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Deep Feb 2022
Feeling down?
Neither thoughts nor pen
taking birth in the womb
of your imagination?

Well, sit and do Maths
And see the magic.
You are more in love with words than numbers.
When you are forced to do maths
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
Winter nights, long
like the light is lost in thought
I sometimes think of you
and the equation of our loss/gains

even though I’m **** at maths
and numbers are for squares
the outcome on the page
is positive
Gyara Pragathi Apr 2021
Mindful of
Handful of
Michael T Chase Mar 2021
Math is common sense spatial reasoning put into a shifting and reshifting of the "five":
Associative laws.
Sands of time gets sandier.
Michael T Chase Mar 2021
Some lights don't come on until a few more knobs are twisted.
Eola Jan 2021
I have maths teacher
who arranged a test on tuesday
today is monday
Mitch Prax May 2020
The sum of my heart
needs no addition to it-
the answer is you.

10:51 AM
Zoe Grace Jun 2019
Homework looks at me
I really do not want to
... **** it. Tomorrow.
I just really hate Trigonometry and i won't ever use it in life. That is all.
Algebrarian May 2019
Gwen Elison
Southern Utah University

Elliptic Parallel Postulate Haiku
I am a point P
I want a parallel please!
Oh, there’s none for me.

Hyperbolic Parallel Postulate Haiku
I am a point P
There so many parallels
At least 2 for me!

Euclidean Parallel Postulate
I am a point P
Elliptic? Hyperbolic?
No, just 1 for me!
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