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Star BG Jan 2018
Its the year of the dog.
“Woof! Woof!
Happy New Year.”
The canine echoed.

“Woof! Woof!
my Chinese friends
know my essence.
Awake to its truth.”

“Woof! Woof!
It typifies a year of abundance.
of being faithful to the hearts guidance.

“Woof! Woof!”
let the celebration begin.
I silly poem.
Viseract Jul 2016
Yeah you, *******!
If you're gonna get mad at being trolled,
You troll,
Don't you dare take it out on my pack
Now I'm a "woof *****"
I was a Phoenix before,
But reincarnation got the better of me this time round
Allons-y, mofongulu!
In case you don't get that, roughly, that's
Later, *******!
Un block me and face me like the man your mother wished you would grow up to be. Oh, and you ain't innocent, so don't even think about kicking that **** around. You ain't even on my follower list
Viseract Jul 2016
When you knock the side of your head,
Is anyone home?
Or is the only response
That dull echo?

As dull and as thick as the ******* who owns it
Buys his comments from others, yeah you loan it
You know it's ****** how I can't even be myself
In virtual reality without being picked on by someone else?!

Do I really threaten you by being an up-and-comer?
Do you run home to your basement, just to tell your mother?
******* your thumb and ******* cousins to forget your troubles
But it never works, I'm always here, you daft mother-******!

I'm a mother ******* ghost and I'mma haunt your soul
Turn stupidity to comedy and swallow it all whole
Make it fresh content, regardless of the consequence
Til you leave me alone, ******, and let me be myself!

You know nothing about me, do they call you Jon Snow?
You know nothing *****, so pack your bags and catch the last bus home
You're just embarrassing yourself, you're a laughing stock
Look at all the comments I made telling you to go **** yourself!

Do you see me now, huh? Am I what you expected?
That "woof *****" who by being himself got himself rejected?
Why can't you appreciate others man, and stop being your lack of brains' slave
And give this **** up before I contemplate digging your grave
Yeah, see what I mean? I'm just gonna keep turning it into content. You seem hell-bent on making me successful, and giving me more to write about.... as one poet to another, thanks! XD
John West Oct 2015
Woof, bark
His name is Clark
He has dark hair
And runs like a bear
Poetic T Mar 2015
I cuddled upon it since birth,
It was the friend that kept me
Of my sleepy times, always there,
But I awoke and Blanky wasn't there
As both ran in,
"What is it our little one"
Tears streaming, words jumbled in emotions
Mummy stroked my hair
Daddy Sshhh....
And all was calm in the world,
B, B, "Blanky"
Has gone away,
Mummy soft spoken voice speaks
"Lets check your bed"
No not there?
"***** trained detective looks around"
Sniffs the air,
Sorry mummy that was me,
Mmm... to the playroom
High,  Low
Here,  there
Places searched but no where found,
His thoughts of blanky and sweet sleep,
As he searches each room, doggy sniffs
Come on Hairy,
He checks his bed nothing but hair,
His baby mind thinks back to the other day
Blanky and me,
Me and Blanky,
To the garden Woof, little fingers can not reach
Woofs hind legs stretch up,
"Good boy Woof"
As the door opens to
The great outside,
Near the sandpit
Near the grass
Then he spots it
Then its seen,
"Blanky I have missed you"
Hanging just out of reach,
"Detective work is never as easy as it seems"
A baby has skills, as he takes his *****
Sticky patches take hold and on top
Of a head, smelling fresh,
Not that just thumb ****** sleepy smell
But we can change that,
Blanky wrapped around
***** dragging  behind, a  new one needed I think,
"Its solved"
The missing blanky case is solved
It was washed, ***** it was once,
But so soft and cuddly once more,
It needs that just slept smell,
A detective is off to get snuggles sleep
Till the next case awaits, till I awaken
Its sheep time for me, goodnight or day everyone sweet dreams.
Another case solved, Special guest appearance Woof as Woof :)

— The End —