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It would be a Bad idea to jump out of an aeroplane using a buttercup as a parachute,
but it's a Good idea to know that's a bad idea,

I suppose that it's all in the framing,
personally, I like Ormolu
but I'm old
so I would.
on the scale
between a success and a fail
in the balance of things,

sings in the shower, success,
I sing in the shower
she says,

which is like medieval torture for me
being stretched out on the racks in
the lines on aisle three,
but it's only punishment,
think I'd prefer

A hot day and Salad sounds good
if you like the sound of salad,
I like the sound
that real food makes.
When you look in the mirror and like what you see and you think that it's you and so it should be but it's not, the face that looks back at you is not you but me playing games with your vision, just call me Dali.

The artist and the muse who muses on the artist musing on the muse probably in a Mews House in Putney.

Picasso had to go
too blue
for West London.

Joe Orton ought to be here
was unavoidably detained.
Random scribbles from a scrambled mind
A one-eyed sun peaks at me
Through the silver lining of thunder clouds
The coming storm is predicted
By the tightening of my weathered bones
My odyssey for eternity has led me to the precipice of our world
Where gluttons feast on famine, and
The rabble have hourglasses for eyes

Each grain of sand slips through their idle hands
And falls lifeless at my feet
Poor souls charged interest for borrowed time
My research only serves to carry me on a current
Closer to an unwanted conclusion
That death is the escape hatch from life’s grand illusion
How many submit to suffering to hold on to something
They are destined to lose
No, this will not do.
The Good Doctor's journey continues.
Got plans?
forget them,
raises its head again
now we're looking at July
for a bit more freedom
I wonder why
the G7
is happening then.
The never ever ending thing.
Disconnected IS
the new connect
the dreams you wrecked
the miles you trekked
the fecks you've given
is the heaven we were
waiting for,

I've checked it and it's true
blue is the new eight ball,
fall and we rise with stars
where our eyes used to be,

failure is the common theme
the *******
that primal scream
monsters become friends,
time lends a hand by striking up
a marching band,

are you disconnected now?
please wait,
we will answer your call.
Come 'n' see
come 'n' hear
see howfur
wide spread
th' enemy ur
'n' hear thair shouts
o' abuse 'n' threats

staun firm
mah brave men
haud claise
yer shields 'n' swords
swing wide 'n' swift
yer axes whin thay come

staun shoulder
tae shoulder
cop firm earth
beneath yer feet
yak thaim coldly
as thay come near

hawp in win
nae defeat
show courage
mah men
haud firm
dinnae fear.
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