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A Dec 2019
i try to imagine myself
with someone else
but when i close my eyes
it’s still you i see

A Dec 2019
one day
i might forget
the things you did
to me

and one day
i might not hate you

but when that day comes
i’m afraid
i might love you
all over again

A May 2019
every day
i search for your face
in the crowd
maybe one day
you’ll come see me
you’ll look for me
you’ll miss me
you’ll call me
you’ll be sorry
you’ll find yourself
and come back to me

A May 2019
it’s 3:38AM
even after a month
and ten days
i’m always up so late
because my thoughts
are still filled
with you

please come back
A May 2019
i admit
my memory
is not the best

i forget where i put my phone
or hung my keys
but i remember our first kiss
or the first time we said goodbye
and kissed each other on the lips

i forget what i was talking about
or what i planned to buy after work
but i remember when you got drunk
the first time you told me
that you loved me

i forget to charge my phone
or even what i had for lunch
but i will always remember
the last time you looked at me
told me you loved me
and i saw no truth in your eyes

i admit
my memory
is not the best

but you’re the only thing
i could never forget

i wish i could erase you from my mind
A May 2019
there were no more actions
and no more words

so i asked you
“do you love me?”
“yes,” you replied

a week later
i asked again
“i do,” you said
out of spite

a month after
you told me
“i’m not in love anymore”

and i just can’t bear to know why

i still miss you and every day i die a little inside
A Apr 2019
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault

one for every year I’ve loved you and I wish I could go back in time with what I know now
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