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AaliyahGisele Jun 2019
He accuses,
I’m gonna be the one he loses.
AaliyahGisele Jun 2019
I haven’t been on here for a while and I regret it.
I’ve just been going through a lot of life stuff
But now , I guess I’m fine.

You can contact me on Snapchat @liyahgisele
AaliyahGisele Jul 2018
His kisses are deep,
He holds me in his arms until I fall asleep,
I can’t believe he actually what’s me to love and keep,
He promised me he’ll never leave,
This is far too hard for me to believe....
AaliyahGisele Mar 2018
You make me feel like a free spirit,
Tonight I’m gonna live it,
When I’m away from him, I have a fit,
You make me feel fearless,
If I hate you, it’s gone be a limit.....
AaliyahGisele Mar 2018
I know I probably won’t love you forever,
But that’s because we’ll probably won’t ever be together......
AaliyahGisele Mar 2018
Seeing you puts a smile on my heart,
Your smile gives me sparks,
Seeing you at school is the best part..
AaliyahGisele Mar 2018
He’s more than divine,
He sends chills down my spine,
He makes my face shine,
He makes me want to read between the lines,
I FEEL like maybe someday he’ll be mines...❤️
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