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May 2017
Why is Sorry always coming from my mouth but never yours?
Why am I always the one in the wrong?
Hey! Hey! You1 Can't you see I'm trying!
What do you have ears for if you're not gonna use them and LISTEN!
Some would love to have ears that work.
I hope you go deaf trying to yell.
I hope your ears bleed from hearing yourself talk and complain!
Some would risk death to talk like you do.
I hope my demons torture you like they've done me. Going years and years feeling worthless.
I hope you hear me you worthless irrelevant piece of raw crap on a stick!
Apologize… Apologize … you need apologize to me … So apologize … or go through the hell your conscience will put you through for killing me within…
Apologize to me! !
NOW! ! Right Now!
I need an apology… or die of your own mortal words … so i dance on your hell hole.
Written by
MyIner Agony
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