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Tammy M Darby Jul 2020
The Lord Sun enchanted fell in love with the Princess Moon
Who dwell in the gossamer palace of pale twilight overhead
Cast their children glimmering stars into the dark skies
To profess their loyalty and devotion until death.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M Darby. June 8, 2020
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Tammy M Darby Jun 2020
Not a drop of sanity was in sight
The present, the future, the past.
I closed my eyes momentarily and the die was cast

The bad shuffled and became the good
Unsure if it could or it ever would
The good bear left and the left turned right
What was once day suddenly became night

Now unsure they both traveled straight ahead
Frightened of the right and the left
Down the middle, they went pretty as you please
Counting their imaginary sins
Pled forgiveness with their fingers crossed
And fell to their knees

All right Reserved@ Tammy M Darby. 6/6/2020
All Material Stored in Author Base
Tammy M Darby Apr 2020
and yes along with my other work I write Political Satire. Have some

My Interview with (Drum roll and rockets’ red glare, bombs bursting in the air) The one... The Only........ Donald The Ding -a ling- Duck

Viruses yeah, I know them. We have a great relationship. They love me.

This is the virus, it’s like a wave, it may or may not go up or down like this. Watch my hands, like a wave. The coronavirus is a hoax.

Sir, WHO has said there is no stopping the virus from spreading what do you have to say about that after you said we had shut the door on the virus in this country?
Fake news fake news. I never saw a memo.

The Virus is here because the Democrats clicked their heels together 2 times, said the word Socialist 3 times, sacrificed a chicken and hey the virus was here.
Democrats are bad for the country.

Well, what about the 8.5 Billion you just asked for from Congress to the fight virus and stimulate our economy?
No more questions from you, I don't like questions and you are a bad reporter.
Like I said it’s a beautiful test, like the letter…… perfect.

But it's spreading and you said it was a Hoax?
Fake news It’s a plot by the Democrats, my enemies, the Martians and the kids from the Good Ship Lollipop to make me look bad
I hate that question

Where are all the medical supplies that were supposed to be stockpiled by the Feds in case of a Pandemic?
I don’t know, no supplies here, I don’t know where they went. Its Obama's fault, the Chinese fault, WHO's fault, and the state's fault, and you over there not gazing at me in adoration, it's you're fault
I take no responsibility.

Money? Money? we have lots of money here have some, you and you too, take some and vote for me
God sent me to save you know. (Cue the halo light around his head).

What about the U.S. federal budget deficit for the fiscal year 2020? it's $966 billion before the economic damage from the virus is factored in? You said you would reduce it?
What Deficit????
The economy looks great. (Raise the flag behind him and turn on the fan).
Quack Quack

Tammy M Darby April 15, 2020, All Rights Reserved
Tammy M Darby Mar 2020
To all folks who gossip and say I am strange and mean
You have never seen me cover an ugly bug with a dry brown leaf........

Found an ugly black bug with pinchers and little horns that fell out of a log I was splitting.
I pushed him aside and covered him with a dry brown oak leaf. That was one scary-looking bug.
Tammy M Darby Feb 2020
It is said in the ancient text she was conceived in ******
When the Titan Cronus drew his father Uranus’s blood, dead he forever be
The wife of a dark Vulcan Hephaestus, mother to the cherub of love
Legends say she rose from Poseidon’s emerald seas.
From salty heather foam in the waters of Pathos,
That lap the white shores of the isle of Cyprus did she rise
Though Homer on this fact would disagree

Striking jealousy in the hearts of the haughty gods
And filling Adonis eyes according to Greek lore
Half the year she favored him with her sweet love
Though she shared him with Persephone goddess of the Underworld
Until the day he died in her arms when slew by a wild boar

Her beauty forced the sun in its wonder to look away
And frightened the shy round moon into hiding
On new mornings she took the gilded reins in lace covered hands
And in her mystical swan drawn car
Upon a fine day through the air went a gliding

She would curse those who neglected to adore her
In her fury punished those who strayed from worships path
And on the warrior Menelaus in his quest for Helen of Troy
The Goddess would vent her vengeance and wrath

Her crest was that of love and beauty
Full of passion and fertility was she graced
Oh Aphrodite
Once gazed upon by the eyes of man
Never again could his mortal love sate.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby February 12, 2020.
All Material Stored in Author Base
Tammy M Darby Feb 2020
Among the Gorgons that counted three
Touched by comeliness being mortal only she
Beauty that in awe of the universe bowed down
Her glorious sumptuous hair a glowing grace
More exquisite than Aphrodite’s star-studded crown

Pursued and seduced by Poseidon was fair Medusa
The God of the jade seas and cerulean oceans deep
In the sacred temple of Athena
His unrelenting passion for her was consecrated
And evermore in her submission would she weep

Their love spill upon white sacred stone floors
Insulted and in her anger
Athena cursed Medusa to times end and in the word’s, cruelty seep
A serpent's tongue and venomous black eyes replaced the orbs of blue
But behind the monster’s mask
A rare beauty never more wakened would sleep

Writhing snakes replaced the queenly vision of her hair
Hideous, grotesque an unhuman crone
A horrifying sight to be shunned
If to look upon her any fool dare
Her darting eyes turn all to stone

The ill-fated union of Medusa and Poseidon yielded two children,
Chrysaor and Pegasus
Who sprung from her neck upon death
When with but a stroke of cunning Perseus shining blade
Her head severed from her body fell to the floor
To be presented to Athena in homage and honor as a gift.

All Rights Reserved @Tammy M Darby Nov 17, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base
Tammy M Darby Dec 2019
I never knew I could paint pictures with words
until I became a poet
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