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happy or depressed
life is a balancing act
so easy to slip...
moods that fall can rise again
wait for tomorrow's new day
6/22/2018 - Poetry form:  Tanka - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Zywa Sep 6
Pulling the curtains

I open up a day off:

hi bird, hi-i wind!
Like “Marc groet 's morgens de dingen” (“Marc greets things in the morning”, 1928, Paul van Ostaijen)

Health Care Centre of Our Lady, location East, ward B8

Collection "On the fly"
Poetic T Aug 21
Our thoughts are mist
     that in time will clear.

You just need to let the sunrise
      and evaporate the doubt  

that hangs low.

For dewdrops will cling
      on the beauty of positivity,

and life cherished,

knowing there is a new day to live.
Donna May 6
I looked out window
and a magpie flew by and
said ‘Good Morning’
I know the old saying goes if u see one magpie it means sorrow , I have to differ this and say if you see one magpie its mean independence , strength , positivity , contentment , light, new day  Well it’s just how I feel anyway , magpies are truly beautiful birds one of my fav too **
Mei May 3
I thank God for
The curles and curves
I see.
A bend of rainbow
In the sky
After a heavy rain
Paints a curve
On one chubby little cheeks
A smile that makes a day.
#joy #cheeks #happy #smile #rainbow
#beautiful #day #newday #blessings
Elena Feb 3
My eyes are slits
As my reflection is not familiar
— with her
But she has my attention
She is smoking from her ears
Her voice trembles
Her lips are thin lines in dry chaps
And her tone is well—
Seriously monotone

Like nails on a chalky stone
It sent violent shivers of discomfort
Up my spine
down again
This body
A zombie

I snapped back to my face of wasted time
She is an escapee from her own death
Her tone crosses me
Like a knife on my bone
In solemn droning
To the girl with bloodshot eyes
Though not from tears
But from bursting inside.
Eric Jan 10
Every step , into a new day.
Has tipped my scales ,with deep
Thought at play.
I drown myself with thoughts
Of pain.
I know I never gain , Im the one
Who will pay.
So now I sit back and try to forget I'm not sane.
We are now entering the chronic age .
Feelings of a song I wrote .
Tadios Yeab Dec 2018
New year is a reminder,
That everyday is a new day,
A new day to breath & breath again,
To let go of what lies behind,
And strain forward to what lies ahead,
Live more to give more than to receive,
To start over and forgive,
And most of all to be grateful,
Thank God it's a new day,

Happy New Year to you all,
With so much love,

lowkeymorns Dec 2018
I move adrift,
Surrounded by Erebus,
living as one.
Subdued and silent as Nyx cradles me,
Slowly I Breath In their Aether,
I am home till Hemera take's me
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