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She grabbed me by my collar
& told me come quick.
The view of the moon was
Perfect, especially from this close.
Our combustion, our compulsion
I felt small compared to her
Sailing in a small metal boat
She grabbed me by the collar
To stop me from falling
The only best thing I could've done.
Defying the laws of gravity
I'd never been this high up
Reluctant to play make believe.
Falling and bumping my head
On a star.
She hooked me with the lure
Of her eye
And like a fish I'd evaporate
From a blue and green possibility
Into a rocket lure;
& hurled off into an unknown
Eternity of stars.
Skipped across the sky
Until out of sight
Some may say our future lies
in our stars.
Connect the dots;
and you will get a summary
of your future days.
But these echoes of light
Were hardly there to see it.

Unreachable oracles.
Maybe they laugh at us
when we open up our horoscopes.
Maybe we should watch the
Satellites instead.

Yet despite all this,
I love their stubbornness;
Holding up the dark like pins.
They keep on shining
Even when the party ended
Thousands of light years ago.

They are the lively ones at the bar,
singing and dancing...
Even when the music has stopped
and they're turning off the lights.
Written Autumn 2013
M Harris Mar 2017
Serenity Echoing In Reverse,
Stagnant Resolutions Choking Her Universe,
Submerging Her Dreams Into A Sterilized Verse.

Sedated In Perpetual Twilights,
Mechanical Love & ****** Satellites,
She Whispers Essences Of Kryptonite.

Victim To A Perpetual Reaction,
She Transforms Into A Violet Abstraction,
Echoing Prismatic Deflections.

Technician To Her Own Serenades,
She Embraces Her Heartache Blockades,
Overdosing On Intoxicating Escapades.

Evoking Constellations Of His Ionized Memories,
She Overdoses On Comatose Reveries,
And Spectral Illusions Of Synthetic Stories.

Amplifications So Sacred & Profane,
Simulations Raving Into Codependent Stains,  
Fragmentations Entranced In Her Bulletproof Frames.

Cherub Starlight & Everlasting Gaze,
Transitions Fusing Into Astral Maze,
The Essence Of Ecstasy Of His Sentiments Sways.*

- 04:27AM
M Harris Feb 2017
Spectral & Whites,
She shoots liquid kryptonite,
Forming civil twilights,
Lighting up satellites,

Effusive she moves in crowds,
Vetting the loud,
Entombing in her vortex clouds,
Fiction stitched exclusive to her shroud,

Translucent transcendence,
Sinking in ascendance,
Obscured abundance,
Her celestial dependence,

Mutating sacraments,
Dissolving electrolytic laments,
Decaying she resents,
Her serene blood stains,
Choking reckless intents,

Torrential far cry,
Of her desecrated lullabies,
Edging serrated highs,
Triggering sulphur lies,

Profanity in her transmits,
Photonic duality she emits,

Fluttering in trance,
Her psychopathic stance,
Initiating empathetic dance,

Seductive incandescence,
Buffering her schizophrenic vehemence,
Veiling the era of repentance,
By unveiling spiritual severance,
And pseudo sacrosanct irreverence,

The future’s here,
Nuclear souvenir,

She past my prime,
When the evidence realigned,
Confiscating her downtime,
She committed my crime,

Make amends… We are designed to be outlived….

Lucrezia M N Apr 2016
Errant, vast, my expanses
in the depths of hypnotisms
so ancient… still so spicy…
Reverberation of distant essences
is the adamantine wake
of dreaming satellites.
I collect rainbow sparks,
by craters of inlaid borders.
I would feel a silky tinkling
echoing in my throat,
but without a key,
the unknown does not reveal the intent
of me put down on this world...
anonymous Mar 2016
iridium flare:
   when the sun-glint off a
   satellite shines meteor-bright
   before geometry and gravity
   turn things wrong again.


i have my own iridium flare - it
sits on my night stand, my
sad-lite -- machine-made splinter of
sunlight to remind my solar cells what
summer felt like

my depression is a discharged battery:
i turn the engine but the engine doesn't turn
doesn't matter that i have to go to work, or
already paid for the class, or my
friend is waiting for me

ivy grows over me   heavy on my limbs

i need something stronger than volition
than one twenty volts or ten thousand steady desk lamp lux
i need lighting, mjolnir, asteroid
fire from heaven to
burn through these roots to
repolarize these synaptic terminals

i need july and hollow bones and
feathers   need mountain tops and
sunny days   need summer breeze
reaching underneath me  lifting me from
ridgeline   elevating higher until i
am cloud   am stratosphere   am
escape velocity   until i am starburst   am
pre-dawn august constellation smiling
down   smiling and finally
meaning it
as always, comments/feedback/suggestions welcome!
LJ Chaplin Jan 2016
If I ever owned a star
I wouldn't name it after you,
I'd name it after every soul
And all the lives that they lived through,
Watch the world turning and see all the sights,
Just like the satellites.

Punch holes through atmospheres,
Like when the air breaks from feathered wings,
We'd all explore the milky way
And tiptoe across Saturn's rings,
Run with the comets faster than the speed of sound
To places NASA never found.

We wander far away
Where gravity can't pull us down,
Further than Pluto's gaze,
Where toes will never touch the ground,
Creating a big bang that ignites a spark,
Burns out the fear and casts out the dark.
© L.J. Chaplin
Sydney Queen Jun 2015
I have nothing to my name
and I let you take it from me,
and over.
If I could be only one thing,
I would be your chaotic, chosen mistake.
I will be that mistake in any existence,
in any town,
in any life.
We are living in that moment
between jumping off the swing
and hitting the ground.
That kind of gravity
turns people senseless.
I will deal with the sunburn,
because neither of us are getting out of this ocean.
We are all elbows and spines and knees.
In our defense;
I love you right down to the bone.
Satellites crash red and splintered into us.

Nobody tries to make us good again.
theres only one line in here that I think might be hard to make sense of. If you need clarification, just ask!!
Hanna Kelley Jun 2015
Hold me, love me
With all of your mite
Be with me
Just for tonight

Let's drink and get high
Until the morning light
Have fun and let go
Just for tonight

Be wild and crazy
Let's start a fight
Be stupid with me
Just for tonight

Travel with me
And see new sights
Let's have an adventure
Just for tonight

Let's jump off this cliff
And then take flight
Take risks with me
Just for tonight

Lay with me
And count the satellites
Let's be silent
Just for tonight

It's just you and me
in the moonlight
Thank you so much
Now it's good night
SøułSurvivør May 2015
Collaboration with
Arcassin B

There's someone
On Capitol Hill
There amongst the
***** and swill
Got your number
On a bill
They've SOLD OUT
For a thrill
Every vice
Martinis chilled
You are just
View to a ****

Someone up there
Someone up there
Just said "Aye"
Someone up there
Told some lies
Someone up there
Has some eyes
Someone up there
In the skies
Someone up there
Wants to pry
Someone up there
Makes you cry
Someone up there
Makes you die..

While the toetag still
Keeps you alive,
All the unfairness
Becomes deprived,
Exposed and identified,
What's the Pentagon up to,
They about to have
New nation full of immigrants,
What are you gonna do,
Plotting the demise,
Subliminals in your eyes,
You wonder how the people
Broke off pride,

Someone up there
Someone up there
In disguise
Someone up there
Serve without pay
Someone up there
Love one's die
Someone up there
Don't act surprised
Someone up there
No time to be shy
Someone up there
Don't want this life.
What IS going on?
MCEO (Middle Class Edged Out)
We are being systematically
Spied on
Lobbied against



It's not your senators and congresspeople
They are usually BRIBED or

etc etc etc ad nauseam

There are only 1%
Running the show
If only 11% of our
Current population went



Stop buying their PRODUCTS


Thanks to Arcassin for working
With me on this project.
He's a wonderful collaborator!

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