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Sungmoo Bae Aug 2020
Woe to the being
in its brilliance ever illuminating,
ever since it was brought out to this world

full of wonders
—you might’ve thought as such, at first—
to your initial senses
just born into the earth.
Stellar you are, and they regarded you such at first,

but considered as a constellation baffling,
soon after, thus celestial, irritating
    to their perception  
    —belonging to none
    of the earth; heathen you’ve been,

    and so that’s why, I see,
    you’re deemed a heretic.

Looking around,
you walk on the heaven’s arc
painted in all its auroral glory,

    ever yearning
    for the only answer they might give you someday:

    to which stars
    the people of the earth
    give their praises so pristine.
(C) Copyright: Saul Bae (Sungmoo Bae)
Madison Oct 2018
You say I'm golden

I say, "that's a lie."

I'm sun-dappled at most

Yet you still smile

In the shadows of my light.

My bad moods loom, solstice

Too often, I ache for heat.

Still, you speak of my radiance

When I feel like a garish Vegas effigy.

In the end, though

I'll let your illusions be.

But, love

Even if you think I'm light's zenith

Being your star

Is enough for me.
Gabriel burnS Sep 2017
Falling, not fallen
She was no man’s
But a nomad
She was the comet
Finally caught
In His gravity

Her celestial body
Lured beneath
Her stellar sails
By a solar flare
Lowering anchor
grace Aug 2017
-the stars
-the moon
-the galaxy
-other galaxies
-the insignificance of humans
-the concept of time
-the possibility of other dimensions
-your laugh and the way your eyes crinkle at the corner
Meg Aug 2016
You make me believe that I am made of stardust.
That starlight is trapped behind the glossy spheres of my eyes.
That there are a million galaxies in the curve of my fingertips.
That a myriad of collapsing stars smatters my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose like freckles.
That my mind is a complex web of constellations, of which you have memorized every star.
You make me believe that I am a cosmic masterpiece, of both dark matter and light.
You make me believe that I am a celestial mystery, the Last Frontier, hiding so much among Suns and black holes and eclipses, and you were the only one who dared to look up.
Thank you for making me believe in myself again :)
Mike Rollain May 2016
Its fire is a beacon
An alarmingly bright disruption

I'd grown numb to the constants

Burned by discovery
I'd retreated into comfort

But even as I adhered to these tired laws
She was examining them

Splitting them apart and transforming them
Every action with hot determination

I feared for her demise
As if it had already taken place

But she is not the spacial divide
Her wounds will cool with time

She is never fully discovered

And space is not the same as distance
The end is never the end

There is no such change as death
Only the subtlest shift in time

And a choice to see her through it
brandon nagley Dec 2015

Mine love and I art stellar,
We cometh from an open
Window; through the here-
After's crystalline propeller.


Mine lass is pure, she
Passed from an ancient
Door, one of cherubic
Amour', O' almighty
God; thou hast sent
A rod of electrical


Whilst the sod neath
Me and Jane's feet shalt
Cook to a swelter; and the
Globe explodes with demonic
Soul's into satanic shelter's, and
Whilst humans killeth, stealeth,
Driveth out; and thus plunder.
Me and mine consort earl-jane
Sardua-nagley, shalt be secured
And endureth, the spell that the
Globe's under.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( Filipino rose) dedicated
I remember when I first looked at you
The sky was once blue
till dusk came and it was pitch black
I was at a nearby shack
I learned about you on a Monday
since then, I waited for you everyday

As my eyes ponder upon your luminosity
and at your breath taking beauty
the moment of epiphany came
telling me you wont forever be aflame
you'll one day be a supernova
and be prettier than a mariposa
Then you'll slowly fade into darkness
leaving me here, helpless

I wonder why must you go
why must you're entirety blow
Does everything that glow
put on such a mesmerizing show
that'll end sooner than you've ever known

You came crashing down to me
as beautiful as you can be
but they once told me
you're already dead
so now I lie in bed
crying more tears than I've ever shed
:( Stars make me sad... They're all too pretty to die... and only a few actually gazes upon the sky and actually wonders where they went... Cause it's too hard to see stars at night these days because of the pollution... The air is no longer clear.... You need to go to a mountain to actually gain a full experience on admiring their beauty...
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