Knit Personality Jul 2015

100% of all the time
Require a reason for the rhyme.


Knit Personality Jul 2015

Of faulty meter and rhyme
    I am the master.
        Yes, I'm.
My name's Poe Taster.


I had held myself as a greater man,
A soldier aloof from the whims of life.
The only things I cared for were the gladius in my hand
The screams of my enemies
As their blood dripped from my blade
And they lay clawing at my feet.

I went whoring with the boys
Played with them games of dice
Laughed at their jokes.
It was all lip service.
I did not care for their ways,
The ways of lesser men.
I was a soldier whose only lust was for blood.
I was better.

The new recruits came
With their beardless faces.
They huddled together for comfort,
Some cried to their mothers
Others prayed.
Those simpering wrecks were of no interest
Except for one
With the stature of a god
The confidence of a titan
He stood amongst his peers
As a man stands amongst children.

It was not long until we sparred.
As good soldiers there was no need for words.
We both knew what was obvious
What was as certain as life and death
We were brothers in arms
Of the same breed
We were as one.

The fight came.
Outnumbered ten to one
We fought
Until blood soaked our faces
Our enemies and our own
Until crimson flooded our eyes
Our noses
Our mouths.

Before night fell we were the only two left
Alone in a field full of ravenous beasts
Of coprses waiting for the crows
Left to rot in some far flung land.
Their gaping snouts salivated
Waiting for the chance to sink their blades into our flesh.
A new emotion filled my veins.
I was no longer fighting for myself
To satisfy my lust for death
But for my kin standing next to me
The god made flesh

It was as we stood back to back
As I felt him stand firm against Fortuna’s whims
That I knew I was finally what I claimed to be
For Erasmos
My love
Has made me a greater man.


Literally Atul Kaushal
Would mean
Incomparable Skill.

Seven words' poem
My HP Poem #1444
©Atul Kaushal
Harvey Soqui Dec 2016

There's greatness and essence in everything that i keep on compressin'

and if I let my skill loose i can get very impressive,

our struggle is not something that i want to keep on addressin'

but if it brings tears to your eyes, here let me give you some leverage.

It's hard to explain
that i never been on a plane,
people think i'm insane
people think that i'm playing,

If it's ok i rather stay close to the earth,

after all it hosted my birth

clear skies and water, it's gonna get worse.

let's clean minds
becoming the bleach of a nation

overcoming some streets! It's amazing!

Get high!
under the streets in the basement,

The real talk
never gets played on the stations

Believe it or not it's not artificial
this heart is hard to get through
lines smoother than tissues
own nothing that's superficial

Crystal Peterson Nov 2016

Multitasking is a great skill
But there is no skill more valuable
Than that of focus

A dream committed to fully
With undivided attention
Produces unprecedented results

Kerstin Martinez Nov 2016

Do you know what it's like?
To have the person you love
Rip open your chest
Cut out your heart
With sergical like grace    
And tell you it's not red enough
Then throw it to the floor
But before their boot can bring the end
They pick it up say I'm sorry

Sumit Ganguly Nov 2016

The blood, bones and organs of beauty
are figure, poise, grace and glow,
just as memory, intelligence, reflex and intuition
compose the talent.
Anyone can have skill with inclination and diligence
and God has given us all the talent
to translate skill into action,
action for development or destruction.

4th. Nov. 2016

Mane Omsy Sep 2016

Why is that confusing?
Is my poet dying?
A lot of chaos, I'm surrounded
Never believed I will lose hope

I had tutors directing my path
I derailed, and now I'm lost
Searching for a shortcut
To get to the highest mount

The path I chose will show
The reality of hard work
The strain I should bear
Through the forest path

I've been doubting my skills... :(
Knit Personality Sep 2016

The sweetest water one could use
For ill, a body to abuse
   By murderously drowning it:
Thus a recorder could be ill
Or good depending on the skill
   The player has for sounding it.


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