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Amelia Glass Mar 9
In my dreams there are smoke
detectors and crashes and lies.
There is a kiss in an atrium right
before it catches fire. There is placate,
stay straight, evacuate.
Neodymium nitrate always smells
a certain way and always looks
a certain blue. Why does an alarm
go off after I dream I've kissed you,
but never if you kiss me?
What doesn't my brain want me to see?
As Orion slinks into view
I stand mixing solvents at the centrifuge.
There is always a healthy dose
of things I don't know. Always something
for Orion to pin with her next arrow.
If I am not here, asking questions of the world,
demanding answers from what I put
into test tubes,
the next thing could be you.
grad school, am i right
And (why?) thus, is all I know so far.

the *question
which is never easy to ask
has an *answer which
is never easy to swallow

between introduction and conclusion
lies a happy marriage
of one jolly void and one fuzzy wish list
via (this) credibility and (that) validity
of all the methods jammed in a
rainbow of paradigms and databases

a qualitative doubt
vs a quantitative solution
critiqued to death
is not always a one way topic
but the only way forward
(to prove!)

I can smile but
I am not allowed to fear
nor like,
nor hate,
nor presume,
nor love my finding
although I desperately cling to
a forbidden bias
(reference this!)

passion is a dangerous domain
(I googled it)
This poem was inspired by studying for my Research module as part of my MSc.
Peter Roads Nov 2018
what person could have known
how a cataclysm rolls in
the towering force
                  of nature
what person could have known
that there was a tip to that tower
how cold is the view from its peak
now clouded by teardrops
now rising through
though heaven made mist of the sky
rising from a cotton mouth
to make a liar of the tongue
what person could have known
for we do not speak
of a lonely tower
but to climb it
we do not speak
of a distant summit
but to find it
we do not speak
but we see it
rising from a bluff
on a cold shoulder
turned away from gruff land
on a plain sky residing
it is not enough
to pierce the sky
to see through it
where there is a window
there is a view
it must be seen to be true
where there is a cloud
there is the sun
shrouded though it seems
get high enough
to find the clue
what person could have known
that you were here alone
watching for a break in the storm
unless it was them all
and the tower was home
to everyone
all at once
Been a while since I wrote but the storm rolled in, it’s raining in Sydney and I have finished teaching for another year. Time to reflect on success and failure. We reach out and hope to enrich even a single mind, too often trapped inside our own fear, but we try
Gemma Davies Sep 2018
Did you think we would just sit back,
After you have hurt us in this way?
Taking away the people we love,
We will make you pay.
We will stand up to you,
We won't go down without a fight.
We will bring an end to you,
We are trying with all our might.
We will get rid of you,
We will avenge the taken.
Did you think we would just sit back?
Cancer, you are mistaken!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Mortecai Null Aug 2018
No longer is an article a joy
Each bit elicits crisis
Each piece closer to the end
I now understand
But disrespect
Those in the dark
They do not know yet
Frank DeRose Jun 2018
Research paper due
Hours away, and yet I
Have no urgency
Rizna M Rameez Jun 2018
Rapids we fly at speed of light
We ponder complex made by might
When seeded thought remains unsight
Our time we spend, no day or night
Our minds are on an elsewhere thing
We try to find a molten wing

But through the dark we see the fight
We know it’s not the final plight
For all the wrongs we try to right
No hydrogen, sulphuric nitrite
Our minds are on an elsewhere thing
We try to find a fallen bring

And try, and try, yes that’s our thing
Generations, sensations and mighty fling
We never suffer, but all else think
It’s judt hard work, no minor kink
Our minds are on an elsewhere thing
We try to find a golden bing

We wring our hands as if we’re not
The great minds that our world thinks ought
But true, yes true, we’re seldom caught
And yet for ever end be sought
Our minds are on an elsewhere thing
We see the sun, with mind not ink!
Inspired by my passion to be a scientist
And my love for research
Many deep meanings (e.g : Hydrogen, a light element, metaphor for easy and Sulphur nitrite, the opposite)
Lyda M Mar 2018
And you look at the world
With eyes filled with wonder and fascination

As though you are a scientist
And the world behind the glass is a laboratory

Experimenting with life
With none but one's own

As safety firsts and lab rules,
Are plastered all over the walls

They are but ignored
As curiosity would ****
For satisfaction

To find answers
To questions

malignant cancer grows inside this test
tube today in longing abundance escaping
with our humanity equally adherent to this
cause of death in ***** where theater
diametrically opposed will cherish it again
with leprosy approx sort of this vacation
that's well in remission with heredity again.
A state mapped
My pitch through sow
and debt trouble superfluous
with wealth in Coe
where thrift a hoax now
but tread yuan nigh
there my dear and die in relief
that join forces by tomorrow's spring.
Sebastian Coe-Parliamentarian noted for Paralympics
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