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Keeana Calmes Jul 2016
He treats her like a cigarette
lights her up like a flame,
watches her burn slowly
and easily ignores the ashes that fall.

Every time he lets out some steam,
her flame is no longer so bright.

Three minutes later.

He crushes the cigarette with his heel,
puts out the girls flame that was burning so bright.

He was't in the mood anymore
left her all alone and burned,
he had moved onto another cigarette.

He smokes a pack a day.
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016
one day I want to travel to the moon
carve our names in the crevasses
because a tree isn't enough
to express my love for you.

Sometimes I want to travel to london
and lock our names on a love bridge
because a fence at school
just isn't enough
to express my love for you.

Sometimes I want to write poems
on your fire hot skin
with my red burning lips
because my words just aren't enough
to express my love for you.
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016
My Beloved Fire:

Head full of kindling,
heart's holding the light
Ready to burn through the darkness of night.
The furnace you fuel
with passion and life,
can spend awfully fast
and quickly ignite
the gasoline
in your viens;
charring bones,
scalding flesh
and Lord, that wax skin's already
starting to drip.
Oxygen properly feeds a flame.
Don't forget
to breathe.
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016
My Beloved Air:

saturated with ink.
It seeps from your lips
from your pores,
painting stories
on your paper thin skin.
Such beautiful ideas in your head but,
you hold your words
in the hands of a child;
benevolent, yet careless.
Remember that
a strangers heart
is their book, not yours.
Ink stains rarely
wash out.
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016
My beloved Water:

Teardrops ripple in the oceans
of your collar bones.
Can you breathe underwater?
A driftwood cage may
keep sorrow at bay
but love,
it cannot contain
the sea.
It's time to break your own bones,
rip open your ribs.
That heart has been drowning
for far too long.
Let it be light;
The sky still needs
the moon..
To survive.
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016
My beloved earth:

You built up walls
to keep others out,
or yourself in?
This garden has gone unseen
for long enough.
Lungs rich with soil,
riddled with roots,
They creep up your throat
and spill from your lips,
so every exhale is reminiscent
of sweet spring.
Just be mindful of each
breath and your speech,
There is beauty
in a mouth
full of roses,
but danger
in a tongue
made of thorns.
Keeana Calmes Mar 2016
There was so many things I wanted to say
So many things that got caught up in my throat
I almost thought I swallowed my jaw breaker
And forgot that you were simply just a heart breaker.

I didn’t think it would be that easy
For you to walk out the door
Next thing you know I was driving to somewhere
Where ever it was, I didn’t really care.

A drive to get my mind off of you
Everything you did and didn’t do.

There was so many things you said
It made it easy to put my head to bed,

Now here I am staring at my ceiling fan
Wishing you had taken a minute to give a ****.
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