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WistfulHope Feb 21
Watch me come and then you go...
Why I hoped I'll never know.
Your smirks were sick,
Like it was a game,
Like after your ****
I'd never be the same.

You knew I was desperate for someone to care.
Yet you'd please yourself and make me stare.
Why cradle rob and share dreams of ****?
Why lie to keep me, not letting me escape?
I guess I let myself be your toy,
And made you into mine.
I was already destroyed,
What were more fines?

My debts to pay were already so steep,
I guess I thought I deserved it, letting you leech.
I dared to dream though.
That was my mistake,
Every wanting you
To be more than a snake.

You speak like the words are blood letting, you say I ruined you.
Well I'm sorry you sick **** that you didn't get to ruin me too.
This world makes us savage, doesn't it
WistfulHope Feb 21
Whisper to me without words
Give me an eternity in an instant
Show me a new galaxy in a glance
Dazzling constellations contained in your eyes
Like a nebula, exploding, expanding with each moment we share
Kaleidoscope colors
Glistening and changing at a pace that feels like fireworks
But looks like stars
Stare into my soul with those hazel-green eyes
For my husband. I miss you so infinitely that I do not have words to describe the emptiness that is where you belong.
  Feb 20 WistfulHope
I often find myself thinking
If you’re happier with him
And how’s it gonna be
When time passes by.
I find myself
In only a struggle
But I know I’ll be fine.
Only with what happened
But not with what could’ve been...
WistfulHope May 2020
you're skinning me alive.

each word you bark strips away

some of my skin and some of my soul.

why don't you do the kind thing,

and shoot me?

instead of ripping out my hair in fistfuls

with each laugh made at my expense.

my world is melting

because you set it on fire.

the smoke is so thick

i can't find my own face.

and i hear you.

i hear you laugh

and the flames pinch me in response.

you are unclever in choosing me though.

i set myself on fire often.

though you choke me and scorch me

i already know this pain.

it burns and stings.

and i cry out

because i know you cannot maim me,

you cannot give me scars

that are worse than the ones

i have given myself.

you cannot **** me.

trust me.

i've already tried
WistfulHope May 2020
The Stars envy the Moon
To her face they smile, they coo
But when she turns the other way
And darkness takes her place
Stars weep for themselves anew

The majesty, the flirtation,
The pure and devout adoration
Timelessly given to her
Yet in the Moon nothing spurs
Stars burn in their frustration

She is too cold to the touch
To deserve idolizing so much
Even blocking out the Sun
The Moon's admirers cheer on
To new resolve Stars quickly clutch

The Stars envy the Moon
Simple and still she brings swoons
The Moon is all their poetry
Their art too, so nobly
Stars know what they must do

They are too far and too small
Only regarded as beauty when they fall
From my drafts.
WistfulHope May 2020
I look in the direction I know you to be
Though I cannot see you
On the opposite shore of this sea

I lay looking at stars and wonder
Do you see them too
Or are clouds all you're under

In my mind, daily I call, I write
In reality I sit captive here
In the dark unable to fight

The wind tangles my hair in knots
When I go for a walk
Near the coast, skipping rocks

If I am still and listen long enough
The water speaks it's wisdom
Giving advice, voice smooth and rough

It begs me to walk across to you
Through a wild sea
Sinking into cold greys and blues

I heed the call, waves flooding overhead
Following the letters I never sent
And cry out from my sweat-soaked bed
WistfulHope Dec 2019
If I'm the moon
Will you be stars
And keep me company
Even when I am dark

     If I'm the moon
     Will you be stars
     That let me stay
     Even if I'm different

          If I'm the moon
          Will you be stars
          Buring bright
          While I just reflect

               If I'm the moon
               Will you be stars
               Hues of gold, blue, red
               With my life black and white

          If I'm the moon
          Will you be stars
          Falling and shooting
          As I endlessly spin

     If I'm the moon
     Will you be stars
     That they wish upon
    When I make them loons

If I'm the moon
Will you be stars
When I rise in blackness
Will you stay beside me
If I'm the moon, will you be stars?
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