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Riya Feb 2019
They say to treat my body like a temple,
But I don't believe in a God.
There are cracks in the spaces
where love should be,
and weeds in the place
of flowers.
The glue holding the bandages in place
have worn off,
and the stitches
have torn.

I've learnt through
Tough times,
surrounded by an ocean
of my own tears,
that light
shines even in a cemetary,
and that's what I am -
Half sunshine,
half grave,
the embodiment of

Riya Sep 2018
Thought I knew your heart like
the back of my hand,
Turns out I never really
knew my self that well.

Riya May 2018
If I were over it,
My heart wouldn't hurt anymore.
If I were over it,
I wouldn't be scrolling through years and years worth of content
just so I could see my name on your timeline.

If i were over it,
my breath wouldn't get caught in my throat
just by seeing your name on snapchat,
twitter, or even instagram,
fearing that you're with someone who isn't me.

If I were over it,
I wouldn't still be writing about you,
picturing what our lives would be like
if instead of running away,
I actually stayed.

Riya Mar 2018

But the nights are long,
And now you won't even return my calls.
The space between us grows so fast.
What once was love,
Is just a scar.
Riya Mar 2018
"Guys like him don't fall for girls like me."
"And what kind of guy is he?"
"Someone who my endless abyss would destroy."
Riya Feb 2018

It's one thing to stop caring,
And another to stop loving.
I learnt the hard way,
Through a lot of tears,
And hurt,
That still,
After all these years,
I haven't done both.
Riya Jan 2017
Fall in love with a writer,
If you want to be granted immortality.
But beware,
If a writer falls in love with you...
They will carve you in history.
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