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Jennifer Weiss May 2015
Walking in the world,
I have seen a lot of things.
Some things I wish I had not,
Some things that aren't really
what they seem.

But never have I seen
a love so beautiful and serene.
It captivates those who behold it,
and gives them things beyond
their wildest dream.

I want you to know,
Lover Most Supreme;
I don't want to take for granted
these gifts and miracles
You are blessing me with.
For I want
nothing to come
in between.
Help me keep my eyes on you, Lord.
Not on what you can do.
783 · Feb 2017
Letters 8,
Jennifer Weiss Feb 2017
I'm learning so much while I'm on my way to you.
I hope, I pray, I know
You are learning too.
While the seasons are changing,
we'll both be stepping into something new.
A new season, a new heart, and a new me.
You wouldn't believe the changes taking place,
and I hope when we get there,
you love what you see...
779 · Jun 2014
Wake Up
Jennifer Weiss Jun 2014
If you want it,
it will be

Try your destiny on,
When it fits, you will **see
Every poem of mine before this point, was written by someone else. If you can't understand that yet, keep digging. It isn't a mystery. The words are all there for you. Form your own opinions.
777 · Sep 2015
You Had To Be There
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2015
There's a reason your love stories are broken.
And the one you long for will not return.
There is a reason you ache within your heart,
that there's something for which your soul yearns.
There is a reason you won't expect it,
it is bigger than we can understand.
There is a reason you are in the state you're in
even if it was not part of God's great plan.
The pain you feel within is Eternal,
because you've been where you shouldn't have been.
It doesn't mean your life is over,
it just means you need to move your feet out of what
you are currently standing in.
There is a plan for all your heartbreak, your loss,
and even your sin.
Believe me, or don't. But if you're curious, I'll tell you
about where I was once,
before I let God in.
He has the best plan for your life. Trust Him.
767 · Sep 2014
Washing Hands
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
If you were my friend then,
you are my friend now.
Don't get so wrapped up,
in the why or how.
If I can't be there for you,
Or you can't be there for me.
Take comfort in the fact
we need no apologies.
My friend, find a way somehow.
There is no then or when,
just a chance to try again now.
Okay, I literally wrote this while washing my hands haha
But I am addicted to the word play!
Jennifer Weiss Apr 2015
"We are in the same boat with the One whom even the winds and the sea obey."
I will remember this for all of my days.
I will cling to Him when I want to run away.
For there is no danger to come near me,
in which the Lord would not stay.
"No danger can come so near the Christian that God is not nearer."
753 · Dec 2011
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2011
Today I laughed at someone else's pain
Tomorrow I seek selfish gain
It broke my heart to no end
How I wished suffering on an old friend
No one's fault here for what you have become
Though thought should be with you for what could be undone
Try not to remain in the mistakes you've made
How much do I blame myself for the part I had played.
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
The reason I have indifference
about my own fate,
I know it lies in the hands of
He who is Great.
I know I am His,
it is never too late.
But I can't stop taking care of others
while there are so many left to save.
let me help you,
whoever you are.
740 · Jun 2012
All You Have To Do Is Reach
Jennifer Weiss Jun 2012
There's so much I want to say
Though finding the right words can be so troublesome
A "but" at the wrong time could tear you apart.
An "um" can make me seem unintelligent.
And too many "I"'s may cause us to lose a connection.
The point could be lost at the misplacing of a comma.
And a crummy adjective can throw off our mood.
Though, if you manage to look past my unpunctuated lines
Or my sloppy placing of a rhyme
Or the misspelled words
Or repeating of a theme
You might happen upon something real
A heart conveniently on display
There may be no rhythm
Or Shakespearean resemblance
But each letter is history
And phrase is a lesson
Even if you don't understand
Maybe someone else will
And my version of therapy could be theirs
But God-willing I touch your heart
And be the change I'd like to see
And my words could hug your soul
And hush your inner crying child
Because we aren't alone
I just want my words to sit with you for awhile
I just want the page to be your shoulder
The situation you can put yourself into
And not feel selfish for seeing it as you
The friend you don't have to pretend to hear
Just to get to talk about your day
Let this one time be for you
Let your feelings show
Its the words and you now
Let it take you where you'd like to go
740 · Sep 2014
Why Should It Stop Us?
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
In the face of one's dreams
there are many deterrents.
The river will rush and ravage,
just go with the current.
Just toss yourself in,
don't open your
eyes. The safety
you need
is found
in the

We will die,
so what's the point?
We can't control it,
so what's the point?
You're white.
I'm still rolling,
so what's your point?
He's black.
No factors depend on that,
so what's your point?

The point is life is a delicate process
it never stops existing,
there's some kind of progress
it cycles through birth and death
all the time. There is no sense
to fear, stress, or worry.
No sense of any kind.
733 · Oct 2014
Don't Like My Poems
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
Because you interpret what you want,
not what I meant.

Don't like my poems because...
You think they color me in a light
that is easier to accept.
I am, what I am, all things-
My past, present
None of it I regret.

Don't like my poems because
you think I'm a genius.
I am just a 22 year old girl,
struggling to type this two minutes
before you will read it.

Don't like my poems because
I am pretty.
Well thank you.
But there's SO MUCH MORE
to anyone of us
But I really am grateful.

Don't like my poems because
you want me to like yours.
I probably will, already do,
I love all verse.

Don't like my poems because
I said do not like them.
I am human,
doing my best
and these least I get them out
most insecurities, doubt, and humanity
**fight them
It takes courage.
Pat yourself on the back for trying, guys.
733 · May 2015
Dear Sweet Child Of God
Jennifer Weiss May 2015
It is so good to see you laugh.
So good to see you put yourself first,
and for neither one of us to finish last.

Dear beautiful child of God,
I think you're going to be amazed.
When you see the old, broken pieces
so quickly faded and washed away.

When you get to see a Godly creation,
newly formed and imperfectly made.
A creation of yourself that is so perfect,
because you gave yourself away.

Dear beautiful  you,
I hope you're forgetting about the past.
About what once was, so something better
might come to pass.

Dear you,
it is so good to see you smile.
Even if it is an
awkward, stolen glance
and only lasts this little
short while.
It will last.
730 · Nov 2015
Share Your Life With Me
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2015
There are so many dreams I've yet to share.
So many lives, I might never live.
So many times, I said it wasn't fair,
but then again...what really is?
I have nothing left to lose.
And everything to give.
I want nothing more than all the world.
Whatever that really is.
Dreams are never really what they seem. I think I am ok with that now.
716 · Nov 2014
If We Were Just Nice
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
Perfection* is
all that
truly is.

so maybe
we're not
But then,
who really is?

Because I loathe
moments of silence,
our tempers,
the rage that lies within.

But just as
we are dying,
all the time
These bad
will meet
their **end.
it wouldn't feel quite right. Would it?
715 · Feb 2015
Jennifer Weiss Feb 2015
Why is it that I write poetry?
Is it because of the self-torture in me?
Tell me, what is it you see when you read?
A light inside,
or a destructive me?
Have I wallowed so long in these allegories?
Or discovered the truth in a depressing sea?
the truth to me?
Be I a gifted poetess,
or a pathetic sheep?
714 · Apr 2017
Today is Someday
Jennifer Weiss Apr 2017
What I breathe in
you have just breathed out.
When I give in
You give out.
When I withhold
You hold me in
your arms.
When I'm too bold
You keep me from harm.
When I let go,
You are never very far.
It's yours, Jesus.
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
We are all burning at both ends.
Some more than others,
On the clock we must depend.
Let's hide under covers
and never give in.
Let me wear your bad days.
Celebrate you when you win.
It makes for a beautiful dance.
A Childish romance.
It all depends on more than just happenstance.
It's the kind of work you carry in your spine.
"The back breaking, soul fulfilling, leave me supine" kind.
You know it's something worth it when it transcends time.
Like if we could just have this forever, we would be fine.
I never want to give up what must have taken all my lives
to find. Something that is truly one of a kind.
Don't think about it too much.
Jennifer Weiss Apr 2015
I get praised for my strength,
by almost everyone.
Those that have known me forever,
and those that have just begun.
"You're so strong!
How others, right now, would be
coming undone!"
Don't judge a book by it's cover,
I might jest. Yet, I don't lie often.
I can rise with the sun,
and get much work done.
Talk to strangers with a smile,
and let life continue to run.
But the insides of me are only held together,
because His hand is holding the pieces
much better
than I could ever hope to hold them.
If I'm lucky while I sleep he whispers secrets
to me, on how I should mold them.
And I've learned I won't die from
any of this pain.
But it hasn't stopped the rain.
No, underneath all this strength
I'm really just continuing in vain.
Continuing in hopes some day soon
He ends my pain.
It's not like I'm unhappy,
just not as happy as I could be.
701 · Sep 2014
To Get Through,
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
Things are not always as they should be.
Even though I'm happy,
It's still a struggle, you see.
Whether it is: Day by day.
Night by night.
Week by week
Decade by decade,
You'll get through.

The key to any struggle, is to focus on that which works for you.
Be sure it's for real though.
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
I thought I was a gladiator
no suit
but able to save Rome from the fall.
I thought I could bring peace to us all.
But  I  am  the  fall.
I am Rome.
With no team to call upon.
I am burning and burning,
madly playing my song
and here there are no homes.
and no meaning given to a throne.
I am pillaged.
I am plagued.
I will be this burning city for the rest of my days.
And I could never ask you townspeople,
(Who loved my city,
Who worshiped in my churches,
Who dreamt of lives here
To be able to be peaceful
and forgiving of my ways.
to live with no fear.
I am Rome
Made of ashes, smoking quietly here.
I am alone for the rest of time,
I truthfully fear.
I am Nero.
I am the corrupt government.
I am the Mongolians.
But they all came to pass....
690 · Nov 2015
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2015
God has nothing but good things in store for us.
Give him your heart.
He wants to give you His desires,
And form your dreams into
Captivate His heart
687 · Dec 2014
Stop Caring About It
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
what do you do when your water
has dried up?
What do you do when it isn't enough?
Don't I have other things than us?
Because I have been working.
Haven't I?
I have been dreaming...
haven't I?
Maybe I'm just not thinking
or am I?
There's a world in your eyes.
But what lies
I don't see time.
You feel sublime.
And frankly,
I am tired of my own rhymes.
I pray to the Divine.
And there's something I am doing,
or not doing,
I am scared
Jennifer Weiss Jul 2015
I always, sort of,
knew I'd be here.
In the midst of
a divine calling
upon my life.
I never knew
I could be
so at peace
and so scared,
at the same time.
But that's just
the human in me
and that's completely fine.
I have never been headed
in any direction
that has felt so
I cannot wait to see where He is taking me, but I can all at the same time! :)
678 · Oct 2011
Modern Day Fairy Tale
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2011
Nothing is as intangible as the time in your childhood when you dreamed
Though nothing here on earth has ever been what it really seemed
No one ever tells stories of a damsel in distress
Who drove away every nice prince because her heart was in a mess
No stories about the villain, the one that got away
Who moved on to another poor princess and ruined her life in some way
But no one ever gets out alive being stuck inside the tower of their past
And you'll never write another fairy tale about the wonders of a love that didn't last
Unless you kick the notion that someday someone will save you
You're bound to make a mess pursuing a villain you can't get through to

So we venture out timidly, always on the alert
Fantasizing about what's his name, though our heart continues to hurt
And maybe when we've given up, or decided to put love on hold
A stranger will begin to seep in, and warm the inside of your heart's mold
He may not be charming, or royal in any manner
And there won't be whistles, bells, or banners
But eventually you've forgotten about that new princess and her villain
You realized everyone was right, he was just one out of a billion
But you realized something else, your prince is not
For his quirks are far more precious than something that's just "hot"
Maybe happily ever after hasn't been discussed just yet
But its still your fairy tale, one you can't forget
677 · Sep 2014
Water Sign
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
I'm swimming in an ocean,
far out to sea.
I've lost all magic potions,
to help me just be.
And when I'm scared
I close my eyes.
I picture a time when
everything is going right.

**Everything I could want, I will already be.
This catchy tune stuck in my head over some hummus.
667 · Jul 2015
Jennifer Weiss Jul 2015
Our God is Lord
who can do ALL things.
He can take your broken heart
and give it angel's wings.
He can lift your weary head
and give you strength to
hold it high.
Meet all of this life's demands
and keep you safe and nigh.
I've seen His works dumbfound
and amaze, bringing joy through
the night.
God will never give you away,
or let you leave His sight.
What will you do
for this unending love
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
We established who I am,
In the Master's plan
But really who are you?
Do you influence what I go through?
Do you have a hand
Stirring up
The order of fate seemingly run amok.
I'm trying to figure you out
Do you scream?
Do you pout?
At least I know you're wicked
in your ways,
Illuminate the truth as it flickers,
Lest some "secret" society brings about the end of our days.
Biggest racist party
Or are they?
663 · Oct 2014
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
The most important thing
we should realize is
I could never be me
Without you.
the whole universe is betting on it.
661 · Apr 2015
Wading Till I Turn Blue
Jennifer Weiss Apr 2015
I think there's a secret on the sidewalks,
where the broken become healed.
Where the riders meet one another,
and learn how to feel.

I learned something on the sidewalks,
not a bad thing in sight.
Then I saw a sign from the heavens,
and you left my sight.

I continued on the sidewalks,
riding my blues away.
Holding on with just one hand,
singing the words of Jhene.

Should I be wading,
the rest of my days?
If I see you tomorrow...
will you still love me?
Or just walk away?
it's okay.
it's always okay.
657 · Jun 2014
Sociology 101
Jennifer Weiss Jun 2014
When you plant a seed in a broken garden,
Results are flowers that have grown guarded.

Apprehension to explore territory uncharted
We are weeds jealous of flowers

No matter how many random children pluck us, make a wish, and blow our spores around
We are still weeds struggling.
We will never infiltrate that rose bush,
We will never leave the ground.
650 · Mar 2016
Don't Cry Anymore for Me
Jennifer Weiss Mar 2016
I do not need the world,
At all.
The winds and the waves crash,
and the calamity ensues...
and I sometimes
don't even know.
people fall in love,
receive fame, fortune,
accolades and more.
Yet, there's always something missing.
Something still not there,
that wasn't there before.
I remember that feeling.
The craving, insatiable emptiness
That can only be filled one way.
And you're always pushing the line further
and there's nothing you won't do for just a day.
It isn't that way anymore.
I have a new sense of dissatisfaction.
My heart can only be mended one Way.
In only one fashion.
Whenever I am not at peace,
I look to the sky
and the Lord reaches back out
to me.
646 · Dec 2014
Someone Do Something
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
People flock to us cause the word drops through us.
Now we're all either Buddhas or barracudas.
Lookin' through our maneuvers,  
try and out do us,
just a tumor nothing to us.
And I've been breathing so long,
lettin in light.
Try and discern when they began confusing wrong with what is right.
Wondering still how long I remain out of sight.
Perish or ****,
I just wanted to be with life.
Wrote this randomly on and he posted it! Pretty cool.
646 · Oct 2014
The Master Builder
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
It is said you choose
the age in which
you will reach

all the time.
I am 22,
the number is mine.
All because I yearned for truth
and learned to
read the signs
I am the master of
my plane.
I am here
to help
build our
new age.
Do you see me yet?
646 · Dec 2014
Ballad of A PseudoOrphan
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
When you come from nothing
and you manage to float along
without encouragement or loving,
just basic sad songs.

You grow into something troubling,
and it doesn't take long
before you're only shrugging
when someone who used to be a friend
asks you what's wrong.

I'm only saying this because I was that something
after living without love for so long,
I was broken and struggling
and there was no proper way to get on.

Because this world owes you nothing,
not even a dad and a mom
I accepted that and gave up trusting
Maybe that's where I went wrong?
640 · Jun 2014
The Last Frontier
Jennifer Weiss Jun 2014
This is the thrill of sneaking into an open house,
The adrenaline you felt watching Indiana Jones,
The final frontier
And they keep it centimeters away from your finger tips, guised with fear.
Everything you need,
They will convince you you have.
Thoughts are untouchable.
Technology to make us unapproachable.
Turns us into sheep uncoachable.
627 · Aug 2016
Time Travel
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2016
It has been so long
since I sat to type.
Of dreams, and heart things
and what my life is like.
It flows so naturally, I almost forgot...
The way I worked things out
Here in this spot.
Its like running a mile
and knowing yourself better by the end.
Like reading someone else's words written about you,
Words written by a friend.
I don't know where I am going,
But once I read back on where I've been...
I know I'm going somewhere
Different than the place I'm in.
626 · Oct 2014
Disturbing News
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
Think, no more
What for?!?
You did, it was
what  were  you  here  for  ?

To teach us
careful what you wish for.
624 · Nov 2014
Vigilante of Thy Soul
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
Well if you're wanting honest,
sometimes I know it all.

I have said it before,
and with this, they will surely have a ball.

But here's another truth.
I know nothing at all

Blame it on my worldly youth,
certainly not the alcohol.

I have persisted in being right,
but self-righteous? I ain't that type.

Hollywood smile, and a body to match
Seemingly lovely, but there's certainly a catch.

Watch your sins and thy evil back.
I am of light, and in fact,
I am coming for atonement
of those opponents who lack
grace and love behind their backs

dethronement,in the form of modern day locust.
A plague on your houses, as I focus
on what you hide out of sight.
**I find my best days
come after ridding the world
of the longest and darkest nights.
Forgiveness is always an option....
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2014
I never claimed to be more than I am;
A spirit stuck in the body of man.
A curiosity to understand the master plan,
A girl who let emotions get out of hand.

I too have evils I have triumphed,
I too punished as I was punished,
Reddened the face of love with a harsh, flat hand
At the time I could not understand.

I too hated for no reason,
I once shot looks to strangers as though they were guilty of treason,
I too have felt there was nothing to believe in,
I once took daggers to my own skin just to feel myself bleedin.

But there was a reason,
For every bad day, nasty comment, heartbreak, and trauma.
There's a reason, I swear, for everything you call drama.
There's a reason, lurking under the surface of your life.
If you believe,
If you try,
To your dreams you can give flight.
And I'm just like you.
620 · Nov 2014
I Learned It In A Dream
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014 your eyes.....
a whisper
grasping at grains of sand
You hear me...
You feel me....


prowling the Earth,
guarding our land
Do you know me,
have you begun
to try and truly

Silent. Observant. Tactful. Smart.
I tackle my problems, yours, the world's
it is my true

I live dreams.
I breathe love.
I am harmony.

on fire

You might not feel
it is real,
*but I am proof
you can live
we're getting better all the time.
620 · Dec 2014
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
Oh, what we're taught
Versus what we bought.
Lies in the lines
Spewing from the top.

Now we're all confused
mind tampering by fluoride
They say it's not abuse
kind of like being beaten at Occupy

The world needs a muse
better than Beyonce
I'm not saying I will light the fuse
I'm just saying what they're not saying.

It is up to us to choose
If it is our game or theirs we're playing
Because if it's left up to you
Is it even your words you're saying??
Are you eatin though?
619 · Mar 2014
Sea of Trees
Jennifer Weiss Mar 2014
I can't even focus on the keys in front of me
I am suffocating.
I hate the feeling of having no chains
Because eventually, even that becomes one.
I know we're supposed to say we're never alone.
...But where are they now?
I know I have to be a rock
But I am made of softer things.
And every time I am dropped...
I break.
It's just gravity, but I feel a little smaller than before
My brain tells me I am infinite.
My heart argues this.
And I can't get into it.
You would never find me
Jennifer Weiss Feb 2016
Oh the sin I've been in,
let it trouble me no more.
I know I am forgiven,
the question now is what for?
To torture myself into Eternity...
or to walk through some newly opened door?
I think the purpose burns on the inside of me,
to be haunted never more.
I dream of things He reveals to me.
Like coveting what is not mine.
And I turn from this completely,
relaxing in my bit of time.
There is no such as a life that is better than mine.
I am convinced I have been given something
utterly Divine.
I choose both!
606 · Nov 2016
Meaning to my Days
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2016
What greater gift than your love?
Who do I turn to above you?
Who am I made of?

Your breath gives my life meaning.
Your corrections bring holiness to my ways.
I am but a meaningless vapor without you.
But with you, a vapor not in vain.
605 · Oct 2014
Notes To Selves
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
It's funny,
when you let go of everything
you start to see.
How expectations of what you should have
aren't what you really need.
and furthermore, everything is already perfect.
do you know what that means?
Everything was worth it,
So why wish you could change anything?
All of us,
all the time.
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
It seems for the first bit
I was always Gatsby,
Lightly tugging on threads
but never having anything unravel.
I'd march madly through the world
Missing the point, by love I was blind.
Daisy, oh Daisy,
To have her love again
'Twould be divine.

And then I lost my Daisy.
"She" flirted with the idea of a return.
But it never stuck, call it bad luck
Regardless, a lesson was learned.

In Part Three, the now,
Gatsby became Nick.
I saw my own self.
My self drawn hell
And I knew Gatsby
couldn't stick.

And I thought quietly to only myself...

To never return to Gatsby, old sport,
would be quite swell.
This is my most favorite piece of writing ever. haha
Subject matter, of course, my favorite book The Great Gatsby.
Examines how who you are and will be, is always a choice
who you were will never change.
So make good choices :)
598 · Sep 2014
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
One day, I will march on the lawn in Washington.
I will say my peace and progress on.
I will tell a million stories
that faded with history.
I will tell FACTS and cold, calculated truth.
I will inform the old and the youth.
I will bring peace to the world's people.
And you.
You may decide if you are with us,
**or with evil.
596 · Aug 2015
The Bread of Life
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2015
It has never been about my writing,
whether I have acknowledged that or not.
If I cannot tell you now what my heart is hiding,
then this has all been for naught.
There IS a God who loves you,
more than you can ever understand.
I know this now, but keep forgetting.
Sometimes even MY faith feels like sinking sand...
But I will never waver in the knowledge,
that He loves you more than whatever
situation you are in.
I know you have all heard about it,
sin- the word that makes us cringe.
Our God died though, so that you might be free-
and for your freedom He will come again.
If this is the only thing you believe
in my writings,
believe that you will have
new life
in Him, my friend.
594 · Nov 2011
Beethoven's Movie
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2011
Violins swell as though it will determine our fate
I imagine your face, harsh and striking fear in my heart
A passionate kiss ignites the moment, my eyes begging you not to depart

Symphonies roar between us
Each note carrying your love further away
Singers belt lyrics to and fro
Please do not go

Its a dance that leads us around the apartment
Room to room, corner to corner
Are you listening yet?
My orchestra has advanced the tempo once again
Though yours seem certain on Grave
Our tempos never matched!
Is this where the mistake was made?

I sway around, sweeping the room with my emotions
You stay in one spot, drowning it with empathy
What should I do? Fling myself from the counter
Is there nothing I may do? The choir sings do you doubt her?

Just go! I fling myself to the floor
You leap like a prince to my rescue you come
Holding my limp frame in your arms
Oh what have you done!

How is the movie you ask?
Not better than the one in my head
Oh never you mind, I'll say
Beethoven is dead
594 · Jul 2017
Begin Love
Jennifer Weiss Jul 2017
If the beginning of love is a smile,
I should do it more often.
I have been trying to love.
Love so freely
Those I do not love.
To smile upon the face of cruelty.
So sweetly.
To be free.
I think I will smile.
For a while.
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