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pcb Jul 12
When we walked hand in hand somewhere in October,
I felt like the pulse was elapsing.
But when it's just you and me—
voice stolen, head empty,
my heart started to beat as it had always been
just as the first time you sunk deep right in.

I tried.
I try, at least—
to keep us abide.
But again, just as we fell so hard in May,
now the flicker is fading away along a distant noise
As you let me 
slip away from your arms.
pcb Jun 18

Paper scraps, paper love, paper folds.

All these adjectives written on papers—
and my thoughts remain scattered and perplexing.

Paper planes, paper boats, paper dreams.

I pour my true feelings
disguised in various linings
because, in the end,
even the most heartfelt words on papers are eventually scattered,
accidentally stepped on,
and, slowly,
Should I just let you know?
pcb Jun 15
While everything dissolves in a blur
and everyone else is in a hurry,
between the fast and slow footsteps on the street,
yours just feel like water—
flowing across minds in one step,
through sands of time in two.

Maybe they will find you cold and bland,
but have they ever felt cold water on a sizzling day?

And maybe,
maybe I've swum in calmer waters,
walked at a slower pace with many.

But no one has ever swung my hand along a busy pedestrian street,
or swayed me as gently
as you did.
pcb Mar 11
I could, I would fall so hard for you,

If only there's any space for me to jump.
—I swear I would bungee jump as soon as you let me.
  Feb 20 pcb
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
pcb Feb 19
You told me that life would be so much more
if I weren't so blue. 

Then you touched me,
and we were slowly embraced
by an enthralling lilac sky with all of its hues.
With you, life indeed became beautiful and true. 

But darling, you didn't tell me that even the beauty has its due.
You didn't tell me that the sun would go down
dragging you. 

In the falls of the eventide, you left me without saying goodbye.
pcb Feb 19
I believe that there's nothing mistaken
about how stars are aligned.

But dear, I am the moon.

Our path will never be entwined,
no matter how much we sob and whine.
We are...untune.

— The End —