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sabrina paesler Jul 2015
i wrote a poem
on the walls of the school house
cursing the subjects with math
that I didn’t do good at.
i lit it on fire
watched it
and I can’t remember what holiday it is
but these fireworks look perfect
i guess this
is the metaphorical
teenage rebellion
of an arts student.
sabrina paesler Jun 2015
I’ve painted on three coats so far
and I still can see where I was last touched.
you stained your morning breath
onto the inside of my sheets
so I’ve washed my linens 3 times
but I can’t escape you.

I’ll shower for the second time today
until under my nails are clean
and the pores of my skin are bare
until the brush I hold no longer resembles you,
forgive me.

I’ve spent too long getting splinters
for anything other than a masterpiece.
sabrina paesler May 2015
last time I saw you,
I sunk into film
until my eyes were deep enough
to see that off-white show flickering
in the distance.
over and over again,
the leading male’s heroine
with red lips and sharp shoulders
stuck the needle in the bend of her arm
until her windows were worth a quarter each
and her bubble gum
was infected.
your cinematography is gripping:
I can almost see what she doesn’t want you to know
I can almost see her mother’s first chance
to become her father’s last chance
at owning a pick-up truck
with blankets in the back
and two dimes and a nickel
worth of whatever you are now.
this placebo effect
has gone too far.
you are not the main attraction
to this drive-in,
your name should only be in lights
when you want it to be.
I hardly call it a coincidence that those in the limelight often find themselves under the power of addiction.
sabrina paesler May 2015
love is the ups and downs
of natural geography,
the only two feelings
when standing in the shadow of a mountain:  

1. your iris is the northern lights to me;

2. my freckles are grains of sand to you.

let's be realistic,

I guess we were never
in the same place
after all.
sabrina paesler May 2015
until the artist
has created evolution
from solid marble
do not disagree
that you are the prized exhibit
of your own museum.
"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."
- Michelangelo
sabrina paesler May 2015
the butterflies in my stomach
still haven’t died as the seasons changed
from the first time I realized
we were home
until now.
I can still feel
the fluttering below my ribcage;
I can see the frost on
my tongue.
I never meant to ****
the nature in you by
filling your veins with
what I breathe out,
I never meant to personify
the coldness of winter
like this
sabrina paesler May 2015
I’ve tattooed a line across
the veins of my wrist
and marked a down stroke
for every time
“you can’t wear red lipstick”
made me believe
I never wanted to in the first place.

for every time instead
I’ve stained my lips with cherries
learning how to tie the stems
so I can slip forget-me-knots
to the back of your throat—
do you feel my restriction now?

the razors that fly off my tongue
perk thorns on my skin,
another down stroke on my wrist
will teach me that
you were right,
shyness is a virtue.

no need to speak,
go spend one hundred dollars
and some percent for tax
to cover up,
even though I’m sure your mother told you
that cotton stains.

so make it black.
get your hair stuck
in the zipper of that sundress
and pray as you pull it out
that it will lose its pigmentation
in the process
mark a down stroke
for killing two flowers
for one bouquet.

hold it
close your eyes and throw it back,
I know we shouldn’t be wearing white anyway
but tradition can take a lot out of you
like what you really think—
don’t say **** in public.

instead drag your first impressions
all the way to the altar
and dress in your Sunday best
a flower on your lapel
clear on your lips
a stroke for the neat decline
of the son

I tattooed a line across
the veins of my wrist
and marked a down stroke
for every time
my image
was my fault.
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