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Silence, screams, lullaby
these sounds you couldn't hear,
but me.

Clear, blurred, faded sight
your reflection is too bright,
with those glowing purple eyes.

Height of wall,
weight of fall
a euphemism in phantasm.

Heed the call,
it bellows,
you pretend, it isn't there.
Sillage Oct 2015
Your sense of presence
Swarms around me
Hold it there for a moment  
Let me indulge in the phantasm of
you merging into me, spiritually
I see her in hooded head
Walking by in the night
The dusked shadows dewy in thought

Rumors fill my inquirious desires
As she transcends the vacuous light
Dare not I to ask where you go

She fills me full of fright

But alluring to me like catalepsy
Mewing the cats-eye of my discontent
Then around upon the angled corner

My phantasmagoria bent
Algid aether whisked over
pure white translucence;
under twilight’s luminescence
her enchanting eidolon-hovering
afloat, screams off her plight,
sprouting orbs of delight,
it was love at first fright.
Love is intangible. You can only sense its presence.
Cunning Linguist Mar 2014
I opened a door in the cosmos
and was swallowed, ensconced
by the darkness that followed.

there you were
Phantasmagoric and sidereal;
I find I'm beside myself.

Come along and freefall with me
At the end of times
O'er the cliffs of nigh
We'll aspire to fire into spirals of nebulous unknown.
A companion to "Foxy space lady,"

— The End —