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Blessed be the Bleak Black Skies
Where wintry winds wind far and wide
For fairest fairies heaven’s vault ignite
– My mind meandered whilst outside.
“Beware Beloved boy!” – Babushka bawled
“Lest your sleigh slides down the sleety lake
Come quick inside to escape the cold
Except my heart this Yule you yearn to ache”

Seven summers since have passed
And adamant as I always am,
Torpefied are my toes atop the tarn
Yet bare-bodied I be
Showcasing my shivering sheath
Red cheeks, red nose, and red feet
Keen to knuckle under Kári’s decree
So, I submerged myself swiftly
Below Boreas’s biting abode
Concealed in the coldest calmest of waters
Within Winter Wonderland’s whitest
For that freeze that forces you to fathom
that Corpses can’t feel the cold
I couldn't decide on a title so is either "Frostbite Freedom" or "Winter Waters" :)
Kaley Dec 2020
While the softest snow falls on boughs evergreen,
Glittering white, untouched and pristine.
Through forest and glen the four winds do blow,
Whispering Yule song on the wings of a crow.

Over rooftops and chimneys, curling with smoke,
Where inside the hearth's log is sure to be stoked.
As merry men dream, tucked away in their beds,
The rays of morning begin to shed.

And the hushed spell of night is slowly undone,
The land is a prism beneath morning sun.
Glistening, radiant - a sight to behold,
A crisp winter scenery starts to unfold.
Lady Ravenhill Dec 2018
Frostbitten Yuletide
A human, memory blows
over wistful winds
@LadyRavenhill 2018
Haiku 70
Toni Dec 2018
Soft, knit sweaters
And piping-hot tea
Make for very toasty weathers
And cozy times for me.
It’s time to be snug as a bug, my friends. ❄️
Reuben Dec 2017
By: Reuben Paredes

Oh, Christmas I’ve seen you in my past,
Were my childhood, innocent is instill,
Like a child waiting for the present,
Until, I unwrapped my gift and felt content,
As I smiled and keep enjoy at will,
In hoping that each memory may lasts,
How is different the feeling to be a child?
With the cold wind, blown in wild,
And imagine, the tidings in tenderness mild,
Would it be the same today?
Of the glimpse of my youth is gone,
In zenith of Yule, may I salvage of my heyday,
Will my shout of hurrah! Is enough and done,
Whatever will be the tomorrow brings,
May the Old Christmas Carole will be hear and sing,
Like a wind chimes that sounds serene,
Be the light in my eyes to be seen,
Let, your bright star, be shine above,
And be the lambent light, glows in our beloved.
HTR Stevens Nov 2017
Christmas is here! Time for good cheer!
Once more the best time of the year!
TV programmes; same old! Same old!
We love them! Stick with what we know.

The season we’re celebrating;
All year long we have been waiting.
Eating food we don’t have to make
From scratch. Nor do we need to bake.

Shops sprinkled with white Christmas dust;
All things sparkling! All things a must!
Time for fun, for laughter, for joy!
From “on-line” get the latest toy.

Buy in haste, regret at leisure…
Toys that give us short-term pleasure.
Turkeys vote for Christmas, we know…
Brussels sprouts, and all things that grow.

Life is “hard labour” thro’ the year;
Comes Christmas, pop champagne, not beer!
Heston’s puddings have all sold out;
“That is a nightmare!” some may shout.

Christmas passed. New Year comes around…
Is snow lying thick on the ground?
We have survived another year;
Very soon ‘Springwatch’ will be here.

Creepy crawlies and birds that sing,
Showers with the first buds of Spring,
Lambs frolicking, pretty flowers grow…
Also, weeds that we did not sow…
HTR Stevens Oct 2017
I have a silver castle in the sky
One day, we will visit it, you and I
We will sail down the river, gently row
Eyes affixed on my castle, from below.

My beautiful castle is shining bright
Surreal and surrounded by mist at night
We will keep rowing until morning dawns
We will haul in nets of shimmering prawns.

My castle in the sky is very far
We will never reach it by boat or car
But in my mind it will always hold true
All is possible at the time of Yule.

In dreams my castle can be anywhere
Wherever I wish it, it will be there
Between you and me, no one else should know
My dream castle is made of ice and snow.

In my dreams I should also let you know
Castle walls glisten with silver and gold
Dreams of castles in moonlight all aglow
Piled sky-high with treasure and wealth untold.

Can I tell you, while I am feeling bold
Sadly, comes dawn, there is nought to behold
All the same, dream I will and dream I must
Tho' at dawn, even castles turn to dust.
Lady Ravenhill Dec 2016
What once was in shadow
May once more see the light
I invoke and call upon thee
Our ancestors of the stars
I Invoke and call for your wisdom
And to know the beauty that lives in all
On this blessed winter night
My flesh to your flesh
My breath to your breath
My fire to your fire
My blood to your blood
@ladyofravenhill 12/23/16
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