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emily grace Jul 2016
my dear poetry people, I'm in the process of starting a book and would love if I could have the opinions of talented lovelies such as yourselves to share with. would anyone be willing to read some of my works (none of which are on here) and let me know what you think? :)
emily grace Mar 2016
dear you,

this is a goodbye to you. it's something i never wanted to write, but i think it's something i need to do. you were, and still are, i'm afraid, a large part of me, and that doesn't go away.

i know that towards the end, here, things were bad... really bad, and i know you blame me. i do as well, somewhere deep; i think so deeply all the time about whether or not this could have been fixed, if my mistakes had never happened, if we would still be okay... i still don't have an answer.

the nights i have spent absolutely crippled with sadness, curled up so tight into myself that i thought i might implode... i would do them all over again if it meant we could start over. the love i have for you was and is real, very real; i know you don't believe that and i don't think i can convince you otherwise. my heart aches at the thought of letting you go, darling, but i have to buck up sometime, don't i?

i so badly wanted it to be you. so badly i would give it all away; but love has a funny way of making you feel on top of the world and underneath it in the same sweet breath. you drive me so ******* crazy, and make me so angry to the point of seeing red, but i wouldn't trade it for anything. my love for you goes too deep.

we're terrible for each other. i know it, and so do you. no doubt crashing and burning would be inevitable, but i couldn't care less. the passion i feel when i kiss you and feel you blind me from caring; it's been months since i've felt you and i still have the same sentiment.

this is just me writing, avoiding the whole point of this... to say goodbye. i so badly don't want to, but this is what i need... and what you no doubt want. i want only a few things for you:

the first is to learn how to forgive. me in specific, yes, but also as a whole. you dwell too much on holding grudges, and you need to let that go. you're thick-headed, dear, and allowing for explanations isn't your strongest suit.

the next thing i want for you is to think of me. i don't want you to forget. i know you'll probably drown yourself in so much brandy you forget your own name, but try not to forget mine in the mess of it all. i know you're so angry you don't even want to hear my name, but please... i don't want to be tucked under the rug like some forgotten belonging. we've gone through so much for me to be pushed aside so coldly. remember the way i felt as your electric fingertips brushed over me, don't disregard those sparks.

the last thing i want for you is happiness; i want you to be so happy you don't know what to do with yourself. whether it is with me, or her, or no one at all, it doesn't matter. i don't think you're a monster, and i want your happiness more than mine. i love you, so much, and seeing you happy after so many months of anger would put me at a little bit of ease. seeing someone or something do what i so obviously could not would show me happiness is still possible in you.

this is it, i suppose. all things need to end and this is one thing i dreaded the most. if we never speak again, just know you planted something in me that can't and won't quit. i love you so much, and thank you. for showing me this heart was capable of loving again. you'll be on my mind, always.

so much love,
this is the follow up note to the one i wrote a year ago... go read "this is a letter to you" before this one to get the full story. i love you so much, TH.
emily grace Feb 2016
i'm a trainwreck, baby
so crash into me
we'll leave our baggage here
under the debris

take my hand and don't look back
the fire burns bright, now
we'll never have to question
or how

just us in this space
before our lips finally meet
our legs intertwining
retaining body heat
emily grace Feb 2016
i know you say you don't love me
that this heart isn't enough
but why do you keep holding on
making the edges of me rough
and torn
held onto you by threads
you know i'd jump through it all for you
bash in a thousand heads
just to hear those sweet words from you
something that won't make me weep
i am yours for the taking
and i wish you were mine to keep
emily grace Feb 2016
goodnight to you
and goodnight to me
there is so much more that we could be
but time does not stop
not even an hour
it will swallow you whole
and make you sour

perhaps two souls such as ours
were never meant to be
but words cannot describe
how much you mean to me

like the moon pulls the waves
on all the sandy shores
i held you ever so briefly
but would never be called yours
emily grace Feb 2016
it's been a weird night of sleeping without you
and dreaming about you
wrapped around me like twine
stuck in my head like a broken record
i'm drunk off you like wine
emily grace Dec 2015
there are things i don't understand about you
nor do i want to try
but i sit there with my thoughts
and can't help but wonder why

that when you said you loved me
you did it with a close-lipped smile
you put me on blast like a spotlight
much like a criminal on trial

i muttered it back as easy as my name
making sure you heard
every syllable, every sound
every single word

your mouth had mimicked mine
as we came together as one
with each and every intake of breath
i slowly became undone

i let go of myself and all my whims
and breathed to you "you're mine"
you smiled with a sad crooked mouth
and whispered against my cheek

there are things i don't understand about you
nor do i want to try
but i sit there with my thoughts
and can't help but wonder why
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