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Kate Oshla Nov 27
They find out you have skills
And they think that you're so cool
But what'll happen when they find out
That they can do it too
Lyn-Purcell Oct 23

Everyone is a unique seed
with a potential to bloom
into something beautiful
Nurture yourself as pure
and consistent as love itself
Fear no drought
For you are not destined
to wilt before your time
You will have all you need
to get to the stage of flowering
All your *** given talents,
known and hidden,
discover, refine, hone

Nothing you possess is wasted. You are unique. Nurture your skills.
Im sorry for the inactivity, I've been finishing late and I'm so exhausted when I get home. I really appreciate all your support.
Thank you so much for 252 followers!
I'm so grateful for all of you!
Much love,
Lyn ***
Anya Sep 14
What is being smart?
I've always wondered
Is it having innate talent?
Or being exceedingly knowledgeable?
Perhaps, having the skills to survive in one's society?
Is it a special skill?
Is it something that can be cultivated?
Is it limited to certain people?
So what is it?
I'd really like to know
Spry distractions loaf on lithe intent,
men waking, wishing, trying,
b’lieving, doing, buying -inging time rather than be-,
results in salt-work, sprawling like the C
in coldness: callous spray
that dampens your New Canvas Day.

Pixels splat and reek of pure demise,
wine trauma met with whys
fires livid earth from foil-pressed crumbs
from which your towers rise. You miss
the point of -ing;
the shape you’re in’s an -e-d thing
writ past because of practice;
timed it slow, fixed solemn bets
all rife with catty pugil,
ribbons placed on “I-got-tīme-in” *******
that gleam too brightly
for the lover’s open eye. Youriyese
in grace, ingratiated by devices
(rueful caries)
shelter you from toil’s ten-thousand days.
You see them, they see you whilst print-ing,
comb-ing over, feel-ing joy anew: such sugar lines
the bottom
of a borrowed cup of time.

White hues direct-ing -ingots in a line
totally gold
and pin “pathetic” on your chest,
their best not forged in -ing or be-
(like they would want you to be) -lieve,
but rather hey! and halt!
The hollow points of discord,
blood of victims be- -in’ salt.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 17
Making money                                              money can't buy!
                  is one skill.                           is a different one
                                         Making life
there are few things
i’m truly good at doing.
i’m good at laughing, but only when surrounded by laughter.
in silence, i’m far from it.
i’m good at liking something.
but like, too good at it.
when i like something, i like it a lot.
i’m good at taking breaks.
however my breaks tend to be unnanounced and more often than not, they’re concerning.
i’m talented in a few different areas, i guess.
any takers?
A player once played the trombone
As though he had ears made of stone:
   He'd slip and he'd slide,
   Glissandi a-glide,
All over his targeted tone.  

Lora H A Apr 13
In the silence of the night
translating is a skill.
That keeps you
aware of stranger´s rudeness.

When I ask,
Did I lost my home?
I mean,
Did I lost myself?

People´s looks,
feels like an island of winter sun.
That makes me dream
about the freedom of wander.

There is no place more lonely
than paradise.
I walked carefully
to avoid myself.

Roaming the world
has been my escape.
When I catch a droplet of inspiration,
to sketch out some idea conjured of mine,
such is a spark of creation,
When compared-
creativity to reality,
this "acid free" "medium surface"
sketch paper renders ones thoughts so minuscule,
Leashed down,
like a young pup to a tree,
my ability can only bring me so far...
Thinking 10 moves ahead
Life still throws off our best laid plans
I watch his quiet concentration
Courageous exploration
Earnest deliberation
Beyond the black&white
Indomitable spirit showing through
Skill and joy and Community growing all around him out of loving effort and sacrifice
Mind and heart open
Finding the FLOW even in flood
Well played, my friend
For IO
We are all very glad you were born. Happy Birthday!
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