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I'm caught in the middle,
Of someone else's game.
Twisted as hell,
I stay the same.

Try as I might,
There is no reward.
No lover to hold,
No future to look toward.

How long can I last,
In this diseased state?
How long can I pivot,
And avoid my fate?

The road will end
With an unfulfilled dream.
A man torn asunder
By his self-esteem.

Tears will be wept,
But nothing will be lost.
For I am an empty vessel,
Battered and tossed.
This one's about depression, suicidal tendencies, and looking toward a future you're certain will be desolate.
I'm in love with the idea of being in love,
Of kissing a boy, of having enough.
I trust in the process of having trust,
Of flying free like the happiest dove.
I'm in love with the idea of being in love,
But more so in love with all of the above.
This one's a little weird, but I like it.
There are many things to desire,
In this world of frost and fire.
I know not where to look,
Who is friend, who is liar.

Many paths exist, calling my name,
Some born in modesty, some in fame.
Despite this, I ignore them all,
Buried deep within my shame.
Cody Haag Aug 20
My future seems set in stone,
The path before me, known.
Spent in solace, all alone.
Hiding from what I can't atone,
Cody Haag Jun 2020
My mind is on fire,
And I'm out of control.
The choices I make
Wreak a heavy toll.

You learn in life that
No one gives a ****.
You learn that in the end,
You're **** out of luck.

People are full of empty promises,
All talk and no action.
Dividing you into broken
******* factions.

No more mincing words,
I am ******* ******.
Your lack of transparency
Will not be missed.

I hate you.
Thanks for nothing.
Cody Haag May 2020
In a dream,
I saw his face
I knew he was
A boy to chase.
Heart of gold,
Eyes so kind.
The kind of guy
It's hard to find.
I want to be in love so badly.
Cody Haag May 2020
Cigarette between my fingers,
I watch the smoke drift away;
Not normally a smoker,
But I am today.

Smoke meant to ****,
Somehow makes me feel alive.
I inhale it as deep as possible,
But internally I cry.

Who am I?
I do not know.
Time to carry on
This tiring show.
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