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Tasbah Phawna Sep 2012
We were once one.
Shy at first, not knowing what to do.
But then the distance became less and less between us.
We were perfectly happy in each others arms,
slowing time as we starred into the other's eyes.
We could talk about anything for hours on end.
There was no distance between us.
Suddenly, three thousand miles barges in,
wedging us apart.
Slowly, like watching paint dry, we grew apart.
Fighting left and right.
Not only have we physically distanced from each other,
we are now emotionally effected.
Not as close as before.
How could we have let Distance destroy us?
Tasbah Phawna Sep 2012
A picture is worth a thousand words
Your picture; Infinite amounts.
I can't help it...
Looking through pictures of you
brings me pain, agony, sadness.
The only time I get to see you now a days.
The only time I can star into you blue eyes.
They're like an empty abyss now.
That sparkle that once was there has vanished.
Every time I see your picture,
Tasbah Phawna Sep 2012
I will miss the death and birth of all plants.
The colors shifting from green to reds, oranges, and yellows.
The weather change from blazing hot to bone chilling cold.
I will miss the ominous crunch of leaves under my feet.
Wearing jackets and pants on Halloween.
The bare carcass of trees, stripped of their pride.
I will miss the soft fluff.
The powdery snow drifting from the sky.
The shimmering of each ice crystal.
Trying to find two snow flakes that look alike,
even though that is impossible.
I will miss the shivers that climbed up my spine.
Wearing hats, scarves and heavy, marshmallow jackets.
The silent whisper of the snow landing.
How the harsh air kissed our cheeks, and made our noses run.
Oddly enough, I'll miss all that.
Tasbah Phawna Sep 2012
Mosquito               Bites               On               My               Leg

Bites                       That                Itch              Like             Crazy

On                         My                  Knees           And             Arms

My                       Nail                 Makes            An               X

Leg                      And                  Arms           Going           Crazy
Tasbah Phawna Sep 2012
They say things become alive
during the day
flours bloom
birds chirp
everyone's moving
sun's energy kisses our skins
but the  night isn't completely dead.
It begins at dusk when the wolves come out
all the night critters
crawl out from under their clammy rocks
the crickets and coqui frogs chirp.
The roaches creep out
hiding in unexplored crevices.
Party people become alive
the creatures of the night are unleashed.
But not all is dark
the moon and stars light the sky
their energy producing a spectacular
light show.
As the sun replaces the moon
they cycle of becoming alive
restarts and all is reborn.
Tasbah Phawna Sep 2012
In hale.
    In hale.
       World spinning.
         Black out.
          In hale.
             Senses alive.
            Blank stares.
           Spacing out.
          Is this real life?
         Stomach rumbles.
        Uncontrollable giggles.
       Gotta concentrate.
      Ooh whats this?
    Eyes heavy.
   Feel the music.
  Mouth numb.
Time slowed.
Black out.
Tasbah Phawna Sep 2012
Where did the T                        
                                ­   M
                                           E            go?
Blink my eyes and there goes two W                    S
                                                                ­E         K        
                                                                ­      E
Look the other direction and say good by to two M          R
                                                    ­                                     O           E
Nap for five minutes, and its already been F                 and a               H                    
                                           ­                                 I                               ­             A
                                                  ­                              V                                  ­          L
                                                     ­                               E                                 ­            F
M          O          N          T          H          S.
Where­ did the T                        
                                ­   M
                                           E        go?
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