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David Nelson May 2020

when I close my eyes
I see nothing beyond the edges of my mind
predictably breathtaking drops of lives
today tomorrow 1000 years gone by
or only 10 seconds of my wants or wishes
when I look with open eyes
I no longer see the edges or even the reflections
only the monsters from a comic book world
the kings and queens of a tarnished drachma
polishing with breath of oxidating vile
the saviors and sweaters take the punishment
thru clenched-mouthed covered smiles
wishing for hope living for life wanting just a little
save them

David Nelson
David Nelson May 2020
Man Overboard

the storm was well observed
you could see it in the distance
signs of discourse obvious
there was way too much resistance

the skies were turning hell fire red
serpent seas thrashing at the sides
visibility extremely limited in his head
prepare for oncoming tides

batten down the hatches matey
set the main sail in it's proper place
rocking to and fro sickness coming on
taking on excessive water splashing in his face

the bilge pump is out of order
sinking deeper by the moment
huge wave of discontent knocking now
increasing the internal torment

with a final fling of natures force
all this energy that was stored
flung him to his watery grave
SOS came the call the man was overboard
hypothermia wont take to long
to settle in his aching heart
bitter cold words of his final song
tearing the canvas binding all apart

Morpheus... aka Gomer LePoet...
David Nelson Apr 2020
Six String Theory

tachyons protons neutrons galore
theoretical bombardment of mystical thought
jazzy country twisted rock knocking at my door
bending string blister melody sought

uptempo slowed down bugs bunny hop
octavial flated fifths and tones augmented    
temperatures rising and I can't stop
missing musical chair sadly lamented

quick step spanish flamenco dancing feet
growling woofers and screaming tweeters
employing Lester's capo and magic wand
burned rubber top down blowing two seaters

it matters not how you stroke it
turn the preamp clockwise to 8 point 5 deary
power chords belly flopping your wammy bar
close your eyes and dream a six string theory

Gomer LePoet....
Physics and Guitars
David Nelson Apr 2020
No Place to go

I have no place I have to go
and no special time to be there
stuffed in the corner of a cardboard box
reading William Shakespeare
my jaw is tight muscles tense
need a breathe of crisp clean air
but I have no place to go
and no special time to be there
that trip to Paris will have to wait
the businesses are closed
everthing just standing still
like an artists picture posed
will my mind get lost
will I choose to jump
out of sheer dispair
you see I have no place I have to go
and no dam time to be there  

aka Gomer LePoet....
David Nelson Apr 2020
Space Time

I wasn't sure how to start this piece.
I was planning to write a piece of prose
or a poem but
I just decided to put down my thoughts
and you may find this boring

The subject is so confusing.
The more I learn about the Cosmos
the less I understand.
The enormity of the majestic thing
we call space.
I am not a particularly religious person
but I do for whatever reason believe
in a Creator
probably because my feeble mind
cannot create any other explanation
that makes any more sense
If this universe was created by
a Creator
what/who created the Creator
if there is no Creator
where did all of the beauty and bewilderment
come from
what was here/there before the Universe
if the universe collapses and ends
then what
if the Universe continues to grow
where is it going
and for what purpose
Am I the only one who continuously
thinks about this

for many years
I had wondered at the Big Bang Theory
was this the first time
was this the 1,000,000 th time
was there a beginning
if so what was before the beginning
is there an end
will there ever be an end
if so what is the purpose
if not what is the purpose
never mind the purpose of us
that is another matter
we, at least those of us here
on this planet as of now
will never know the answers
if the answers actually exist
and who would tell us

the Universe is so beautiful
as are all the creatures
we see everyday in our world
you want to meet an alien?
Say hi to your dog or cat
or one of a hundred thousand
other creatures that roam this earth
life is so strange and confusing
I haven't even scratched the surface
and my head hurts thinking
about all that I wonder about

I am weary now so I will leave it
at that for now.

Pleasant dreams

Gomer Lepoet...
David Nelson Apr 2020
Adam's Atoms

was it 4000 years or maybe even 4 billion
and how did it really happen who knows
was there really an Adam was he the first
one book says that's the way the story goes

does it really matter by what name we call him
no matter which way you are leaning it's true
someone someway had to be the first of our kind
there was a beginning long before me and you

so where are Adam's atoms these days
does anyone actually think they know
where did the atoms to make Adam came from
was element 117 there then and did it glow

enhanced stability for super-heavy nuclei
validating the concept of the measured decay
you didn't really think after all
we could have possibly been made from clay

are lanthanoids soft enough to work
when it comes to making a man
they are after all luminescent materials
but impossible to hold in your hand

yes it is science over most of our heads
an incredible creation no matter how it's done
Adam has a lot of relatives to relativity
his atoms everywhere you want an example I am one
  Gomer LePoet....
David Nelson Apr 2020
6 pack of broken dreams

pop the top again
let another one go
It was just a dream
this I know
reaching up
reaching way to high
to pluck a diamond
a jewel from the sky
tears of sadness
and tears of pain
falling from the heart
just like rain
one by one
they have all fallen
no more left
to hear the callin'
time has slipped
slipped away
tomorrow is just
just another day
if I am lucky
maybe someone will hear
and stop my drowning
in this sea of fear
but then again
does it really matter
throw against the wall
and watch another dream splatter

Gomer LePoet...
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