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Now Is Not A Time Of Wind And Cloud,No
A Forest Fly's Away The Sky Of Place
Landing On A Moon Lit Shore By The Sea
The Turtle World Sails Far Across And Goes
To A conscious realm, of cars and t.v.
something walks
d = dimitris sarris
Johnny walker Dec 2018
For twenty years I lived  the life with a beautiful
Felt like a King with his queen we ruled our own
the little kingdom that of our home
our castle an English mans home to where we lived and loved
but sadly she died and my castle walls came crashing
our kingdom was
all but gone our realm
our reign as king and queen was
Live with Helen I felt like a king Helen being my queen
Daniel eason Nov 2018
Chasing the next realm today
Only a few split seconds away
Only certain barriers and doors
Which are open on multiple floors
The key is within our minds eye
Our way to say its ok to try
To let us know you are there
You are everywhere
Some people need to be aware  
It might be a scare
But once your there
Its ok it reminds me of a fair
My personal experience ask me questions about this one.
Derrek Faraday Oct 2018
I dream of a master, a conqueror who roams
Leading an army of half-empty drones
Ambitions begotten yet souls abolished
Tongues ripped apart and spiders come polished
A realm of no living, dying, only dreaming
The fruit of the mind, the only place worth breathing
Sand is our time, no clock to betray
Our perception under the universe's display

I dream and I know of a very tall castle
Set in the centre of all worlds, all cattle
I conjure my brothers and sisters, they scream
Of human emotions, long-lost and redeemed
I have laid out my tools to carry my life
To settle the dreaming, the abominable strife
The sand to blow into my children's nights
The mask to conquer ****'s realm-less frights

Though I may never walk among you again
I will be happy, remembered, well-spent
And you may live on in the real life we wonder
Where dilated truth, reaching the deep sea and under
I will be eons yet I shall be young
And you may age until kingdom come
For all the living, may I rest your soul
Into the land of dreaming, the years in our control

Shall you want a sea? Should you need the moon?
I pluck from our minds, your life is festooned
I am the passenger you never knew
I am the redeemer that dreamed of you
I will hold strong, for millennia and more
In this dreamless castle of endless doors
Disenchantment is no oddity
For I am the mind’s great commodity

So I am not broken, nor sad, nor begging
I am just tired from eons of dreaming
Sustaining a love that the void must embrace
And merely waved off by the human race
My tongue evolving, yet bitter and dry
No dream could change my saliva and lice
Eat away, for your demons, I feel
O blood, o mama, o touch of cold steel

Death, my sister, why must you succeed?
For all our life, you only plant your seed
So many plagues that I must heal
Countless nomad tears concealed
Our time will come, whence the world will sleep
And no single being will move or sweep
We will fall into eternal slumber
Later awoken by a cascading number

So maybe, I see, that we will carry on
Manifested as gods, manifesting the dawn
And as I see the races die
I can't help but see all of you as flies

I dream of a master, and it is me
I walk down an aisle of obscurity
You will dream until it exceeds your breath
And kneel to the teeth of almighty Seth
Then you shall fly briskly to oblivion
With images falling from your pavilion
Your last breath is put through me

And now, see all you can see
Be happy

The endless reaches for you, my long-dead dreamer
I will send you off into that goodnight
And you will be safe
Celeste Briefs Oct 2018
broken glass surrounds the realm of things that can't be found
lightning taps on mountain peaks in flames that kiss the ground
eyes that speak of worlds alive can never truly know
what secrets wait beyond the sea, lost so long ago

a daughter cries in light of day, a son goes off to fight
a mother tames the hounds of war, a father loses sight
shattered frames of captive past, nowhere to run or hide
tears collide with barren soil will soon exhume the light
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
As I am entering another realm.
My mind like a falcon takes the helm.
My body finds a bright hue
Just so I could find you

I wanted to find the alluring.
Come to together for love that is occurring.
Only because of nature we are stirring.
We have a magnificent fray that is appearing.

You taught me how to fly.
With my wings soaring high.
Your love was blind.
With my shadow following down from the sky.

The light that followed so bright.
I was an outcast in the others sight.
You took me in while others thought I was frightful.
Taught me things I did not know were possible.

We were not the righteous.
Although what we received money can not buy us.
Can we stay aflight forever.
Be unrespected never.

We can hold hands.
Far away from the others we can.
Only one person is meant for me.
In that I truly see.
Helene Marie Apr 2018
i wish
i could explain
to you
the realm of color
that you
seem to possess
inside of your soul
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