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The trees are a kaleidoscope of the green  
rivets of sunshine peak through the canopy of leaves
as the light flows to the forest floor.
Vines wrap their arms around the trunks of the trees
climbing to reach the sun
Each desperately fighting for the just a piece of the warm glow
Robins, swallows, and Cardinals all sing their songs
as they glide from branch to branch
filling the woods with their symphonies.
A fox dashes across a steady stream
leaping over rocks and fallen logs
making his way home again.
Who would have believed
this soul of mine
that had once been intertwined,
that has known love and trying times
would be cold, and lonely again.
this was part of another poem but I thought it was better by itself
My sister once told me
There was an immortal jellyfish
Turritopsis dohrnii,
Its Latin name if I recall it correctly.
They revert back to their polyp stage.
Their lives beginning all over
I often think to myself
Wouldn’t that be nice
To have the power of the jellyfish

A new life from beginning to end

To have learned from my past
To make it all last
To start anew
To let go grudges, and try something new
To jump off a plane
To go to the show
To date a boy, I barely know
To a spontaneous trip to the coast
To  say goodbye to who I loved most
To make mistakes I never did
Knowing that I could start again.
I close my eyes
And dream of a world
Deep in my mind
A mysterious place
Where I grew from the pain
And where I learned I could fly
like a dying tree
alone in the forest where its brethren stand tall and strong
the sun peeking through their canopies of green
casting their shadows onto its blistering bark
cold, dark, rotten
past its prime and waiting for the end

but nestled in that tree is a nest
and inside that nest three bright blue eggs rest
patiently waiting to hatch
I sit at the end of the world
my feet dangling over the edge
wondering if just a little nudge
will send me tumbling down to the earth below
Like a meteorite falling across the sky.
Or will I fly free
Like the comet dancing with the stars
This is a work of fiction please if you're feeling down seek help!
One is often tempted
To say night is a frightening place
but I take comfort in the eerie inky space
Like a woolen blanket, the twilight  soothes me
It is always more than it appears to be
It doesn't mask innocence nor pain
It doesn't hold you to its expectations
It's simple
It's true
The night doesn't lie like the day seems to do.
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