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Zywa 4h
I am beautiful,

for me, and for anyone --

who keeps it secret.
identity beauty
1d · 35
Reality today
Zywa 1d
Dear grandma, I remember you

and a few of your stories

of the war, the little big

dramas to commemorate

my children only hear them half

because of the bombardment

of images of wars far away

daily in the news


we play reality today

to feel, to know

how rending it is

I am the grandma and my daughter

is her mother, the street breaks

after a shot, the air creaks

and we hold our breath
Collection "BloodTrunk"
Zywa 1d
The forget-me-not

on your grave sows on your grave --

more forget-me-nots.
Collection "BloodTrunk"
Zywa 2d
The longer ago it is
the suffering, the cold earth
the deeper you can feel

how bad it must have
been, the more hope
you have to add

to the certainty
of the confidence that
"le jour de gloire est arrivé"

You hear the hearts cheer
before the killing
before for silence

After the fight and the digging
there is rest
in peace, the peace

in which we must believe
with all our heart
our torn heart
Collection "BloodTrunk"
Zywa 2d
There are lots of stones

in my own cemetery --

heavy on my thoughts.
The weight of your own past

Collection "BloodTrunk"
3d · 3
Forked tongue
Zywa 3d
Deep into the night
they felt like winners
The blood had flowed
and it was not theirs

But at dawn
the corpses lay down
with the frightened women
and crying children

in their heads
Occupied, nothing wants to
flow in their bodies
Betrayal! Betrayal!

Ghosts and rats
lick the anger
and play hide and seek
in the maze of lies

about the heroic battle
for the fatherland
and its powerful fathers
with their forked tongue
Collection "PumicePieces"
Zywa 3d
Our club is losing,

hear the little flags rustle --

like a cold shower.
Collection "PumicePieces"
4d · 52
Fed with peace
Zywa 4d
Even the most beautiful girls
cannot keep our sons at home
....We only know half
....of their dreams, not the other
....half that will not come true

Oh, girls (poor girls)
will they take over there
....Without obligations
....and without resistance
....Struggling bleeds dead

They spit on their worker's hands
look forward to striking fists
....Peace is not their world
....They are no longer children
....and they laugh at our worries

On our ******* we fed them
with peace
....They have grown from it
....developing in homeliness
....but now they want something else
Collection "PumicePieces"
Zywa 4d
Shoulders to shoulders,

the flower bursts open, spurts --

away in snap-weeds.
Rugby scrum

Collection "PumicePieces"
Zywa 5d
Under the Peace Flag
there is the most freedom
to continue the war
referring to provisions
in the Treaty of Peace

There is always a story
to tell about the past
an era to choose
in which is founded
what was lost, a Golden Age

to which the people are entitled
and in which they will arise:
everything will be fine
as long as you have the last word
and silence the dissenters

those traitors of the truth
and the ideals of the revolution
Fight for equal rights
of our oppressed brothers
Free them!

Restore the territory
the foundation of the wealth
and the power of the leaders
then they might grant you
a large statue
"Querela Pacis" ("The complaint of Peace", 1517, Desiderius Erasmus), written on the occasion of the canceled peace conference in Kamerijk (now Cambrai)

Theatre piece by Lucas Wiegerink (music) and Jibbe Willems (actor text), with lyrics by Desiderius Erasmus; performed in the Organpark by Capella Brabant on May 15th, 2022

Collection "org anp ark" #207
Collection "PumicePieces"
Zywa 5d
Little waterfalls

along my long strides, hear this --

music fantasy.
"Through the looking glass - 275 VWB", the beginning of the retrograde Fantasie in G-Dur (JS Bach); 2021, Hans Koolmees

Collection "org elp ark" #177
Zywa 6d
With a gentle urge

the drums of love are beating --

open all my doors.
"TGTT" ("Too Good to Title", 1968, Duke Ellington, album "Second Sacred Concert"), performed by Steven Kamperman (clarinet), Berry van Berkum (*****), Dion Nijland (double bass), Joost Buis (trombone) and Ruben Drent (trumpet) on May 14th, 2022 in the Organpark

Collection "org anp ark" #206
Zywa 6d
In my sleep, a wish

fay is tipping on her toes --

over my sweet dreams.
"Iconostasis" for pump ***** (2022, Elizabete Beate Rudzinska), performed by her on May 13th, 2022 in the Organpark

Collection "org anp ark" #205
7d · 36
Now, and then
Zywa 7d
Then I will
no longer gasp for breath
risk to open the window
and cry out

yes then I will
take off my clothes
every night without worries
and sleep relaxed

then I will
no longer see fire-barrels
and banners in the museums
only **** switches and red buttons

then I will
receive uninvited guests
and everything I wish for
because long ago

I have made a start
not to listen anymore
to harsh words

I carefully absorb the exudate
wash the blood-stained cloths
and convert my lookout posts

I pick up the broken eggs
clean up free of charge
now I have made a start
Collection "Mastress"
Zywa 7d
What I would do, I

must, and hope, want, shall, can, may --

begin to do now.
Collection "Mastress"
May 14 · 104
Zywa May 14
These circumstances, difficulties
and your behaviour

I don't know myself that way
although I see a bit more
who I am, and you, we

and how things are going
I just have to

make the best
of it again
What should be different?

Two, three things
now you that you ask
If it's possible

And then
make the best of it
Collection "Freend"
May 14 · 97
[ That is how we are ]
Zywa May 14
That is how we are

a couple, by pretending --

we're not a couple!
Collection "Freend"
May 14 · 62
[ Under the cedar ]
Zywa May 14
Under the cedar

next to my house is a bench --

for new encounters.
Collection "Without reserve"
Zywa May 14
We're walking along,

I see what you see, and I --

point out what I see.
Collection "Without reserve"
Zywa May 13
Please, do come, will you?

As quickly as possible --

I'm itching for you!
Collection "Without reserve"
May 12 · 55
In between normal
Zywa May 12
Everything has already been said
you long for good times
just like me
....Do you want to leave
....and sleep with friends?

You are afraid
it's not gonna be OK
you wouldn't know how
....Your face says: leave me
....alone for a while


Stay, we are married
to have contact
that is normal intimate harmony
....of your and my normal

We still discover pieces
of the world together
and new bits of ourselves
....we can still continue grow together

I want to be welcome
with you, seriously
not just saying nice words
....without talking
....about what we have promised

I want more tenderness
than the pampering baths
of impetuous energy
....I want our love
....not to be jammed

in unreachable places
For Maria Godschalk

Collection "Freend"
Zywa May 12
Come, take your clothes off

and clamp yourself, I'll give you --

my arms and my legs.
Collection "Freend"
May 11 · 443
Sometimes bleeding
Zywa May 11
I looked at his hands
as if there was blood on them
and I cursed him
He stayed calm and read

in my eyes the shape
that he had to put on
to win me
His amorousness pushed boundaries

We had long conversations
and made future
plans for the world
as it should be

with us shining in the middle
as a sun that doesn't need to
be applauded, but simply exists
to share richly what it has

The planets follow their orbits
understanding and friendship drop down
and our hands do the work
Sometimes bleeding
Collection "Freend"
Zywa May 11
When the work is done

we sleep, nowhere, timelessly --

lying in our love.
Collection "Freend"
May 10 · 114
If love is all
Zywa May 10
If love is all, the real
reward that's gonna heal
us at the journey's end
when life and love are spent

  if love is all of us
of you and me, a plus
a everlasting spark
a light in any dark

  if love is all, you're here
even if you go, you're near
there's no goodbye and no
duty left, no sorrow

  if love is all to know
whoever, then you'll go
together, every meeting
creates a lot of meaning

  if love is all we heard
so clearly, word for word
resounding in our hearts
it says we're not apart

  if love is all from you
the only thing you do
a present from the sun
you grant to everyone

  if love is all, connect-
ing me to you, detect-
ing it spontaneously
in human history

  if love is all, so grand
that you live in it and
it makes you understand
the whole world's in your hand!
"Quand on n'a que l'amour" ("When you only have love", 1957, Jacques Brel)

Collection "Without reserve"
May 10 · 69
[ The Guanyin statue ]
Zywa May 10
The Guanyin statue:

her eyes have lost their colour --

but they see my need.
Variant: The Guanyinstatue  >> Maria statue

Collection "Without reserve"
Zywa May 9
Be careful, my love

is heavy, you will get tired --

and then you'll leave me.
"Not her" (2020, Siera Mayhew on
For Siera Mayhew
Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 20s and 30s"
Zywa May 9
Not to know myself,

to keep surprising myself --

yes, that's what I love!
"Verdwijnpunt" ("Vanishing point", 2020, Wytske Versteeg)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in 20s and 30s"
May 8 · 231
[ Beyond the ideas ]
Zywa May 8
Beyond the ideas

of we and they is a field --

where I wait for you.
Ghazal 171 'A great wagon' part 3: 'Beyond Islam and unbelief' (Rumi, Quatrain, Isf 158 / F 395,13th century)

Collection 'SoulSenseSun'
May 8 · 141
[ I do enjoy it ]
Zywa May 8
I do enjoy it

to walk in the noisy city --

and being the noise.
"There is a community of the spirit" (ghazal, Rumi, 13th century)

Collection "SoulSenseSun"
May 7 · 92
[ I hardly dare to ]
Zywa May 7
I hardly dare to

do something, afraid to be --

a dupe of myself.
"Binnen de huid" ("Inside the skin", 1953, Han Voskuil, published in 2009)

Collection "Not too bad"
May 7 · 92
[ I must be alone ]
Zywa May 7
I must be alone

to be able to ponder --

what I am feeling.
"Binnen de huid" ("Inside the skin", 1953, Han Voskuil, published in 2009)

Collection "Not too bad"
May 6 · 75
[ I like to see him ]
Zywa May 6
I like to see him,

he is sweet, but he wavers --

quickly shuts the door.
"Binnen de huid" ("Inside the skin", 1954, Han Voskuil, published in 2009)

Collection "Not too bad"
Zywa May 6
To want what you do,

to do what you want: I think --

That's the life I want.
"Binnen de huid" ("Inside the skin", 1954, Han Voskuil, published in 2009)

Collection "Not too bad"
May 5 · 94
[ I am a doer ]
Zywa May 5
I am a doer,

not a talker, and I choose --

to play wait and see.
"Binnen de huid" ("Inside the skin", 2009, Han Voskuil)

Collection "Not too bad"
May 5 · 75
[ It is an insult ]
Zywa May 5
It is an insult

if you want to fight for me --

As if I am weak!
"Binnen de huid" ("Inside the skin", 2009, Han Voskuil)

Collection "Not too bad"
May 4 · 71
Boy's dreams [2]
Zywa May 4
Men remain boys, scared boys
With a questioning face you take them
by their fat finger
It's easy to break

But sometimes they get wrapped up in their game
Then they sleep badly and wake up with a start
from the dreams in which they practise
what they are planning

By day they can't smile
They are busy or absent
and when they leave they shout
that they love you very much

They take it so seriously
It's so important and urgent
that they can't talk about it
until their success is assured

Our silence is their conscience
We can't do more
until it has failed
despite their good intentions
Collection "Mastress"
May 4 · 186
[ I do, yes I do ]
Zywa May 4
I do, yes I do,

but it has to be my way --

otherwise I'll leave.
Collection "Mastress"
May 3 · 59
Boy's dreams [1]
Zywa May 3
Men remain boys, but
sometimes boys are men
when it comes down to it
Then fear makes them brave
awakening their minds, with an emergency
grasp of maturity

Rich people's sons buy themselves free
and betrothed also manage
to get money, so that
only the poor remain
and some rabble, happy with a salary
sometimes hoping for *****, riches

and women of course, women
have to acquiesce
in worry, fear and sorrow
suffering the pain of men
their frustration, their lust
their dreams
Collection "Mastress"
May 3 · 106
[ Whatever reasons ]
Zywa May 3
Whatever reasons

we suggest, we will do it --

mainly for ourselves.
Collection "Mastress"
Zywa May 2
The pebble: I shrank,

it grew into a mountain --

with me on top now!
"Je vond een steentje voor je voet" ("You found a little stone before your foot", 1968, Frida Vogels), publ. 1994

Collection "Trench Walking"
Zywa May 2
Please, don't ring the bell,

this is not my visit, but --

the reconnaissance.
Diary, 1968, Frida Vogels (publ. 2010)

Collection "Trench Walking"
Zywa May 1
All stories are true,

somewhere in the world, and here --

they may happen too.
"De Bijbel voor ongelovigen -- Het verhaal van Abiga-il" ("The Bible for unbelievers - The story of Abiga-il"), 2015, Guus Kuijer


Collection "Chance"
Zywa May 1
It's the love of men:

obedient to witches --

longing for a friend.
"De Bijbel voor ongelovigen - Het verhaal van Abiga-il" ("The Bible for unbelievers - The story of Abiga-il"), 2015, Guus Kuijer)

David, Bathsheba and Abiga-il

Collection "Chance"
Zywa Apr 30
Dad did it unnoticed
I was his princess
he fulfilled all my wishes
and I had no suspicion

We moved to France
I didn't have much to do
besides my lessons, enough
time for Eddie, a nice boy

I had the age
and suddenly it went fast
the engagement, the secret
of the rings, tailor, hairdresser

and then finally the wedding
Afterwards, I asked questions
Mama taught me that there is more
than the things that happen to us

more than what goes wrong
between people, we walked
away from the men
and counted our blessings
Collection "It takes a lot of tries to make a début"
Zywa Apr 30
My vague reflection

in the fortune-telling ball:

a hazy childhood.
Collection "It takes a lot of tries to make a début"
Apr 29 · 65
Zywa Apr 29
The train driver is startled, and I
am not myself, my thumb
presses upon the rails

It's one of the trillions
of temporary states
of my consciousness

in which everything is allowed
and possible, in the childhood
of the universe

No you or me
how real is that?
A green door

is just art, made
from a piece of tree, exhibited
in pop-up museum earth
Collection "The light of words"
Zywa Apr 29
Thinkers just follow

the path of their thoughts, curious --

where they will arrive.
Collection "The light of words"
Zywa Apr 28
In soil that I have not chosen
in no one's shadow
all myself

I watch and hear the neighbours
I can't get any closer

My branches reach
ever stronger, ever further
Children climb in them

They laugh and kiss
themselves a future

In soil that I have not chosen
in no one's shadow
I become rough and wrinkled

In heat, snow and storm
branches break and die

They reach ever
thinner and shorter
Nests blow away

to new trees
For new loves
Collection "On living on"
Zywa Apr 28
Red light on red wood,

as a warm glow of danger --

sur réalisme.
Collection "On living on"
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