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lillie Apr 2021
you keep being told
that you are
worthy of love,
but you keep
on refusing
what you deserve
because all that
you've ever known
is pain.

and always so lost,
you don't even know
if shedding your
years of tears
is worth spilling
onto the floor.

inflicting pain on your own,
before anyone else does.
lillie Mar 2021
no matter how much
i try to keep
holding on,
change my ways,
and look in the
******* mirror
that i hate so much,
i just can't see
a different
kind of me.

crying myself
to the temporary
peace of slumber,
sometimes i wish
it would last
forever and ever.

don't you get
too close,
for i lose all
common sense
when i no longer
see the light.

i'm sorry.
i've hit rock bottom.
lillie Jan 2021
you lurk within
and stay between
the things
that i say
and even
the things
that i do.

you show up
i hold my standards
way too high
for others
yet give excuses
for when i
fail in the eyes
of the world.

you say that
you protect me
from the dangers,
but i say
that you're a child
who has been hurt
over and over
that you have
built walls
and a throne
that is false.

the darkness
is what we humans
tend to fear,
yet it an aspect
that lies within
every each and one
of us,
for we are all
souls craving
everything material
but nothing
"shadow work is the path of the heart warrior." - carl jung
lillie Nov 2020
i just don't know
how to get
other people
to listen to me
in return.

i give them
all my time,
all my love,
all my attention,
yet it just
feels like
i don't get
the same way

i need
a listening ear
and a shoulder
to cry on, too,
you know?

help me.
shadow work.
lillie Nov 2020
is something
we know
that must be
done fairly
and given
an unbiased

he inscribed onto
the scrolls,
every action
that affects
the history that
we make,
for lessons
to be learnt.

the truth will always
have its way
of unfolding among
the people
Dedicated to one of my gods, Thoth, Egyptian god of writing. ♡
lillie Nov 2020
she watches over
those who
plan carefully
and strategically
for the battle
that they
are about to
face within
and about.

overseer of
those pursuing
wit, and wisdom
scattered among
books or
in your everyday

a goddess of
thorough thinking who
has always been
enabling victory
now influences the worthy
Dedicated to my goddess, Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom and war. ♡
lillie Nov 2020
warmth and
kindness is
in the flames
that keep you
from tripping
in the dark.

it can protect
as well as
keep you
away from
being harmed.

her loving and
everlasting glow
shall be
touching to those
invited to stay
at a place called home.
Dedicated to my Matron, Hestia, goddess of the hearth ♡
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