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WickedHope Mar 10
I promised I do
But I do not
I do not want to be alone anymore
I do not want to wish for your snores
I do not want to eat alone, drink alone
Pray, cry, scream, fight alone
I do not want to sit in this empty house that no longer feels like home
I do not want to use my hands to hold myself, to touch myself
I do not want to spend time with anyone else
I do not want to wait here for you
I promised I do
But I do not
I do not want to miss you
But I promise I do
**** this ****.
WickedHope Mar 10
The end is nigh
But it seems funny
When we're high

Will it end in fire
Will it end in ice
Either way
I hope it's tonight
WickedHope Mar 10
Engines rush past
Blurs of siren sounds and racing red
To the source of the blast
A house is in flames
Ashes fall like rain
The only sounds are crackles and snaps
They aim their hoses
Donning helmets and all
But they cannot combat the blaze
Then a sound from within
Maybe a laugh maybe a cry
Someone brave runs inside
Shouting "I won't let you die"
Climbing and leaping through a seemingly sentient inferno
But they find her there on the floor
Naked save for soot covered limbs
Resting within flames
Crumpled and melting she smiles at them
Used matches raised high she laughs
"You can't **** those who are dead"
As the ceiling caves in crushing their heads
Title is a line from Home by Gabrielle Aplin
WickedHope Mar 10
What's always caused me dread
Is the empty half of the bed
Long days turn to longer nights
When I'm alone putting out the lights
I have been greedy since my first taste
Of sharing with another that sacred space
Afterwards as I've lain
It's not been the same
My laughter is gone
My smiles all wrong
And your arms were the pinnacle
Your absence has me near cynical
Sometimes I feel as though I am dead
Reaching out to the empty half of the bed
  Mar 10 WickedHope
Today, like most days since you left
my bed lies empty
The summer of this room has faded to winter
your smell has slipped from these sheets
I still think about you when bodies come to visit
Mistaking their longings for your own
and their moans for your sweet songs
Hoping that one day you will be the one
opening the door returning to bed
In the meantime I still have my dreams
all of them laced with memories of you
What was once, I know can never be.

I am currently switching my poems to bc I have issues uploading here as well as just general site navigation. Love you all. I am on there @Konreg
WickedHope Mar 8
Take me to the days where we laid ourselves down in the grass
And you smiled at me like I was the only person who mattered
Before any of the suffering blossomed colorfully on the surface
We would talk for countless hours that felt like mere minutes
My favorite memories of growing up all have you
You made me into a woman
You will always be the one who held my heart first
I will love you always.
You will always be the one that saved me.
WickedHope Mar 4
I don't lie
When I'm drunk
I can't
I can't lie
I forget how
I **** the consequences
The truth
Has so many consequences
When it follows
A lie
A white lie
Can still land
Like a falling star
Looking so pretty
Up in the sky
But crushing us all
When it lands
Knocked down
By the truth
Don't ask me
If I'm drinking
Because I'll say it
I'll say it
I'll say it
Quite un-prudely
And I'll laugh
Like it's funny
To hit you
With the two edged sword
Of reality
Not realizing
I'm gripping
The blade
With my own two
Coating us both
In enough
To honestly
Drown us
I don't lie
If I say it
Sweetly sober
We're spared the
Careless calamity coming out crass and crapulent colored lips
Tearing open
Naked truths
I can never
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