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David Nelson May 2015
I've thought about this
for a long, long time
never understanding
what goes through my mind
do I try to hard
to make an impression
failing to get noticed
session after session
now I'm not sure
just how to be myself
do I pretend nothing bothers me
and keep my feelings on the shelf
do I become uncaring
just like the others do
can someone please tell me
I know I find that hard to do
you would think along the way
on this long journey of my life  
I would be more in tune
they would realize
I'm just an average guy
with average wants and fears
I want to say Hello, it's me
behind these internal tears
but I do not think they would care
they never have before
just wish I could understand
what is my life for

David Nelson aka Gomer LePoet
David Nelson Jan 2015
The Temperature is Rising

almost 2 years had past
since we last spoke
with any fire
I thought, no, I knew
I had lost you
it was understandable
it was expected
it was painful
now you have returned
with embers burning
my heart, my soul
dancing together again
you have returned with more
more love
more passion
more than I could have
ever asked for
and I am in a dream I feel
but it is not a dream
it is real
and I can't get enough
I want to inhale you
totally consume you
so you never disappear again
but only if you want me to
the last thing I would want
is to smother you
I just want to enjoy you
let our love
smolder into the night
Gomer LePoet...
breathe - just breathe
David Nelson Jan 2015
What Have I Learned Today

when a 6 ¾ year old youngster
asked Neil DeGrasse Tyson
what is the meaning of life
his response was
the meaning of life to him
was learning something
something new
each and every day
I never thought of it that way
and because
the meaning of life is so personal
to each and every individual being
his answer makes sense to me
so, what have I learned today?
I have learned
you can never know
or understand enough
there is and will always be more
I have learned today
that my personal quest
is just that
to learn something new today
share something new today
ask someone you care about
what they have learned today
not only to get them to think
but because they may have learned
something new already today
and by sharing that with you
you might learn something new too
life can be so difficult at times
and too often shorter than we want
we forget the things that make us happy
and for me
learning something new
something maybe I never even
thought about before
makes me happy
so have a happy day
learn something new

Gomer LePoet...
thought obviously generated by video clip of Mr Tyson talking to a group.
  Jan 2015 David Nelson
Dead Rose One
the losers,
report me to
the bad poets society,
bad student loans , bad poems
bad boys and girls society

taste, head rearing, daring
elegance, shocking awe,
fk that looks it like be a poeming **** forming,
ah, the teenie weenies millies  become white walking whiners

write a poem about the sky,
never using the word blue black
or grey

Then, use it to
tell me why the
Paris dead

the most remarkable feature
of the sky is its endlessness,
no matter what the colour of the day be,
for what else can you point to
beside the sea,
that simply visible
has no boundaries?

I will tell you.

see my grieving rage
for the Paris dead,
and there is no colour,
just one dead blanched black rose
placed upon my chest,
soiling my face,
a visible reminder that
forgetting is
endless, colourless,
rage and revenge
David Nelson Jan 2015
Wishing Well

I threw another nickel
in the wishing well
hoping beyond all hope
that my wish will come true
and luck is not even close
to explain the feelings I get
the way you thrill my heart
when I think of you

you are everything
all one man could dream for
a kind heart a forgiving soul
just trying to get though life
the beauty that shines on me
from those shinning eyes
that hair that smile
I would be lucky if you were my wife

so everyday I make sure
to have a pocketful of change
to throw into that wishing well
whenever I pass by my love
and my dreams
they never have changed
even when you went away
I still dream of you every single day

Gomer LePoet...
Throw another nickel in the well
David Nelson Jan 2015
Check Please

I check continuously
for words from the Queen's mouth
but they seldom appear
for but only a simple single response
I check non-stop
for the pleas of love's request
from the Princess of Sooner
but they have ended
I check daily
to see if my heart is still there
as any fool in love would do

Gomer LePoet...
David Nelson Jan 2015
157 Riverside Avenue

I can hear the razz-ma-tazz piano, ah the sound so sweet
lead up to an old thyme rock tune, making me tap my feet
the clubs have come and gone, changing names over and over
but the music has never left, on this south side of Dover

rock and roll star wanna be's, long hair and fancy pants
kickin out the tunes for us, hoping that we'll dance
here's a tune by rocker Lynyrd, or one by Stevie Ray  
even some old R & B, like Sittin on the dock of the Bay

we sat around and drank our beer, raising hell till 2 a.m.
had to go to work next day, and survive that crap mayhem
it did not really matter though, we'd do it again tonite
cause we were young and feisty, and the music made it all seem right

loud guitars and crashing drums, a fiddle and a flute
as long as it was in the right key, we didn't give a hoot
every Thursday thru Saturday night, drink shots and smoke **** too
it just didn't get any better then, 157 Riverside Avenue  

Gomer LePoet...
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