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Tammy M Darby Feb 14
When the sisters love and loneliness
In the latter part of my life
In their foolishness called upon me once more
I know them in depth
Pondering my decision with regret
Reluctantly with sadness
My heart an open portal
I closed the door

Chastise me freely for my disbelief
Or reproach me for my coldness
You may speak of devotion
And fluttering white doves
I scoff at its significance  
But pray refrain if you will
From speaking the word love

I have encountered these emotions in my younger years
Engaged them in open battle
Not once
But twice before

Dangerous adversaries they are
And it is very tempting
To once again confront them in the arena of war
But in this instance,
Laying down my sword
I must respectfully decline
And closed the door

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Feb. 14, 2019.
  Feb 8 Tammy M Darby
"Dark-eyed blue waters
My gentle muse,
Gathering you in my arms,
As mountain flowers..."
One must pause but a second
Before the red curtain rises
My evocative story tells
Of innocent men women and children
Who perished screaming in bullets hail?

The perpetrators were sycophants who ravaged the earth
Slaughtering with cunning and stealth
Eliminating any who offered even the smallest resistance
For black liquid and gleaming metals

Openly touted
Their agenda was not hidden
None with valor impede their path
Fat and satisfied
The cowards dropped their dull heads
Rather than face the barbarians wrath

So continued was their brutish destruction
Though guilt their small conscience assail
Alas I disagree with Tolkien
The Courage of men has failed

Acknowledgement of “The Courage of men.”
The Return of the King…… by J.R.R. Tolkien
All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby. February 8, 2019.
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