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Tenant Mar 2020
Placating that rage
Spirting the way of sage

Object permanence makes the mental sour
Idealists, the opposite dour

Listening to musical notes as they are sang
Battlefields of yin and yang

Yang's lost its credibility
That seas lost its crossability

The middle Way's middle point
The yin is to anoint.
Ndolo Jun 2018
I couldn't live
I'm so passive, the moment my true thoughts escape
I mourned them
For knowing that they didn't matter
anyways, won't be heard

Its a familiar structure
The lines so oft spoken, I finally realized why they're afraid
Suicide really has a pattern
It is human to feel, it is human to be out of control
We are our versions of Vulcan
There is a time for logic to rule and suppress our emotions
For the good of the many

Then I see us slowly dwindling
the identity of Us solely embedded in I
I know I'm not saying anything new
What makes me different?

Knowing that this is just a moment in time
Just some self-reflection on my passiveness and shyness
Colm Apr 2018
A passive mouth
Should not be able to stand
On solid ground

In fact it never will
Know such a foundation

So long as passivity and poison
Anger and predisposition
Line a tiny row of fragile teeth

I will not know
Let alone why it bites
I am not, nor ever have been, nor will be. But this sort of insipid venom that you're attempting to spew is without foundation or reason. Not to mention that it's not becoming of what I suspect is your true character. I pray for you. And all alike.
Passivity is not the problem,
for even the weight of the wool over my eyes
could not darken the beauty in front of them.
Where I get stuck is when I worship passivity:

when my mind is no longer soft, supple cotton,
but an aberration conceived in thought’s basement.
Life and love can be––only when I am not!
And when I am gone, my love will be all that’s left!
––On full participation in the dance of life.
Tyler Matthew Aug 2017
Relax, relax,
you will be remembered.
No need to commit
thy image to stone.
Breathe, breathe,
let time do the talking.
No need to feel lonely,
you are not alone.
Rest, rest,
take heed of your moments.
Do what you love
and forsake the rest.
Live, live,
like no one is watching.
When your soul is gathered
love will manifest.
Justin Gabrielle Jan 2016
i spend my days lying down, motionless
for hours, staring at this too familiar ceiling

i spend my days doing nothing, brought by
a crippling inability to speak what I mean
or do what I wish (on things that matter
most to myself)

i spend my days reacting to your slightest movement,
with a doll's passivity bordering on disgusting

i spend my days being a mere watcher, a witness
to the wonder of how beauty grows

you are a sight to behold
and it must be such joy to be held

but i'd rather spend my days lying down, motionless
trying **** hard to dream of you
(but only nightmares come through)
kind of referenced a small bit of stuff/lines that I really like.
irsorai Jul 2015
I'm laying still,
but I'm getting ill.

making you apart,
gives me pain.

keeping you inside,
leaves me kind.

Laying still,
it got me ill.
Copyright © irsorai
we may loose
each other
as suddenly as
we met
years ago
under a bluer sky

many steps
have already
been taken

rituals of complaint
that point
to deeper troubles

no talk
about certain things

a joking camouflage
for unspoken

gestures of weariness
of irritation
and withdrawal

embarrassed silence
across the double bed

seven billion people
in their separate worlds

the next step
may be

so easy

* *
Ethan Titus May 2014
For King and country; for glory; for God; for love; for land; for the right to live; for the right to live how we want
All of these, and more, are reasons to fight
It's easy to have a reason to fight
What about a reason to withhold your actions?
What reason does one use to say no to fighting?
It's easy to rationalize why we do acts of violence, but nobody rationalizes passivity
What about when we do something silly and pointless?
I do such things to make people smile
If I cannot make myself smile, why not do so for others?
Let people ridicule me all day, if I bring about at least one smile, then the day has not been wasted
Love is my reason
Love for all of mankind, even those whom would stand against me
Love is all the reason I need to forsake myself for others

— The End —