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Poetic T May 2020
The suicide note was blank,
            I hadn't thought up
a good enough excuse yet

   for why they killed themselves.

This one was a tough one,
  as my hands aren't as strong as
the used to be, took ages to suffocate...

But as I hung them up like a piñata,
  covering the ligature marks smoothly.
I pushed them to get a rhythm  of what
               to write..

I was tired, uninspired...
I'm getting to old
               for this manual labour,
time to retire and write love stories...

"To whom it may concern,

                         "tested gravity..

"I got a D- oh well....
Ellis Reyes Feb 2020
It’s that time of life when….

Your friends’ deaths didn’t come too soon
Your body is no longer as reliable as it was
Your dog dies and you wonder if it’s fair to adopt another
You smile at the first timers asking for senior discounts
You concern yourself far more with comfort than fashion
Words like cantankerous and curmudgeon fit much more snugly
Events in your lifetime appear with increasing frequency on the History Channel
Popular culture is completely unrelatable
All of the food choices you make contain the words “Low” and “Reduced”
Your energy is more potential than kinetic
Teenagers refer to your friends as Nana and Grandpa
Actuarial tables are not your friends
Your investments transition from growth to preservation
Your bucket list takes on a genuine sense of urgency
Because every experience may be the last
A few thoughts about getting old
Macgyver Dec 2018
I look back to when I retired
most of life till then perspired
put foot to rear and not get fired
incurred recurring tasks till tired.

Work every day, enduring each
for sixty five years to reach
a one in two chance beseech
one dozen left to enjoy the beach.

Though now there are long naps to take
avoiding chance lest body break
choke down pills and limit cake
extending time for old times' sake.

So retire thoughts that make you wait
make the leap, don't delay fate
take anew each day, each date
moment to savor, cherish, create!
Diana Garcia Sep 2018
I finally ******* get it
I need to know when to stop
I need to know when to focus
Enough of the smoke and mirrors
And all the hocus pocus
I’ve got to be preoccupied
To keep everything off my mind
What am I doing with my time?
Am I only a distraction
Instead of being the action
People wanna move
Standing still will make em snooze
Instead of being tight
I’ve never tried with all my might
Nobodies going to tell me what to do
If I expect it I’ll be *******
I cant let my **** be loose
Waking up is only the beginning
The rest of the day still needs some filling
My level needs to be higher
So I can gain and be desired
My brain had gone haywire
But I’ve finally fixed the wires
Finally some of my demons can retire
There are more moments when my head is clear now
Maybe I can finally get the standing ovation while I bow
I want to inspire
Be more than just admired
I want to truly be love
Tired of the when push comes to shove
I don’t want to fight anymore
There’s somebodies children I want to bore
What kind of mother would I be if I was just another chore
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
No more to say
So this goes on

My retired brain
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Nirvana Dec 2015
the heart has grown old
and my eyes are tired
only tears it hold
and my heart wants to retire

the heart holds the pain
and eyes show its scar
with salty water it contain
serenity of the face they mar

your thoughts hit my mind
every now and then
our encounters I remind
as if you occupied my mind's Ben

with your dreams in my eyes
I remember you only thrice
past, present and future
your thoughts my mind nurture

my heart is sore
and can't take it anymore
even my eyes are dried
I failed in every attempt I tried

I find it perfect
how imperfect my love is:
your ignorance I'll accept
just don't ask me to forget you please!

the heart has grown old
and my eyes are tired
only tears it hold
and my heart wants to retire
Missing You is the worst part of my life!!
Wren Djinn Rain Oct 2015
Haven asked to provide my voice
To stick out my neck for the
Cause of continued well-being
Of the whole cast
But I can't begin to begin
The charade. I accept the
Knife for only one reason: the pay.

Yes I do this. To line my pockets.
I don't care if your work life
Burns you alive. I return home
To provide and you're dense if
Another way makes more sense.
Shut up, cause it doesn't. I'm
Right and you're wrong. I want
Nothing to do with this song.
Let me retire in peace.
Shut the **** up.
Shut it off.
We mix the two and it hurts.

— The End —