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If it looks like a magnet
acts like a magnet
attracts like a magnet
it's probably a magnet
and not the dragnet
we dread.
It sounds like it could be
but you never know
I suppose
you have to dip your toe in
and test the water
the rule of thumb is to
use your toe?

mind blown
I'm goin' fishin'
and now that we know there's an impact
perhaps the powers that think they might be
will act,

the sad fact is
we're the laboratory experiment
super excited to be superimposed
on an advertisement
for their entertainment,

get used to the abuse
and when we're of no further use
they'll discard us,

that's them
no fukin regard for us

it's time we fought back.
don't believe the suicide verdict, they murdered me
and a long time ago
I used to be seven,
but now it's seven in the evening
this is
not the  time for memory lane

remember when you thought that you were in pain
well think again
because those were the best days of your life.

14 hours
does the clock care that all its hands ever do is
go around the dial while you watch?

is this what it has come to,
you watching me watching clocks ten past three?
I didn't see that in the small print.
It's not a light at the end of the tunnel,
it's the universe exploding from your eyes

and if not from within
then from where?

what is it out there that we hold in such awe?
is it the beginning we see or the end that we saw?

just rock me to sleep
as I weep at the wonder.
The day breaks
and that's because
they don't make days
like they used to make days.
Those who built empires
dream now in the shadows of
church spires.

One day
we'll all be equalised
because every one of us dies,

what a helluva price to pay.

I think that I've had a win
if I can open my eyes
and begin
as I mean to go on.

At last,
the drawbridge comes down
the weekend's in town
and I have a seat for the show.
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