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She was divided ÷ by the times × her new addition + was taken away -
Sehar Bajwa Sep 10
star crossed lovers
fate decreed our distance
nish Sep 2
isn’t it truly amazing
this universe
in which we co-exist
has evolved
through dinosaurs
evolution and wars
heartbreak and turmoil
happiness and moments of peace  
every single event
extravagant or minute
each occurrence played a part
to mould this space we live in
so many contributions
in the form of attributions
all the tongues created
words spoken, thoughts shared
stories passed down through generations
buildings assembled, torn down
life and death
diseases and cures
chaos and equilibrium
a perpetuous cycle playing out
continuously on loop
all of it comes together
to form this mess of an education system
that’s makes me want to **** myself.
honestly it’s 3am and I’m up studying for an exam a month away that’s supposed to decide my whole future and the career paths I can take. suffering doesn’t even begin to cut it, there’s such a huge sense of foreboding and so many children commit suicide over stress or fear of disappointment. I know there are loads of issues worldwide and I probably could’ve written a better poem about it. But here I am addressing the education system and how whack it is. Goodnight. Hope you enjoyed.
Skye Aug 13
To write
A poem
About things I know
Numbers and mathematics but
People don't like maths
It's boring
It's just
Height of trust × volume of love × time of togetherness = depth of wound
Just scribbling
“How is my work?”, she asked

If graded, 5/10.
You passed.

Happy, she was.

“But there is more to go”, later I added.

“Is there more than to pass?”, voice of  innocence.

A way long.
Genre: Inspirational
The rule of law  
With a great smile  
She plays mathematical game.  
But rarely,  
On query, she replied  
“You are getting pill for”,  
Wake up  
Forget, and to  
My only drug dealer  
My Doctor.
Genre: Clinical
Theme: Follow Up SOS
When infinity must be finite,
When changes to one variable no longer affect another variable,
When the long tape of the cassette that records the entire memory is broken,

will everything just end?
will everything be erased like never exist?
will you think I'm not there?

I will stay right here
Stand at this point
Looking at you until this heart is powerless
Until these eyes are tired
Until these legs are limp
This heart stops beating

Because I know that actually deep inside,

There are still pieces of memory about me
About us.
it is based on my true story. ha. im sorry. this is way too cheesy. im just getting started. but it is real. enjoy.
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