I can hear the blood pumping through
and I'm wondering
who am I,
or if I am,

this pen of mine holds
no secrets,
no time you see,
no time to be me.

endlessly is no enemy and yet
ceases to be friendly the longer
it goes on.

Eternity's the same
just a different name
but the same.

Gushing is good
rushing is better
pumping's okay
it got me so far
and will take
me forward into
another day
I listen carefully
to the internal
who can blame me
for that.
Red shoes
white laces
worn out looks
on young faces
to Tuesday.

These cold winds blow
it's winter,
I know that it won't
last for ever,
still cold though.

When my sun is but a memory
who will remember me?

Musical chairs?
she thinks it's
musical chairs
must be a life
filled with fun.

Wedding bands on
rings on fingers
hair tied in bows,
more ribbons than curls
and then
there's the girls,
it's a different world
and yet it's the same.
Silent they lay as
the guns blazed away
and quite oddly feeling
the cold,
all those last breaths
the slow and the fast deaths
some held on.

I wasn't there but I read it somewhere
on the train going home.
Sometimes I wonder
if the dollar that paid for my soda
was ever in a strippers underwear.
And then...I wonder
if the cashier is ever thinking the same thing.
It doesn't matter
qwerty or azerty
letters from the keyboard
have it within them
to hurt me

the impersonal of
a personal computer
opened and loaded
with bullet points
to shoot you
and me

it really doesn't matter
does it?
She was drinking whiskey
when I asked
how much she'd missed me
and in five seconds which it took
to pour another
I wished her luck
and said farewell.

Too many monkeys
make much more
than a circus and
though I adore her
I can't be there
as her clown.
Not my life but it could have been
The snow falls off my bare skin and the ground
begins to spin as I dance duets with crazy poets
on the avenue but not with you because you'd
gone away.

a normal day
a bit dull
more grey than blue
You wouldn't know
you had to go
didn't you?

No hope I can cope with or
at least give it a whirl.

It should be sand
as I fall again through
the hand that guided me
into a sea of insanity
what if I can't swim
can't lose or win
and stay
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