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298 · May 2018
Your Eyes
Ron May 2018
I'm hooked
I'll admit it
The way your eyes light up the room
It makes everything else diminish
I can't look away
I'm captivated
294 · Mar 2016
Summer Love
Ron Mar 2016
Like a warm summer rain
Just before it gets dark
I'll kiss you with passion
Against the side of my car
We'll laugh and we'll smile
Holding each other real close
In that moment we'll know
We love each other the most
287 · May 2018
Sorting Time
Ron May 2018
Wanna sit on beach somewhere
Cold drink, without a care
Not a thought in my mind
About stress or self doubt
Just alone with some time
Enough to clear my head out
Gotta sort through the mess
Sort the trash from the treasure
278 · Feb 2017
Ron Feb 2017
Can you feel it?
The memory fading
Lost with time and age
Slowly degrading
You try to hold on
With whatever you can
A letter, a song
Every word you've taken in
Memories fade
Share them while you can
272 · Mar 2016
Ron Mar 2016
I have nothing left
Nothing but the memories
They will have to do
253 · Jan 2017
Ron Jan 2017
Where am I going?
When will I die?
These are the questions
I ask myself all the time
What is my purpose?
When should I decide?
So many questions
No answers yet in sight
247 · Feb 2016
Always Better
Ron Feb 2016
Always Better

Who am I?
I've often wondered
While I lay in bed and hope for slumber
Persistent questions
Always pester
Who am I?
I must remember
I've lost myself
But am I better?
I've done so much
I've grown so old
In word and thought
In mind and soul
This world has changed me
Made me think
Use my mind
To stay on my feet
Never give up
But always remember
If life gets you down, things will always get better.
246 · Jun 2017
Ron Jun 2017
I'm scared.
Scared of life
Scared of death
Scared of things that don't make sense
Like love and loss and how the world ends
Scared to die
Scared to live
Scared to enjoy my life and loosen my grip
On love and loss and how the world ends.
244 · Feb 2018
Night After Night
Ron Feb 2018
Night after night
I stare blankly at the screen
Night after night
Maybe it's all just a dream?
Night after night
Coming apart at the seams
Night after night
Don't know what to believe
Night after night
I've been hunting down dreams
Night after night
I've been thinking of things
Night after night
I still cannot sleep.
241 · Mar 2017
Ron Mar 2017
Do you see?
There is more to this
I know there is
How can I see?
I have not found out
But I will
232 · Jan 2017
Ron Jan 2017
A constant war inside my head
It rages on, I see no end.
It keeps me awake
It drives me mad
I hate this war inside my head...
220 · Nov 2017
Lazy Sunday
Ron Nov 2017
My lazy Sunday
I spent it all in my bed
It was well worth it
216 · Aug 2018
The End
Ron Aug 2018
Please listen close
I'm only gone for the moment
But I'll be close
I'm in your heart
Be stoic
I know you're strong
So show it
Because death is not the end
It is only the beginning
And though I might be gone
My spirit lives on
In my friends
And in my family
206 · Mar 2018
Your Voice
Ron Mar 2018
I can still hear your voice
Even though you've gone away
It brings a tear to my eye
Feels like only yesterday
179 · Apr 2018
Drift Away
Ron Apr 2018
I want to drift away
To a place unknown
A place far from here
A place far from home
85 · Sep 2
More Time
Ron Sep 2
I want to spend more time with you.
Doesn't matter how.
I could spend it all with you.
Doesn't matter where
I could spend it anywhere.
I want to spend more time with you.

— The End —