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Sara Kellie May 2018
Oh ****.
Oh, oh, it didn't work did it?
Why didn't it work?
I can't see!
I have blood in my eyes, my hands.

Oh ****.
It didn't work did it?
The plastic bag!
The plastic bag!
Ff cck ckk err

Poetry by Kaydee
(**** it Kaydee! Just **** it! That's it!)
'The Plastic Bag' by Kaydee is also known by its alternative name,
'Go check on that friend you never check'
'Don't come ******* crying to me' was another name was almost chosen.
Another was 'Who's that lay there with a blue face, she looks cold'
A Lopez Dec 2015
My body
Is carved
From sticks and stones
As they say
But words
Shall never hurt me.
I was filth,
From past words named to me.
But what he didint
I wasn't his
I was a princess.
A tone,
And hue of
What he missed.

Simply this,
He missed
Out on what goodness
He could have had
A loyal girl,
A sènora
Who was beyond his
Wildest imagination!
Beyond any other woman
Or grab!
The Truth Apr 2014
I felt bad about that day
When I shot, stabbed, and threw you away
I felt regret, I felt agonized
Is it to late to Apologize?

I attacked you, and hit you hard
I left you buried in my backyard
I tried to dig you, but you weren't there
I gave you pain that I cannot bear
I made it up to you by suicide
Is it to late to Apologize?

I felt misery I cannoit lie
But I promise you, I did try
I looked for you everyday
I just could not stay away
I tried and tried every night
Hoping that I just might make it right.
I then became traumatize
So tell me, Is it to late to Apologize?

— The End —