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I try to love everyone
because I've made true friends with enemies
and sometimes love is in unexpected places
it's always good to look everywhere
not just where you expect it
Half awake and not nearly enough asleep
I should keep shorter hours,
get wired to the terminal
pump out something seminal
and no!,
not fluid.

Life can be hard
then it's off to the
knackers yard
to be
I thought I already was.

But tomorrow is another way
to keep today as yesterday
I think being semi-comatose
I know how this thing goes
and I am going
I was resting in my bed and
wrote out a notice which read,


then I was disturbed to find
I had to disturb myself
to put it on the outside
of my door.

some things are not thought through
though i do try.
almost but not quite faultless,
I saw a man that looked like me
and he
saw a man that looked like him
and both of us began to grin,
slightly frightened,
what ould this mean?
was it in fact a dream?

the man that looked like me
winked as I blinked
it may have been
the other way around.

very peculiar.
just scribbles on tablecloths
an image, sharp,
but in the distance
there is
someone or maybe no one
that sits on swings and plays

heartbeats long ago
like time
they fade into another
one more snow fight
pillow fight
marshmallows steaming
by the firelight,
always something in the
life's hard in photographs
from old camera's.

Ma's got the dinner cooking
was good looking
but to us kids
the dinner looked nicer.

not ending
just beginning.
Starved of oxygen and grasping
at breath, sleeping in subways
and aware always
that death is in the next tunnel.

these are the no chance crews
the Special Brew cases,
often blitzed and out of their
faces, either
incoherent or absent or both
and we never know
because we don't want to go
down that avenue.
Somehow in time to be or when it's time to come along
there'll be a song about me,
probably a dirge,

I fight the urge to laugh out loud when they come to pay their respects,
there's not such a crowd and I expected more, they only came for the cucumber sandwiches and the export pale ale.

A wake for those not awake anymore
which is weird in anyone's language
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