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  May 6 Jeremie
Bijan Rabiee
What is a feeling
And where does it come from
Is it a vibration
From the earth of your being
Or a joyous image
Of leaking tears
Is it a ping
In cerebral engine
Or a sting off psychic mirror
Is it a continuum of living signs
Or a spectrum of ancestral mines
Whatever it is
Two things are sure
Once it is owned or disowned
It never leaves you alone.
  May 6 Jeremie
Bijan Rabiee
Forsake me not Love
For I need your flame
When desire dims wisdom
And conscience yields candle rays
Forsake me not
For I need your fuel
When my blood wilts to climb
The precipice of salvation
Forsake me not
When I stray off your path
I'm just a lowly creature
Amused by the woods
Forsake me not
When pride gets the better of me
I need your cloak of kindness
To ward off evil attire.

You are a mystic night
Impeding sweep of disaster
Keep me nigh and let me linger
In the magic of your trust.
Jeremie May 4
Never apologize for standing up for your inner child
Never apologize for enforcing boundaries
Never apologize for choosing yourself
Never apologize for choosing to love yourself in this moment
Never apologize for being the knight and hero to your own love story
Never apologize for reclaiming your power
Never apologize for standing in your power.

For God gave the rose beauty,
gentleness and the fragrance of angels
but did not forget to provide it with thorns.  To piece the fingers of those
who would be so careless with its heart ..
Stand tall in your truth and remain grounded in your Love
  Dec 2019 Jeremie
the yogi

lives one







empty handed.
  Dec 2019 Jeremie
i can already

taste the light

that will break

my heart at death.

what it is to say

goodbye to everything

at once.
Jeremie Oct 2019
the beauty of the human experience,
to experience the illusion of the "other" only in the end to remember that all that you felt from "them" was actually coming from you the whole time.
Anyone you've ever touched in true love is still with you right now. If you and Love is all that there truly is, where could they possibly go?
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