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igc May 2015
Tell me about her
                                                        ­                                                   Who?

You know   Her
The one that makes you smile even
when no one's looking
The one that's captured you so entirely
everyone else has disappeared
The one who's unknowingly replaced me

                                                             ­                               I'm not sure what
                                                                ­                            you're talking about

Tell me something about   Her

                                                            ­                                                What?

I just wanna know

About the one who helps you sleep
at night
The one who must be tired from constantly
running through your dreams
The one you chose to replace me

                                                             ­                               Please
                                                                ­                            I have no idea who
                                                            ­                                you're talking about

Never mind

                                                           ­                                                Why?

You don't have to tell me about her

About the one whose smile has replaced
your sun
About the one who you'd give your last
breath to
About the girl who isn't me

                                                             ­                                            I'm sorry.

Don't be
harlee kae Jul 2014
my poems get ******* and *******
and if i could delete the last few i would. but i guess i dont write for you anyways, i write for me. and sometimes i just need to get the jumbled mess in my head down on paper before i go insane. i'm sorry.
Morgan Mercury Aug 2018
I don't want to apologize,
but I am sorry.
I understand I can be a bit dramatic sometimes,
and over think every situation.
However, I just wish I could understand how you feel about me.
Maybe I wouldn't hold on to every little thing
if you just gave me a sign that is clear for me to read.
I've never been able to enjoy the company of another,
so I'm not sure how this is suppose to play out.
Don't leave me in the morning
feeling used and forgotten.
However, I find myself waiting by the phone as the evening passes
wondering if I should keep trying.
I'm holding on but I know I deserve something more.
It's been 9 months and it's been hundreds of miles.
Sorry if this sounds selfish,
but I can't wait forever and hold onto nothing
when I know I deserve something more.
I love your company
and in my head, we are happy
because I know you feel the same.
I don't want to sound dramatic,
but just please don't leave me in this haze.
Dark Ink May 2018
Let me apologize, to begin with because of my body type.
I will NEVER be good enough for anyone to date due to current 'hype.'
You know, the battle of 'bones' vs curves?
Just let me inflate myself to the  right number so I can properly serve
As the perfect specimen for your delicate eyes.
Obviously no one is good enough unless they've got decent thighs.

But just wait a ******* minute, because here I am again:
So let me apologize, to begin with, if I offend
You or your friends who think they're too good
To date someone size zero with some extra love under the hood.
How many times have I heard you exclaim in disgust
Of how large she is and how you'd drown in her,
If you even got near her? I saw you shaking in fear.
From your head to your toes, you were trembling dear.

See I'm told to eat less and maybe, just maybe
But if I was skinny, and let's tell the truth,
You'd be so disgusted by my looks .

I could eat a salad and still gain a pound ,
She could eat a salad and the crunch is the only sound
You hear a mile away and yet you would assume
That burgers and French fries is all that she consumed.
Do you ever stop to think, ladies and gents?
The true beauty of someone isn't based on the number on their pants.

So, let me apologize, to begin with,
If I bruise your massive ego,
But the way to tell if she's the perfect woman is not by your libido
I’ve always been insecure about my size and how I look. I still am ...  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love myself .. but I’m trying to. It takes a lot of self love, confidence and courage to stand up to someone who calls you out.
ISHA Sep 2018
I'm tired and nobody sees that I'm trying here.
But I dont know how to help myself
No body taught me that. Nobody thought to I guess.

I've accepted that no one cares, and no one ever will.
I come here when times are rough. And I'm sorry.
I come to pour those tears I've been holding for years. And I'm sorry.
You've seen blood, and felt pain. And I'm sorry.
I stand here to scream my apologies. Because even If you cant see me, I know you can hear me.
I'm sorry.
Keyan R Oct 2018
How could I have been so close
Yet so far away
The gap in the distance is more intense than I'd actually like to say
It feels like almost yesterday, where the smiles or frowns that came around
Never settling in the crest we call a "face"
It wasn't as fake as it was now
The warmth of your smile turned the mood around
Even if it was disappointing I couldn't help but try a bit harder for the sake of being friends
Cause that's what they do, staying true,
yes true
Not saying I've caught them in a lie
It just feels a little blue, on the other side
I wish I could hold your hand, just to adore
This, space that we once had
It's not the same years later and I know things have changed
Again this isn't a plead for help
Just my old thoughts into an expression
Takes it like the old way of written out confessions
If I had to be convicted Id be in for a long sentence
Like the, I broke a promise and left without saying a word,
Sad how we make it seem like it was the another's fault that we're this way...
Though in the end, it was selfish actions... selfish actions...selfish actions...and self-indulgence
That pushed the gap and broke the space apart
Id like to say sorry as a start in the right way
Though I don't think that would mend the nasty tear that's been every slowly gashing
We've been on the rocks thrashing about in a glass cup smashing with fruit juice and *****
I remember the sweet cheers of that kiss and the hard rocks on the bed
I understand it, I do
I lived in the misery of your happiness that shined through
I wanted to use your opening and vent without considering what your feelings meant
That this was a special event, and I wasn't just getting experience but giving it too
Where sweet words never left the heart
Where promises were meant to last
I formally apologize,
I can't take it away for what has happened
But I'll keep moving forward regardless of forgiveness
I don't expect to walk back into a life that I created so many problems for
And I understand completely if these words cannot pierce through like a sword
It's no point that way
I hurt someone close to me. I didn't consider their feelings after being so close. And it cost me a lot.
Marisa Lu Makil Nov 2018
Sometimes apologies aren't about
Who's really at fault
Sometimes it's just about fixing relationships
Sometimes you just need to apologize even if it's not your fault, because the relationship is often more important than the argument.
Deb Jones Mar 2
I am going to assume most of you may already know this but if you buy or are given opioids from people you don’t know well enough to trust or even people you trust who may not know better....

They look exactly like OxyContin or Vicodin, Percocet, Xanex but they may be homemade and cut with Fentanyl.

They get the Fentanyl from China.

People can buy a pill maker from amazon or eBay and also the stamps that imprint on the pills and you can’t tell them apart from the real pharmaceutical medications.

****** is derived from morphine. But Fentanyl is  morphine-like except 50-100 times more powerful.

Because the drug pushers are cutting them with synthetic made Fentanyl they are not monitoring the amount of Fentanyl they are using.

One kid was given a xanex because he was having problems sleeping. He took a quarter of the pill. He died in his sleep.

We are having an epic crisis. 64,000 in 2016. Think about that for a minute.
66% of those deaths were due to Fentanyl.

A tiny amount of Fentanyl...less than a speck of loose powder can ****.

In one small college town there were over 20 overdoses in one night. One was a woman that took one Vicodin to sleep and she OD’d on Fentanyl that she didn’t even know she was taking. Just one pill can **** you.

The government is even looking at Fentanyl as a drug to use as a lethal injection for death row inmates.

I was given Fentanyl once about 6 months ago for a kidney stone. I melted into the bed and knew my breathing was shallow. The next few hours I couldn’t even keep my oxygen level up. They gave me oxygen and my heart rate slowed significantly. I had to be told to take a deep breath over and over again. When I was finally able to feel like I could express myself, I told them never, ever again.

Please tell your kids not to accept pills from anyone. I know we already have those talks with them. But really say it more than once.

At $9 a pop per fake Vicodin even preteens are using them.

If you have read this so far then I just want to say one other thing.

Prince died of Fentanyl toxicity. But the only pills they found in his home was Vicodin. He became addicted after a hip replacement. A man that would not allow drugs around him. When tested they were fake and all the ones tested were lethal doses. 1 pill.

Lucio Aug 2018
My vision is blurred as the sweat drips down
Breathing grows harder, a rasping sound
Muscles are in spasm switching from taunt to relaxed
I feel myself pushing to near collapse
But I hear you scream out to me
I continue pushing in what can only be called a dream
Flesh to flesh, I'm trapped in Eden's walls
I cry out in lust, this is the end and I fall
I say you're everything to me
But can only think of myself, one last plea
Lost in ecstasy for tonight
This is the bitter end, one last goodnight
Carnal ecstasy love
Ashley Apr 25
Its too late for your "I'm so sorry"
Its to late for your words coated with lies
Its far to late for your "I have changed I promise"  

You put me through so much pain
You told me it was all my fault
You made me feel worthless

I let you put me through the ringer more times then I can count
I let you tear me down brick by brick
The damage you created was catastrophic

Every part of me was destroyed
but I was so blinded by my love for you
I couldn't see all the scars you had placed on my heart

The day you left I felt my heart start to bleed
All the pain came rushing in
All the scars you placed began to hurt

I bandaged my self up and kept moving
I pretended to be fine
but with each passing day I felt the pain more deeply

No you wanna come back again
You come slithering in like a snake
Ready to strangle the life out of me

But I have become immune to your venom
The toxicity you brought to my life
Will never inhabit within me again

I have grown and became someone you have never known
I know my worth and all I have to offer to someone
That someone just is not you
Authentic Rose Dec 2018
I love you
But, I am too young
For love,
That you want

I am not ready
To give what you want
I can't do what you please
I'm sorry

I always think 'bout you
Every day, every night

© Authentic Rose
© 2018 Authentic Rose (All rights reserved)
please give © to authentic rose
Arisa Mar 2
Our genesis,
The foundations of us,
Was architecturally unsound.
A mistake.
A footprint left in wet cement,
Once dried, it's for all to see.
To point at. To laugh at.

Our genesis; A mistake.
We were the two girls
That shouldn't have held hands so liberally
During the school culture festival.
Two girls.
Who know a broken heart,
Tried to tie our halves together in a twisted knot,
All to get over our previous loves, previous lives,
And try to move on with something fresh on our fragile minds
And immortal, frail, hearts.

You stitched my heart back together within a few days,
So I'm sorry that I wasn't enough to stitch yours within years.
My first relationship with a girl did not end in happiness and rainbows. I wrote this poem for the one and only Mei.
L B Nov 2017
Did I touch you as I left?
That night of beer and music
Almost tipsy,
laughing good-byes

Backing into blindly
I felt an arm... a moment
guide me
before I all but fall
against you
Knew that warmth
of mass was male

You exhale
I sense your being--
By accidental intimacy
I come unglued
By your flirtatious
catch of eyes
in lowered light
By faint fragrance
of whatever it is
you've drunk or used
to put yourself together

glancing down

Women always look, though
however briefly
Anyone ever been to this pub?  :D
N Dec 2017
People always say that relationships are hard,
but they are not supposed to feel exhausted.
It shouldn't be so self consuming and agonizing.
You put me through this emotionally draining cycle almost every day.
It goes like this:

you get provoked and infuriated,
I push to defend myself,
you argue then neglect me,
I feel at fault and withdrawal myself,
you manipulate and guilt trip me,
I apologize,
you are apologetic yet unlawfully canny,
I build you back up.

After the cycle,
You are left feeling complete yet
I am left with an ample void.
After the cycle,
your integrity, contentment, and overall mind set,
are surely enhanced and amplified
I am left with an everlasting void
that expands through every small dispute

you guilt trip me after every single fight,
saying you aren't worthy of me,
that you aren't good enough.
I can't let you think that,
so I fix your thoughts.
It's so tiring.

I'm trapped.

I care about you, so how could I leave.
But even if i wanted to, I couldn't
there are barriers.

your friends would hate me,
your sister would dislike me.
your bestfriend yet also my bestfriend, would leave me.

I cant risk these things.

I feel trapped.

But i love you,
so its okay.

L B Jul 2018
I read these words here tonight and cried into their truth.
I will not apologize for the truth or the cry of a heart.
Doing the right thing sometimes, takes everything...sometimes more than I got, and I would never blame someone for doing somewhat less.

Please read Emily here:
"...In many ways, we all fail..."  The Bible somewhere
“I’m sorry”
I whisper.  Over. And over.
A reflex when things are not okay.
Because no matter what I’m always to blame.
Robin Lemmen Jul 2018
We speak with fire on our tongue
Hoping to find a match in angry looks
Aiming to light up and respark
Hit where we know words hurt most
Lashing out and cashing in
I apologize for feelings for speaking truths
You are proud but  reach out
As a means of saying sorry
Ironic as we know we both
Will do it all again
Strike a match past the parchment
Of our skin, drawing fires
Drawing circles until we burn
Out, out, again and again
Smoldering embers of what could have been
Leaving marks shaped like feelings
Neither of us can make worth of

And so they kept on drawing fires
Past the parchment
Of their skins
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