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I sit at the end of the world
my feet dangling over the edge
wondering if just a little nudge
will send me tumbling down to the earth below
Like a meteorite falling across the sky.
Or will I fly free
Like the comet dancing with the stars
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
I halfheartedly grasped the ledge
Peering indecisively over the edge  
Wondering perhaps in all seriousness if I should let go

A freefall of the mind is what they call it '
And if you do not experience it
Why and how could you possibly comment
And in all honesty, say it is an emotion you know?

A little less grew my grip on the edge
Taking momentary notice of the crumbling ledge
My mind wanders into a place where all is nothingness
And nothingness is the norm

I let my mind freefall as they call it
Into oblivion and time dissolved it
Finding myself very comfortable in this environment
I wished never to return

So I concocted a simple cunning game
Whenever spoken to by the seemingly sane
Smiling wickedly
Into nodding confirming faces
I repeat these words

A freefall of the mind is what they call it '
And if you haven't experienced it
How could you possibly comment
And in all honesty, say it is an emotion you know?

@ copyright Tammy M Darby Nov. 24, 2018
M Salinger Jul 2018
A moment.

A line between
& defiant

holding within in it
the tenderness of our gaze

The night calls me
while sleep escapes,
to show me the truth
that day

it calls deep within
my being,
like you

it resonates with
my darkness,
like you

Will you stay with me,
for a moment

of real honesty
& if you want,

The valley of space there,
& between us
pulling me in,
like you

a moment of freefall
& endless endings
there to be

where we find
a way
to be suspended
in the
warmth between
you & I

I stand
on the sharpest edge,
below, the water surges
over the rock face
deep teal and chilling
a reminder that
can also be

like you.

In awe and wonder
I'm trapped
in these
Inspired by the great beauty of British Columbia and how it's grandeur and imposing nature can be reminiscent of imperfect love
Alaina Moore Mar 10
Full freefall into bed.
Notice every lumpy detail;
every crumb not swept away.
Head pounds like a drumline.
Aches woven in every muscle fiber.
Hot and cold flashes rotating through time.
Dry sweat soaks my skin.
Seconds masquerading as hours.
Thoughts scratching the chords, choking to death.
Unique and unmistakablely familiar. I know this feeling so well.
shinyewon May 2018
Rainbows of color flash before my eyes, but too soon, everything is black.

i wake up in a tangible sweat, in an unknown world. My vision is still unclear, but i can sense my surroundings. The room i’m in is devoid of color, my only possession stolen by the phantom of darkness.

i call out, to no one, to anyone, “Where am i?” For what seems like hours I hope for an answer. Tired of waiting for a nonexistent soul, i fall into a reluctant sleep.

i am seated in an uncomfortable wooden chair, facing three strangers. They ask about my day at school, how i did on my test. i envision a seat, my legs scrunched against the back of another seat, and after that …

i am on a couch, a glass of wine in my hand. i share a laugh with a boy seated next to me, but i don’t know what about. We sit, watching a generic crime show on the wall-mounted television. The boy asks me, “Do you want to see the next episode?” i say yes, hesitating for what seems like an eternity.

i am woken up by the sound of the door opening to my room. The light is still off, but the entity asks, “How are you feeling?” i reply in earnest, “i’m fine, i just want to see my family.” He tells me to wait a moment. The door closes.

i hear him come in again after the longest time, and this time i beg him. “Where are they? Are they okay?” He says in a eerily neutral voice, “Your family has been dead to you for 30 years now.” i think about this and decide that he is crazy. i fall into a fitful slumber.

i am ready this time, and when he comes in i ask to see my boyfriend. The entity says, “He is free to visit you, but you may not see him.” i am convinced the entity despises me, but reading my mind he says, “I am fair to everyone, anyone, and no one.” i fall asleep cursing him.

i am in a car with three strangers, on a bridge overlooking an infinitesimal body of water. i scream, causing the driver to swerve right, breaking through the railing. The car is fixed on going over the edge, and we skid off the bridge. In freefall, i tell myself it is just a dream, but before we hit the water all i can see is black.

I wake up in a tangible sweat, in an unknown world. My vision is still unclear, but I can sense my surroundings. The room I'm in is devoid of color, my only possession stolen by the phantom of darkness.
Kurt Philip Behm Oct 2018
We’re losing America
  while losing our minds

Our spirits in hiding
  our souls hard to find

The nation in freefall
  all fingers to point

One side at the other
  common values disjoint

We’re losing America
  in front of our eyes

A narcissists poison
  our heritage dies

Each part is now greater
  than the sum or the whole

What our patriots died for
—lay forgotten untold

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2018)
Amanda Sep 2018
Balancing on a fragile wire
So high above me
Looking down on the pain
As I try to stop the fall
I know is coming
Tears, not mine, flood the plain

Focus, one step at a time
Sleep a forgotten language
As I walk in dreams
And figures in shaded form
Visit my days
Where nothing is at seems

Walking the tightrope
Silently amongst the loss
Breathing the air
Of a life planned absent
Of your voice
I can no longer share

I walk the wire
Waiting for the freefall
Into sedated black
So I can dive into oceans
Of saline dreams
And bring you back
Xallan Oct 2018
It's just a place to rest
-the heart of a singularity
--art is compacted with garbage
---orbited by a cycle, inevitable and predictable

It's just a place to breathe
-halfway down the freefall
--confidence torn away by wind
---holding tight to regrets about not learning to fly

It's just a place to live
-we come when we feel ready
--put our decomposition on display
---our parasites smile and wave to the crowd
for the midnight reader
the bottom feeder
alien *******
that harvests anew
hybrids born in silent scorn
dna run askew
replicant son has artificial recall
dreams of freefall
into abyss
kiss me Rachel
hold me like you would
a lover
that we are faded copies
of a once proud thought
a once original dream

— The End —