfect, no one has cleared away they’re loose ends.
Silver, bumpy cloud fluff is grasped and pulled along through the air.
Blowing wind is picking up planting a chill on my arms raising the little hairs like baby fuzz.
K Balachandran May 2018
spooky dark night,
whooshing rowdy wind shakes trees;
exorcism’s progress!
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