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Cody Haag Jun 2020
My mind is on fire,
And I'm out of control.
The choices I make
Wreak a heavy toll.

You learn in life that
No one gives a ****.
You learn that in the end,
You're **** out of luck.

People are full of empty promises,
All talk and no action.
Dividing you into broken
******* factions.

No more mincing words,
I am ******* ******.
Your lack of transparency
Will not be missed.

I hate you.
Thanks for nothing.
Cody Haag May 2020
In a dream,
I saw his face
I knew he was
A boy to chase.
Heart of gold,
Eyes so kind.
The kind of guy
It's hard to find.
I want to be in love so badly.
Cody Haag May 2020
Cigarette between my fingers,
I watch the smoke drift away;
Not normally a smoker,
But I am today.

Smoke meant to ****,
Somehow makes me feel alive.
I inhale it as deep as possible,
But internally I cry.

Who am I?
I do not know.
Time to carry on
This tiring show.
Cody Haag May 2020
All that I want,
Is to finally be chosen.
When he sees me in the crowd,
I want time to be frozen.

For them to be shadows,
For me to be the light.
To be worthy of pursuit,
To be worthy of a fight.

To feel like a god,
Just for the night.
To be kissed,
With all his might.

A man to make me see
How special I am.
To remind me that
Beauty is more than glam.

All that I want,
Is to finally be chosen.
When he sees me in the crowd,
I want time to be frozen.
What a dream...
Cody Haag May 2020
This sense of dread,
Creeps through my mind,
Like a fire burns a forest,
Leaving nothing behind.

An unknown future,
A painful past;
Yet I cannot live in the moment,
For it moves too fast.

All that I crave,
Is a version of peace.
To break painful bonds,
For sorrow to cease.

But burned in the flame,
My mind has become mad.
Only ashes remain,
My solitary emotion is "sad".

My existence is frightening.
At night, I cannot sleep.
There can be no redemption,
Nor demons to reap.

No end is in sight,
To this constant tumolt.
No one to blame,
For it is only my fault.

So along this unending road,
I will go forever.
Shackled by my pain,
Tied to this endeavor.
Sometimes the silence is too loud
Cody Haag Apr 2020
They say,
"You were happier on the pills."
They say,
"The things you do give us chills."
They say,
"Are you even trying?"
They say,
"Why are you crying?"
They say,
"Your life isn't that bad."
They say,
"You have no reason to be sad."
They say,
"You can't live alone."
They say,
"You can't ever atone."
They say,
"We love all of you."
They say,
"Except the things you do."

I say,
"All you are is talk."
I say,
"You erase me like chalk."
I say,
"You love me but you don't."
I say,
"You want me to do what you won't."
I say,
"I'd be better off dead."
I say,
"I'm a burden that needs shed."
I say,
"Check the mirror."
I say,
"Don't shed a tear."
Cody Haag Apr 2020
There are a million ways,
A person you love,
Can break your heart.
I wish I could just disappear.
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